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Increase Blog Traffic

Pinterest is a strange beast. It is a visual search engine that helps people find the answers they are searching for. It’s like Google, but with pictures. Lucky for us, (for now), Pinterest has a lot of ques and prompts built into the system so we can create content that will be found by our ideal customer. You can really increase blog traffic using Pinterest SEO. 

With the right keyword research, some catchy headlines and properly optimized board names and descriptions, it can be pretty simple to get your content seen by the right people at the right time.

look at this website *This Post May Contain Affiliate Links - Full Disclosure Here. 

Unfortunately for many of us, all of this stuff has to be learned through some sort of Pinterest course that costs $400 or more. While I appreciate the spirit of entrepreneurship and people paying their bills, my bills would get neglected if I paid that kind of money towards courses. Lucky for me, I have a marketing and web design background, so I was able to crack the Pinterest beast (mostly) on my own.

Between reading many blogs, watching youtube videos and purchasing a few super cheap affiliate marketing books, I was able to piece together enough information to create my own Pinterest success. Now my account is only a few months old, and I get about a few hundred visitors per day, but it is steadily increasing and I know these things are working.

What Are Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards are like little groups of content that you choose to group together yourself.

Here is an analogy for you.

You have a file cabinet in your home for your documents.

Within this cabinet you have folders, to separate your stuff such as Passports, Tax Returns, Insurance Information and so on. You wouldn’t put your tax returns into your passport folders and you wouldn't mix up your passports with your insurance information. These folders keep this information separated nicely so you know what to find where quickly and easily.

This is how boards work on Pinterest. It’s like a file folder that houses specific information related to your blog or business.

There are 2 types of Pinterest boards too, just to complicate things a teensy bit.

Type 1: Personal Boards

Type 2: Group Boards

Personal boards

Personal boards on Pinterest are boards that you create yourself for your account.

nopin =

You have full control over a personal board. From the board name to the description, you can do whatever you like to these boards.

You’ll want to learn how to properly set up your personal boards so that Pinterest knows it’s a high-quality board and will favour your account when showing search results to users. Keep reading for that information, I’ll explain in full detail below.

Group Boards

Group boards on Pinterest are boards that others have created and are accepting contributors to. What that means is that they are not the only ones pinning content to that board. If you are accepted into a group board, you’ll be able to see that board as an option when you are pinning.

You can see in my screenshot here that my group boards have the little people beside their names, these are highlighted in yellow. My personal board is highlighted in Green and has no little people. I added a >> to the end of all of my personal boards so that I can easily identify my own boards vs group boards when I’m pinning from my phone. Just makes it a little easier for me.

The cool thing about a group board is that you can be the owner of a group board! I am not an owner of any group boards just yet, but I’ll probably open one or more of my boards up pretty soon. To become an owner of a group board is to simply add collaborators to a personal board.


You’ll need their email address or Pinterest account name in order to invite them to your group board.

How To Research What You Will Name Your Personal Boards

I really wanted to go over this section in detail, because there are wrong ways to do this.

For the sake of this explanation, let’s pretend you have a brand new Pinterest account without any boards yet.

Before you head over and click the plus button to create your board, let’s do a little research/brainstorming shall we?

For this explanation let’s use my niche as an example.

Niche: Parenting / Lifestyle

Blog Post Categories:: Parenting, Organizing, Frugal Living, (NEW!) Pinterest Training

Pretty simple right? Are you still with me?  I hope so!

Within Parenting, I blog about positive parenting, parenting toddlers, routines for kids, activities and so on.

Within Organizing I blog about Organization for closets, organizing using dollar store items, Kon Marie Organization tips etc.

Within Frugal Living I blog about living minimal, saving money, frugal hacks etc.

Within Pinterest, I have just 2 posts, this one, and a Trello manual pinning strategy.

Cool! So those are my categories and subcategories.

Now off to the Pinterest search bar we go.

Type in Positive Parenting (my first subcategory in Parenting)

This is what I get:

positive parenting keyword research

In case that’s a bit tough to see, I can see that Pinterest pulled up all of those colourful boxes at the top that have words within them. Those are words that are often searched with the phrase “positive parenting”.

We can see that Positive Parenting + Toddlers is up there as well as Positive Parenting + Tips and so on.


From this information, I know I’m going to create 5 different boards.

Positive Parenting For Toddlers

Positive Parenting Tips

Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting Strategies

Positive Parenting Techniques


Woohoo! You now have 5 board ideas - for one category in your blog. I haven’t created my boards yet- still brainstorming here!


I’ll continue this research stage and go through the rest of my subcategories and create a list of 3-5 boards per subcategory.


Given I had about 11 subcategories, I should have roughly 33-55 new boards to create.


Do not create all of these boards in one day. You WILL get banned from Pinterest.

I had a Trello board set up when I was creating my boards, and it took me about a week to create all the boards I wanted.

These are all my boards! (I have even more now!)

I seriously need to do a Trello tutorial if I’m going to keep bringing it up- it’s just not fair for you to have nothing to reference. I’ll get working on that.

Setting Up The Personal Boards

In case you missed it, do not create 33-55 new boards in one day. Pinterest will penalize you so hard, you’ll have to bed for your account back. They do that to new pinners because the “setting up” process it unnatural and Pinterest likes a “natural” pinning workflow rather than a sporadic, heavy activity one day and no activity the next.  

