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As a mom with kids who eat everything in sight, it gets tough to keep an organized kitchen.  But to me, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, so I really try to keep the "zing" in the room by keeping it tidy and organized as much as possible. My little mess monsters are pretty well trained to put everything away in its place, especially in the kitchen, but it's not a perfect system yet. This is why I rounded up the best products to show you how to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers.

In my kitchen, the kids know what snacks they can touch and which snacks are designated for school. My husband can tell which dishes go where and which drawers house his cooking tools. We share cooking responsibilities in the home, so it is important he also knows where everything goes.

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Fridge Organization

Set of 4 Plastic Kitchen Refrigerator Storage 

These are a lifesaver if you have kids. Think apple sauces, yogurt cups, pre-cut fruit and veggies and whatever else your little ones eat! This is a fantastic, must have, product for my home. These drawers are pretty small though, so you won't be able to store an entire bag of oranges or anything like that in these drawers, but mini snacks for little hands and you're good to go.

Grab your set of kitchen drawers here. 

6 Piece Set of Stackable Bins

This set of organization bins is a great investment for the organized home. The best part about these bins is that they are clear so that you can easily see what you have in your fridge. You can stack them on top of each other as well to maximize the space that you are using. No more losing food in the back of the fridge and letting it expire. Keeping a clean and the organized fridge has never been easier.

Get your 6 piece stackable bins here.

Fridge Storage Rack

If you have some items that you use on a daily basis, this fridge rack keeps things easy to reach and looks neat and organized too. This is a tool for the outside of your fridge but it certainly can free up some pantry space. What I like about this is that I can put the miscellaneous kid's art items that they use all the time, but I cannot keep within their reach (for the sake of my walls) in there. The use of this storage rack is truly unlimited.

You can get your storage rack here. 

Cabinet Organization

organize pots and pans

Pots and Pans Storage Rack

This is a space-saving godsend for our home. I have one of these and it ensures that all of my pots and pans fit into one cabinet. It's easy to use and I'm no longer fumbling through my pots and pans trying to find the one pan I actually need when I'm making dinner. When my kids are napping and I'm trying to make some food, I don't have to worry about making a ton of noise with the pots and pans either more ruffling through the cabinet to search for the pan I need. True Lifesaver,

Get your pan rack here. 

Spice Rack 

This spice rack is my favorite. The strips each come with 5 spots for the spices, but if your cubby space cannot fit all 5 across, you can split the little plastic holder off and create your own row of 4, or 3 or 2...

You can fit up to 36 spices with this rack and the pieces mount right onto your cabinet door.

Get your spice rack here. 

6 Piece Cabinet organizer Set

This 6 piece set comes with every rack you'll ever need. Imagine your sippy cups and plastic plates actually in their correct spaces that are easy to reach when you need them quick. If you have a smaller collection of spices, this set comes with a mini spice rack as well. What a great way to maximize space in your kitchen cupboards.

Get your cabinet organizer set here. 

Pantry Organization

7 Piece Set Of Pantry Containers

I don't even know what I would do without my pantry containers. These are the best thing I've ever invested in. I can find my flour, baking soda, treats and pasta all in a glance without looking at packages of plastic and ruffling through the pantry to find the thing I'm looking for. I've tried a few of these containers and the ones with the black lids are my favourite because they seal up nicely and actually stack without wobbling over. I found the ones with the white lids tend to not stack quite as well and therefore not my favorite. I especially like to organize my chia seeds, oats and various beans in these containers. I also use a permanent marker to mark them and use a magic eraser to wipe the label off if I need to.

Get your airtight containers here. 

Wall Mounted Wrap Organizer Rack

I don't know about you, but I used to stuff my rolls of kitchen wraps into the drawers and then I couldn't get them closed. Its so cluttered it gave me anxiety. This is a really simple way to clear up a little drawer space for the drawer essentials. I put these in my pantry too so I don't see it unless I'm searching for something in the pantry.

Get your wrap organizer here. 

Can Organizer - Fits 36 Cans

I have so many cans that at one time I used an entire pantry shelf for just cans. I now have 3 of these in my pantry to keep my cans super organized. One shelf is for kids foods such as alphaghetti or zoodles. One rack is for veggies and beans and another rack for soups. I don't use my cans that often but I like to stock up on canned goods when there are good sales. Sometimes I can get a can of soup for 50 cents at Walmart, you bet your bottom I'm buying some to add to my stash.

Get your can organizer here. 

Reusable Mesh Bags

If you're environmentally cautious like me, these are great kitchen bags to store all of your vegetables and fruits. You can bring these to the grocery store with you and eliminate the need for plastic bags. This is kind of hard to do with kids because my memory is not amazing so I created a system. When my bag is empty, I throw it into my purse right away. So next time I'm shopping I am reminded that I need to buy this vegetable and also I already have the bag on me.

Get your set of mesh bags here. 

Over The Door Organizers

This is a practical solution if you don't have a lot of pantry space to put organizers onto. Just simply hang it onto the door and store away anything that is getting in the way. I can see this being very useful for those extra oatmeal packets hanging about as well as gravy packets and taco seasonings.

Get your over the door organizer here. 

AirTight Cereal Containers

Not only is this a great way to keep your cereal fresh, but it also makes it easy to store the cereal side by side and create a copasetic organized look and feel to your pantry.

Get your cereal containers here. 


fresh cereal meme
I couldn't resist this "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" meme

Dishes Organization

2 Tier Shelf 

Organize your dishes with a simple 2 tier shelf. Stack your larger plates on the bottom, your smaller plates and bowls in the middle and your cups on the top tier. Your entire dish set all in one little easy to use pile.

