Ways To Get Your Kids Interested in Birding as a Hobby 1

Ways To Get Your Kids Interested in Birding as a Hobby

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There you are, you exhausted Mom—barely managing to keep your eyes open, clinging to your coffee like caffeine is the nectar of the gods, as your little darlings play.

If you’re looking for anything—anything—to keep those little energy vampires occupied for a decent chunk of time, then here’s an idea for you: birding!

Bird-watching is more than a pastime for retirees and nature enthusiasts. It’s an engaging, educational, and safe way for kids to explore the outdoors and learn about the natural world. 

Plus, it can give a tired Mom some precious moments of peace and, gasp, possibly 20 whole minutes to herself! Here are ways to get your kinds interested in birding as a hobby: 

Friendly Competition and Scavenger Hunts

The greatest trick to getting your kids into birding is to make it a fun, competitive game. Set up friendly competitions between siblings, such as who can spot the most different species of birds, or make it a scavenger hunt. 

No promises this “friendly” competition won’t devolve into all-out sibling warfare and howls of “but I saw it first!” But hey, those 20 minutes were worth it, weren’t they?

Work With Teachers

Birding can actually help your kids’ school performance! Get in touch with their teachers and see if they’ll give your kids some school credit for observing and documenting local birds.

Yeah, that’s right— birding just became their path to success as amateur ornithologists and STEM education superstars.

Books and Recordings

Equip your little birders with illustrated books and cool recordings of bird calls so that they learn to identify and communicate with our feathered friends.

They’ll be like tiny Dr. Dolittles, but for birds. Plus, bird sounds are far more soothing than the debates over whose turn it is to choose a show on the TV.

Bird-Friendly Yard

Sip your coffee while watching the little ones play and learn on their own in the yard by creating a bird friendly garden.

Set up a bird feeder (i like this one), bird house, or bird bath, and plant a few native flowers. Then sit back as your kid creates their very own Disney moment with their new feathered fam.

Kid-Proof Equipment

Support your budding birders by investing in kid-friendly equipment such as child-sized binoculars and a notebook for them to record their bird list. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about them breaking your expensive gear or dropping your phone while using that bird identification app you thought was a good idea.

So, there you have it: ways to get your kids interested in bird watching as a hobby.

See your rambunctious children transformed into pint-sized ornithologists who search for cardinals and goldfinches instead of arguing.

You’ll get some much-needed downtime as they gain an appreciation for the natural beauty of birds.

Ways To Get Your Kids Interested in Birding as a Hobby 2

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Ways To Get Your Kids Interested in Birding as a Hobby 3

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