Welcome to the tired mom supermom blog! 

Basically, I’m a tired mom. I’m constantly looking through Pinterest and blogs on how to be “the best mom” ..the  ultimate “supermom”…

Its a tough world! 

How is a tired mom supposed to be supermom. Especially working 40+ hours a week, trying to raise confident and happy children all the while feeding them superfoods so the grow into functional beings before we throw them into society to fend for themselves. 

Well we can try, or not try. Depends how tired we are…..

Personally, it depends on the day if I’m tired mom or supermom. If I start my day off with a cup of matcha or a cup of extremely strong cup of caffeine… Tea for me, I’ve never been a coffee gal. 

But before the morning caffeine, it depends on how early the monkeys- -erm–children woke up that morning. 

Actually before that…it depends how late and how well they went to bed the night before…

And how their day went before the bedtime battle began… 

Well really, who am I kidding. Supermom 5%, Tired mom 95%. 

Enough said. 

Read through my journey as a tired mom supermom and share your stories with me, I’d love to hear them! 

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