Get your shelf here. 

Image Credit To The Organized Housewife

Sippy Cup Organizers

This is a brilliant idea from the Organized Housewife. She took these very simple magazine holders and turned them into the best storage solution for sippy cups I have ever seen.

Get your magazine holders here. 

Countertop Organization

Trendy Trays

A decorative tray can make a large difference to the feel of your kitchen.  Instead of keeping all the things you use most often all sprawled out across the counter or shoved into a corner, keep them all together on a tray. Try placing taller items in the back and shorter ones in the front.

Get your trendy tray here. 

Adjustable Over The Sink Shelf

This is a must-have in my home. I store my hand soap and dishwashing materials right on top of this and the beautiful thing is it keeps the area behind my tap look clean. This brings a fresh feel to the kitchen simply by making the clutter feel less "there" and in the way.

Get your over the sink shelf here. 

Lazy Susan 

If you have some favorite items that you keep on your countertop simply because you use them all the time, then a lazy susan is a good solution for you. You can even put your utensil cups and spices on here too. Ao many ways this can help clear the clutter on your countertop.

Get your lazy susan here. 

Drawer Organization

Drawer Storage Boxes

Get your drawer clutter under control by creating little pockets of space with boxes within your drawers. Each utensil should have a home. This is a great way to organize that "junk drawer" I know you have!

Get your drawer boxes here. 

Custom Drawer Dividers 

Another way to organize drawers is to use these expandable plastic dividers. You can control how much space you want to give to each utensil category. The benefit of this method is this can be adjusted to any drawer, no matter the size.

Get your drawer dividers here. 

Drawer Peg system

This unique peg system is great if you have those super deep drawers that can store A LOT of stuff. Use the pegs to create sections to store various sized items. This system is perfect for dishes and other platters. You can also adjust the height of these by simply trimming the pegs with a table saw if they are too long for your drawer.

Get your peg system here.

Under The Sink Organization

2 Tier Under Sink shelf

Get your cleaners organized with a little bit of shelving under the sink. These shelves are expandable so you can fit any cubby under the sink This can work in the bathroom also.

Get your under the sink shelf here. 

Stackable Bins

You can never go wrong with a set of good stackable bins for the under sink storage. This is what I use, I grabbed mine from the dollar store, but you can get them on Amazon as well.  I keep cloths, sponges and cleaners all separated with just these bins in my home.

Get your bins here. 

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Do you have any tips for organizing a kitchen? Let me know below!

37 thoughts on “How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers

  1. These are AWESOME. As a lover of organization, I literally screen shot most of these items and plan on implementing them! I had no idea they made re-usable mesh bags and that got me excited, I’m environmentally conscious and HATE using plastic bags at the store. Thank you for the great tips!

    1. I love the mesh bags sooooo much. I use them for my onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots and so much more. We really like to shop at the farmers market so I just take my mesh bags with me. It’s easy, it’s environmentally friendly and it just feels good to use them!

    1. Right! They are smaller, really good for apple sauce or yogurts, or pre-packed apple slices. But super handy for the kids!

    1. Haha isn’t that funny. I hope you have a fun time getting organized this month with your wife, it can be a relationship building exercise to get your home in order.

    1. Thanks, I agree, people with smaller spaces can still have nice looking homes. No need to stay crammed and disorganized 🙂

  2. I recenlty downsized from 1600 sq ft to 800 sq ft. It’s been a storage nightmare even though I thought I had purged most of the unnecessary items. Clearly I was wrong so this post gives me some great ideas. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shirley! That must have been quite challenging. We recently did a similar move as well and I literally just donated everything that didn’t fit. We ended up losing a lot of money on good items, but as a mom, time is limited so we had to do whatever it took o downsize. I’m very good at organizing storage so that was really helpful for the smaller storable items but the big stuff just had to GO.

  3. This is great! I’m always looking for better ways to utilize the space in our kitchen. No matter how many cabinets we install, space gets used up quickly! We purchased the inside the cabinet door spice wrack holders and the wall mounted wrap organizer (which I also installed inside a cabinet door) a while back and they really helped free up space.

    1. That sounds like a great idea. It’s funny, my cabinets always fill up super quick too, I feel like I should stop buying stuff just so I could have some more free space!

  4. No tips because I’m probably the most unorganized person on earth, but I’m loving your tips!

    I especially love that fridge storage rack. I may have to get me one of those! It’s so cute and practical!

  5. The fridge storage rack and fridge drawers are going to change my life, lol! It seems like no matter how hard I try to purge the kitchen fridge and cupboards, they’re always overflowing. Thanks so much for these reco’s!

    1. They ARE life-changing. Not kidding! The kids can grab their snacks easy and I can portion them out too so all the apple sauce or fruit cups don’t get eaten in one day!

    1. Kitchen can be tough to get under control! I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and I think it’s my favorite room of the house!

  6. I think my favorite items off this list are the mesh bags, which I would love to get my hands on. Also, the over the sink rack and nearly all the pantry organizational tools.

    1. The mesh bags are awesome. I take them to the grocery store with me! It’s easy to do, i just make sure to put it into my shopping bags stash so that I don’t forget them at home.

    1. The fridge can be a tough one to organize because it gets so crammed with stuff! But the little snack drawers are a godsend for my family!

  7. I NEED everything on this list! Organization (especially in my extremely small kitchen) is top on the list for things I want to improve in 2019. I am going to save this post for when I actually get around to it. hahaha

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