How To Stop Kids From Biting Nails

Nail biting is a bad habit and there are some tips and tricks you can use to help your child from biting their nails ever again. I have an anxious 5 year old at home who used to bite his nails everyday from the age of 3.5 all the way to 5. He learned it from me! I’ve bitten my […]

Family Fun Night Ideas

How you can spend quality time with your family with some family fun night ideas. Life is busy. Parenting is exhausting. Creating connections can seem like an impossible task with a busy bustling family life. Nit to mention the added screens in every hand, and each room of the house. It can feel like you simply cannot connect with your […]

Summer Activities For Kids 2021

A big list of awesome and fun summer activities for kids for 2021 Are you looking forward to summertime and spending hours of fun in the sun in your own backyard? As someone who spends 6 months stuck inside with children during the winter season, I try my hardest to get the kids outside as much as possible when the […]

Social-Emotional Learning Activities For Kids

8 social emotional learning activities to help children practice mindfulness and self awareness to help control emotions and channel their inner calm. What are social emotional learning activities? They are activities which children can participate in and learn how to become more aware of their emotions and practice mindfulness. All children benefit from mindfulness exercises. These exercises can help kids […]

Best Gifts For Kids That Aren’t Toys

If you have a playroom full of toys that sit there and don’t get played with, then you might just need this list of gifts for kids that aren’t toys. I can’t believe it! I have fallen victim to the closet full of unplayed with toys that sit there day in and day out and simply don’t get played with. […]

Pressuring Kids To Get Good Grades Can Be Harmful

How pressuring kids to get good grades can be a negative experience and can actually be harmful in their development. The goal of our school careers is good grades and staying out of trouble..right? Unfortunately if we put a lot of pressure on kids to get good grades they can interpret that as a lot of pressure which can hinder […]

How Parents Can Connect With Kids Even When Exhausted

Parenting is a tough gig. Quite often we find ourselves exhausted and disconnected from our children. Here are some ways you can connect with your kids even when you are exhausted. Well, I didn’t get my name Tired Mom Supermom from nowhere. I am absolutely exhausted, on all levels, all the time. Us mom’s are so busy and it seems […]

The Only Toddler Bucket List You Need

The best toddler bucket list so you can get some ideas on how to spend time with your child who is 18 months to 3 years old. Toddlerhood comes and goes pretty quickly. It seems as if you blink, and boom they are 5 years old. I’ve been there twice already, and if I blink again my baby will be […]

Tips For Parenting An Angry Child

Tips for parents who deal with an angry child and need some tips to create a happy family dynamic. Parenting an angry child is not an easy task but things can turn around with a little work. One of the most difficult behaviour to navigate as parents is anger. When a child gets angry, their self-regulation skills go out of […]

How To Teach Kids Respectful Disagreement

Going over how to properly teach children to disagree using respect and kindness. Disagreement is a part of life. Agree to disagree? When children are small, they will go through a fair share of disagreements among friends and family members as they learn independence and form their own opinions about the world around them. It is only natural to not […]

How To Teach Lessons Through Discipline Instead Of Shame

Why shaming children is not discipline, and how harmful it can actually be plus what you can do instead of shaming to help your child learn lessons. Parents sometimes shame their children without even realizing it. shaming can be done online and offline, and in every situation it does not make the child feel confident. For example, if you have […]

6 Engaging STEM Gifts For Middle Schoolers

Awesome learning STEM gifts for middle schoolers to help build strong foundations in science, technology, engineering and math. Finding gifts for preteens and teenagers can be a challenge, and it’s very easy to just throw them a gift card. But birthdays and Christmases are much more fun when there are actual gifts to open, don’t you agree? It may be […]

What A Child Who Is Shutting You Out Trying To Say

Parenting is not an easy job and our children will get upset with us and have emotional breakdowns. Communicating with our children when they are in a state of distress is difficult. Every child will be different in how they act and think, but there are some things you can do to help open up lines of communication and understand […]

Best Parenting Blogs You Must Read In 2021

The best parenting blogs 2021 edition! There are many resources out there to help you with your parenting journey, but mom blogs are my favorite. While many moms aren’t trained therapists and experts, they do offer insight based on real life parenting challenges that they themselves have often faced. Since there are so many mom blogs out there, it can […]

The Ultimate Guide to Parenting Buzzwords (Like Helicopter Parent)

Some popular parenting buzzwords and what these words actually mean when describing a parenting style. Wouldn’t life be more simple if parenting was just parenting? Unfortunately, society has created so many different words to describe the style of parenting we may be choosing for our lives. In the 20th century, the authoritarian style of parenting came about and the children […]