Simple Phrases We Use To Handle Misbehavior When Kids Are Small

To manage practically any behaviour problem in the early years, try these 8 basic parenting statements. They are simple to use and effective. It might be difficult to find the proper words when you’re upset, humiliated, or astounded by your child’s behaviour. The words you use to reprimand your children, on the other hand, have a significant impact. When your […]

How To Manage Car Seat Tantrums

Help! My kids won’t get buckled! We’re going to be late!How do I get the kids into the car without it being a drawn-out struggle of wills? If your youngster throws a tantrum or takes a long time to strap in, one of these suggestions might help. For numerous reasons, your child may refuse to sit in the car seat […]

Talking To Kids About Consent

What was once a hazy area is now becoming clearer and more well-understood. Even though consent is one of those must-have talks, even the most well-intentioned parents may find themselves squirming. Consent discussions are both vital to have and difficult to have at the same time. But it must be done, and the sooner parents begin, the better. Why It’s […]

What Is Yes Parenting

Parents in helicopters hover and parents in lawnmowers eliminate impediments. But it’s time to make room for the “yes parents,” who approach parenting in a completely different way. The yes parenting movement advocates for parents who do not believe in telling their children any. Instead, some parents go to tremendous pains to listen to their children’s wishes and then make […]

Habits To Nurture The Parent-Child Bond

The bond between a parent and a child, like any other relationship, can be strengthened by incorporating certain simple behaviours into your daily routines. The relationship that a youngster forms with his or her parent or caregiver is the most crucial. A positive parent-child interaction helps children learn about the world around them. Children look to their parents to assess […]

Reasons Your Child May Be Crying

It’s natural for children to cry, and it’s also natural for parents to become annoyed when their children cry frequently. Especially if you’re stumped as to why your child is weeping. It can be difficult to establish the cause of your child’s tears before he or she begins to speak. Even when children begin to speak, the reasons for their […]

What Is The Difference Between Gentle Parenting and Attachment Parenting

Whether you’re a first-time mom or not, you’ve probably heard of Attachment Parenting or Gentle Parenting. Someone may have mentioned one in a baby group you were in, someone may have mentioned it on a blog, or someone may have made a snide remark about such parents. In any case, you want to know what all the fuss is about! […]

Tips To Thrive As An Introvert Mom

Nothing can truly prepare you for becoming a parent. And nothing can prepare you for the ongoing conflict you’ll have between being “on” all day and figuring out how to sneak in a little alone time if you’re an introvert. Introverts require alone time to rejuvenate, yet as introvert mothers, alone time is frequently scarce. We all know that having […]

How To Be The Best Parent To A Strong-Willed Child

Do you have a child with a strong personality? Do you ever wonder how you can be the best mom to such a strong-willed child? Here’s some encouraging and practical advice from a mom who understands what she’s talking about! When my youngest daughter was still a newborn, I knew I was dealing with an extremely strong-willed child. She had […]

How To Teach Kids Critical Thinking Skills

Every day, children are flooded with messages, data, and ideas. They need to know how to analyze what they hear and see in order to establish their own thoughts and beliefs, whether they are at school, online, or chatting to their friends. Critical thinking skills are a crucial life skill as well as a basis of education. Kids will suffer […]

Smart Transition Strategies for Kids

To assist reduce meltdowns and unpleasant behaviour in children, consider transition tactics and calming techniques. Transitions in preschoolers and transitions in the classroom are both addressed in this article. These strategies for dealing with transitions in children are priceless. Transitions are difficult for many children. And this is especially true if they’re busy playing with their fancy T-Rex dinosaur that […]

Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

There are numerous words and sentences that we do not consider to be dangerous, damaging, or just painful for youngsters. If you want to retain a strong connection with your child and a sense of empowerment, here is a list of things you should never say to them. Children’s brains are still developing, so they can’t examine, evaluate, or judge […]

Does Your Child Have Annoying Behaviours? Here Is How To Cope

The true obstacle to positive parenting is our own minds, which are conditioned to think about anything but positive things, especially when confronted with unpleasant habits. Here’s how to change our minds and become the kind of parents we want to be. Obnoxious conduct may be frustrating, whether it’s your child burping loudly at the dinner table or poking his […]

Things You Can do if Your Child is a Sore Loser

I used to consider my child a bitter loser. I can’t tell you how many times my five-year-old has thrown a fit, including throwing dice and other game pieces all over the floor and yelling for a long time after losing a game. I know how to read his expression when he realizes the game isn’t going as planned, and […]

Empower Your Attention-Seeking Children

It is attachment, not attention, that drives attention seeking behaviour.Humans are built to protect themselves from the loss of attachment. This is how you can help your child break the cycle of bad conduct. We prefer to think about attachments in terms of people, but we can attach to items, places, hobbies, and other things as well. Because they are […]