How to Help Young Kids Resist Peer Pressure

How to help young kids resist peer pressure and make powerful positive choices when faced with difficult situations. By the time a child turns 7, they start to care more about what others think about them. They start to care less about what their parents and other adults think about them and this can interfere with how well they perform […]

5 Positive Attitude Activities For Kids

How to help your kids have a more positive attitude with these positive attitude activities for kids. To help children see positive things in life, there are a few activities you can do together. We should be helping our little ones to look at the positive things and have a positive attitude because it helps solve problems in life simpler. […]

Ways To Let Your Children Know You Are Proud of Them

It is important to let your children know that you are proud of them. Here are some ways to let your children know you are proud of them and some reasons why you should let them know your about pride in their accomplishments. When you tell your children that you are proud of them, you are being emotionally generous. There […]

Are You Offended By Your Child’s Behaviour?

Do you ever feel like your childrens behaviour is a reflection on you? Are you offended by your childrens behaviour? Here is what you should do when you feel that way. When your child shows signs of inappropriate and disappointing behaviour you could be thinking that the child is acting this way because of your parenting choices. Unfortunately, your child […]

How to Respond When Your Parenting Style Is Being Criticized

Sometimes when you choose the positive parenting (like inductive discipline)way to parent your children, you might get some pushback from friends and family about the choice you have made. Parenting is criticized at every point, from birth to graduation and even beyond. If you did some research and discovered a parenting style that your family members do not practice, or […]

Best Sleep Clocks for Toddlers

If you are looking to improve (growth mindset) toddler sleep and help end the early wake ups, then you need to find the best sleep clocks for toddler to help you out. Sleep is important and it benefits every member of the family. If you don’t get enough sleep, your work and life can be affected. Unfortunately toddlers aren’t so […]

Cyberbullying on Google Docs – Keeping Our Kids Safe On The Internet

How kids are using google docs for cyberbullying. With many education practices being held online, students have found ways to cyberbully their classmates using Google Docs. Find out how to keep your child safe on google docs. Technology is changing and we need to be sure to be up and involved in our kids internet habits to keep them safe […]