3 Tips for Hosting a Plant Potting Party

3 Tips for Hosting a Plant Potting Party

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Want a fun party idea that helps kids connect with nature? Spark some creativity by hosting a plant potting party. It’s easy to prepare with these tips.

Gardening is an excellent hobby that lets you work closely with nature. And when you place plants in pots or planters, you can get creative with designs and have flexibility in putting the plant indoors or outside.

While any group of people can enjoy a plant potting party, you can use this theme to host a special and meaningful party for kids. Consider these three tips for hosting a plant potting party.

1. Prepare the Planting Space

Before the guests arrive, prepare the work site. If you’d like to add a fun decorative element to the planting station, you can give the kids kneeling pads to use if they’re working low to the ground.

If you’re supplying the pots and planters, have enough for each kid. You’ll also need plenty of potting soil and glass stones or rocks for each container. And keep hand trowels at the workstation so kids can share as needed.

Arrange the array of colorful flowering plants and greenery on the table. Place decorations, such as garden stakes, near every seat, too.

2. Keep Everyone Comfortable

One of the greatest things about preparing for a potting party is that it’s simple! Since the focus of this get-together isn’t food, you can keep guests comfortable by making sure to have plenty of water and snacks available.

Another thing you can do to ensure everyone’s comfort is to keep mosquitoes and other pests away. If you’re not a fan of spraying chemicals, consider burning citronella candles. Modern citronella candles come in beautiful designs that make it easy for you to create a stylish outdoor living space.

3. Offer General Guidance

The third tip for hosting a plant potting party is to offer general guidance, such as how to arrange and pot the plants. Many children will get the hang of the process quickly, even if they’ve never gardened before.

Each child’s potted plant will look unique. Encourage their creativity as they select their preferred flowers and decorations. When it’s time for everyone to go home, they’ll love bringing their own potted plant with them.

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