You’re going to want to pay attention because there is a wrong way to do this.

Go to the add a new board icon on your board's page of your profile and click the plus button. Add your board name (from your research list) and click create.

From here, you’ll want to click the pencil and edit that board.


Add one or two keywords within your description and call it a day. No need for hashtags here or super heavy keywording. You can add as many keywords as you like really, but make sure you’re not stuffing like

- parenting techniques, patient parenting, positive parenting, parenting positively, parenting toddlers, yelling at kids, angry parenting-

Yeah...Pinterest is smart. Pinterest knows that’s not a real description and Pinterest will not rank your board. You’ll get penalized and your board won’t be seen.

Once you’ve created the board, the next step is also rather important.

Pinterest needs to know what your board is really about. Sure you’ve given keywords, but the board is still new and Pinterest really wants to get to know it well.

Pinterest will present some pin ideas for you!

Go ahead and click the ideas, and if any of them are matching to your board niche, go ahead and pin about 10 pins.

Make sure the URL of the pin points to the right website. You don’t have to click into the pin, just hover over the image and you’ll see if it matches the URL on the image itself.

That, my friend, is the proper way to set up a new board.

Your new board is all set up with:

Optimized board name

Keyworded description

Quality niche related pins

Now you can pin your own content to this board.

Like I mentioned before, this took me a whole week to set up. A lot of research and organization went into this process, but it was well worth it.

Wrapping Things Up

I really hope this was an easy to follow tutorial. I’m totally new to writing tutorial based blog posts and honestly I never ever thought I was going to be writing “How To” Guides for Pinterest.  I’m just a Mommy blogger who figured out some stuff and I want other mommy bloggers (and daddy bloggers!) to have this knowledge too. I mean Pinterest is a free platform, why do we need to pay for good information? I know a lot of you will disagree, but I feel many of us mommy bloggers blog because we need money and we read 101 times that this is the best way to make money while working from home. And I believe it is, it’s just an expensive startup if you have no idea what you’re in for.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful.

Optimize Pinterest Boards

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47 thoughts on “Increase Blog Traffic By Optimizing Pinterest Board Descriptions

    1. Same here, it confuses me. That’s why I rarely update my Pinterest boards.
      I think I need to revisit it and apply her tips.

  1. I had the opportunity to visit Pinterest’s New York City’s offices in conjunction with the We All Grow conference, and it was very helpful in getting an understanding of how Pinterest works and how it can be used to drive traffic back to your blog/website.

    I have been invited to join quite a few group boards, but I have not yet done so.

    1. I really appreciated this information and I can tell you put a lot of work into this post. Pinterest is something I’m still struggling to figure out. It seems like a bit of a moving target and they are so picky about how they choose to distribute your pins. I can use every bit of help I can get because I sure don’t want to pay the big bucks for an expensive course!

  2. I need to go back and rethink some board names. Thanks for the information. I didn’t even think of the importance of key words when building my boards.

  3. It’s a forgein concept to me to not know how to set up a Pinterest board. I’m on the site daily! This will help anyone who is confused, for sure! Never would’ve thought to write a post about this.

    1. So true! I have barely seen any information on Pinterest board set up and it’s such an important thing.

  4. I havenever put this much thought into my boards – the names and desriptions. I didn’t realize it made such a big deal. Now I want to go in and edit them all. Thank you for the tips!

  5. Really loved this post! So much that I learned as I am just starting to understand Pinterest. I loved the board naming idea will definitely be changing mine up a bit. Thank you great read

  6. Gosh I didn’t know that if I go overboard with the tags my board will be penalized. I thought they wanted more tags on the post… lesson learned, so thank you!!

  7. Thanks for this post. I daily learn something new about Pinterest. I have a high number of visitors to the site from this social network, and I want to get more and more knowledge of Pinterest.

  8. I will have to take a good look at my Pinterest boards. I think there may be some boards there that are redundant. Thanks for your valuable advice. Pinterest is a gold mine for getting organic views to a blog.

  9. Thank you for this! I always knew I *should* be optimizing my descriptions, but it always just felt so repetitive!

  10. Wow I love love this article, so much useful information and very informative. I did not know that stuffing keywords is not a good idea. Thank you for the tips.

  11. I struggle with my pins and boards. Pinning other people’s stuff I’m wonderful at. I’m going to implement these strategies today in hopes of making my Pinterest stronger. Thank you.

  12. Whenever I started blogging I didn’t mess with Pinterest that much. Since I started pinning my own pictures I have notice a big difference in my traffic.

  13. Girl! You just gave me all kinds of life! This is so spot on! I did read a blog post about group boards no longer being “good” if there are too many collaborators. Not sure how true that is. I still have mine and I’m still growing. For now. Thanks so much for taking the time out and sharing! Greatly appreciated.

  14. Thank you for the great info! Do you recommend making all personal board private? What are your thoughts on changing the names of old boards, as opposed to adding new boards with the tips you provided? TIA for all of your amazing help!

    1. No dont make your personal boards private! Just the ones you don’t want showing in search. You could definitely change the name of an older board instead of making as new board, as long as it makes sense with the content!

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