Day In The Life: Work At Home Mom Routine

This is a day in the life post showing you how a family of 5 manages to have two working parents with a child in school, a child at home and a newborn baby to care for. Hello, as you may know, my name is Elizabeth and I run this blog. I actually run 3 websites which in turn do […]

Weekly Kids Chore Chart Template (Free Download)

I truly believe that kids need chores, and a chore chart template can help you set up a chore system in your household, just as it does in mine. We started a chore chart with my kids when my first born was just a toddler. When I was a child, I was introduced to household chores at around the age […]

5 Powerful Responses For Backtalk

Great tips on how to stop talking back to your parents! When it comes to raising smart kids who are kind and don’t talk back, it’s good to have these powerful tips in your back pocket when you need some responses for backtalk. It’s easy to get frustrated when dealing with an angry, disrespectful child talking back when presented with […]