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Introducing Yoga To Kids

Yoga Is Good For Kids

Would you introduce Yoga to your child?

Life is busy.

Our children learn to live in the everyday hustle and adapt to the stresses that come along with parents on to go lifestyle.

Kids are playing video games, visit busy malls, play sports with friends and endure pressures at school. These kinds of things can be quite overwhelming and a little bit of Yoga can help alleviate those feelings of overwhelm.

If children can learn techniques that help them relax and achieve inner fulfillment, they can learn to navigate their stress at a young age. These skills come in very handy in adult life.

The main physical benefit of Yoga for children is the strength strength and flexibility of their muscles. This helps them keep fit and healthy while building strong muscles.

The main physiological benefit of Yoga for children is the ability to understand self-awareness. Imagine a 5-year-old who is so in tune with their feelings they can regulate emotions (sometimes).


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When You Can Introduce Yoga To Kids

It may surprise you that children as young as 6 weeks old can participate in Yoga.

Crazy right?!

Well the bonds that are created from mommy and baby yoga is very strong.

Since Yoga enhances self awareness in all of us at any age, introducing this kind of activity to your baby at a young age is a very healthy approach to raising a self – aware child.

Introducing toddlers to Yoga is a wonderful thing as well. Toddler Yoga is often modified to allow for quicker movements, as we all know toddlers have quick minds and bodies – always on the run!

Introducing Yoga To Kids

It is best to introduce Yoga to children slowly. Jumping into a full-on 1hr Yoga class with a child could bring on some negative feelings towards Yoga. Starting nice and slow, and discussing the activity and expectations of the activity can help children adjust to the idea of Yoga.

As with any activity, providing a lot of support and encouragement is beneficial to build the confidence your child needs to have faith in themselves which will help them get through their Yoga class.

Yoga can be a lot of fun. When you are introducing Yoga to children make the experience a fun one. choose a fun class, get some good music going and help your kid understand that Yoga can be a good experience.

Make sure you are nice and organized if you are attending a Yoga class. Make sure you bring everything your child needs for their class including water and a yoga mat so they are nice and comfortable.

If there are no Yoga classes near you, or the times of classes simply do not line up with your schedule, you can always do Yoga at home.

If you really want your children to get involved with Yoga and love it, you should do it with them. Practicing what you teach is a good way of modeling behavior.

With practice and first-hand experience, your children will begin to enjoy Yoga as much as you do. They will see that it is good for their health and spiritual development.

The Best Yoga Channels On Youtube For Kids

If you would like to do some Yoga at home with your kids, these are so great channels to help you do so.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This one is a favorite in our home!

Yoga Today! For Kids

Fun Yoga For Kids

Yoga For Kids!

 Yoga With Adriene

Fightmaster Yoga Videos

Mindful Minutes


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