Ways Movement And Mindfulness Can Reduce Stress In Children

It’s difficult to find a time to halt and just be in today’s hectic and over-scheduled world. It’s the sense we get when we get at our destination and realize we didn’t pay attention to how we got there, or the stress of job and raising a family—all of which may make us feel like we’re on high alert. Our […]

Raising Kids Who Can Cope With Challenges

When you hear the phrase “childhood,” what pictures come to mind? I envision racing through sprinklers on a hot summer day, laughing in a pillow fort while reading a humorous book, or blowing bubbles in the garden when I think about childhood memories. These ideas make me happy. Then additional pictures begin to appear in my head. Crying at the […]

What’s More Important Than Discipline?

As if it were the most essential element of raising children, a plethora of parenting books and articles teach us how we should and shouldn’t punish our children. While I believe our tone and actions during correction are essential, I feel we are overlooking a few key aspects of parenting. It’s easy to lose sight of the broader picture when […]

Tips to Help You Become a More Playful Mom

Spending time with your kid is the best approach to help them thrive. By interacting with them, you can spark their imagination, increase their self-confidence, and develop the bond that you both require. Being “playful” isn’t something that comes easy to everyone. We either grow too preoccupied with our to-do lists to sit and play for lengthy periods of time, […]

Imperfect Parenting Is Ok

Perfectionism is something I struggle on a regular basis now that I’m a parent. Perfectionism has its benefits, but in the area of parenting, it tends to haunt me rather than help me. When I lose my anger when I know a loving reaction is the best, perfectionism tells me I’m a failure. It informs me that my children will […]

How To Build Healthy Screen Time Habits With Kids

Are you tired of the continuous squabbles about screen time? Not sure how to assist your children to control their use of devices, social media, and video games? Here are a few pointers to help you get started! It’s a wonderful reminder that screentime and screen use may and should vary as your kids become older. Starting young allows you […]

The Magic 5:1 Ratio To Have Peace And Calm At Home

Do you have a lot of complaints, disputes, and complaining in your house? There’s a good chance the “magic ratio” is wrong. Use these suggestions to bring peace and tranquilly to your home. Parenting is arguably the hardest job there is. There’s no parenting guide to explain that if you encounter situation A, opt for solution B. And older parents […]

Coping With Parental Burnout

You’re not alone if you’re fatigued, tired, and overwhelmed. Burnout is common among parents, especially after dealing with a pandemic. Use these strategies to overcome burnout and reconnect with your child. Do you ever feel as though you can’t take it anymore? Packing the lunchbox. Brushing one’s teeth. It’s time for the laundry. Many of us were exhausted as a […]

Help Your Child Stop Swearing At Home

Our society is rife with swearing. However, as parents, you have the power to choose the culture of your house, and I advise all parents to foster a culture of respect and non-swearing. For the purpose of a calm and respectful home, establish this culture. However, keep in mind that childrens who know how to act and talk politely are […]

Meltdowns Or Manipulation?

Do you ever consider the consequences of forcing your children to kiss or embrace strangers? Do you insist on If you’ve ever looked for parenting advice on how to deal with a kid who is prone to tantrums or meltdowns, you’ve undoubtedly read that offering comfort and meeting him or her where they are is critical. In reality, we know […]

How To Help Children Build Body Confidence

“I’m so chubby.” “I am unattractive.” Words like this could be distressing to hear from a ten-year-old or a teenager, but they could be particularly painful when said by children as young as preschool or kindergarten age. According to several studies, children as young as 3 to 5 years old could begin to worry about their weight and physical appearance, […]

What to Say Instead of “Good Job” Why Should You Stop Saying “Good Job”

How frequently do you congratulate someone on a job well done? Or are you doing a good job? Is it better to be great? Without uttering a single “Good Job” or “Good Work,” learn how to carefully construct meaningful and positive praise that is particular to your childrens talents, accomplishments, characteristics, and areas of weakness. When you follow these methods, […]

Tips For Parenting While Out

Parenting is difficult at any time, but parenting in public or in front of a critical audience could be especially difficult. Not only do we need to be extra inventive in order to assist our child to adapt in a way that does not infringe on the rights of others, but we also need to be extra patient. We need […]

You Can Raise Responsible Children without Punishment

Whether or not an authoritative person is present, how do you nurture a child who accepts responsibility for his actions, including making apologies and preventing a repeat? You…. You provide moral direction and expectations for behaviour. Keep in touch with him so that he WISHES to do the “correct” thing. Give him the skills he needs to control his emotions […]

Teaching Toddlers These Important Life Skills

Kids adore independence (the tantrum they just had overdoing it alone, yes, that one), it makes them feel like big kids, and independence is something they want. Giving in does not imply doing major, risky things like allowing them to cut vegetables with a knife simply because they want to. It’s about making tiny decisions for oneself that they can […]