Simple Breathing Exercises For Kids To Manage Anger

How to easily teach children to take a deep breath and practice breathing exercises for kids to manage anger, anxiety and other big feelings and motions. I often tell my children to take a deep breath when they are overly excited, anxious about something or seem nervous or scared about something. Unfortunately, telling children to take a deep breath isn’t […]

10 Quick Tips For Better Behaviour

Parenting is hard work, and it’s a hard job to get through some days. Here are 10 quick tips for better behaviour that you can implement right away and see an improve (growth mindset)ment in your child. Because parenting is a full time, non stop job, it can get overwhelming and stressful. All the “parenting rules” and positive parenting (like […]

Why Praising Children And Encouraging Children Are Two Different Things (Which Is Better?)

Cheerleading and sweetness is a big part of positive parenting, but it’s not all about praising children for tiny accomplishments. Empowering children through encouragement is a bigger part of positive parenting. Praise and encouragement are two different things, and positive parenting (like inductive discipline)is highly focused on encouragement rather than praise. Praise can do the opposite of what your desired […]

Teaching Gratitude To Unappreciative Kids

If you think you may have some spoiled and ungrateful children, then you should dive in and see how this happened and what you can do to fix this issue. Sometimes children who seem to have everything they ever dream of can show off an ungrateful attitude and teaching gratitude is something that should be at the top of our […]

Conversation Games For Kids To Encourage Talking and Communication

Simple and fun conversation games for kids to get them talking and interacting with the family during dinner or a family gathering. Conversation games for kids can help children open up and talk to parents which helps open those lines of communication which can be so difficult to open up sometimes. You can gain insight into your childrens heart through […]