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4 Easy Things To Do When Kids Get Hyper

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Somedays kids just seem to get each other riled up, and with each passing moment they get louder and louder…and sometimes that makes a momma wanna snap! Here are 4 things I do in my home to help my kids calm down when they get loud and crazy.

There are two growing boys in my home and they love to play nicely together, usually.

Some days, however, while they aren’t fighting with each other, they drive me up the wall with all their crazy…I’m sure you can relate.

From having a blast playing video games together to playing pretend superheroes in their bedroom, or better yet, running wild outside, they have their fun and excitement. I love it when they play together, it’s one of my favorite things to see as a parent.

It is so important to let children play and use their imaginations, but sometimes, the kids got to settle down.

These are things that I do in my home when I feel like I’m going to lose it on the kids.

*This post may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

how To spot hyperactivity in kids

  • Hyperactive children have trouble listening to and following instructions.
  • They are unable to recline in their seats or move about freely.
  • They chatter excessively or disrupt others’ talks.
  • Hyperactive children have trouble following directions or following a step-by-step regimen.
  • They’re impetuous, overly exuberant, and bursting at the seams with vitality.
  • They are prone to becoming concerned, upset, furious, and depressed.

The brain is linked to hyperactivity. As a result, the most effective strategy to deal with hyperactive children is to teach them to relax and take things one at a time.

As a result, assist your youngster in paying attention, focusing better, and being less hyperactive. Are you curious as to how? We have a few suggestions to assist you better deal with hyperactive children.

How To Get Loud And Hyper Children Under Control

The best thing you can do to get your hyper kids into a calm and controlled state is to get down to their level and make eye contact, to make sure they are listening to what you have to say.

Ensure you are using your strict but not angry tone of voice so this discipline can remain positive. Set your consequence up when they are paying attention to what you are saying, so they cannot use the excuse “I didn’t hear you say that!” when you put the consequence into action.

Once you have implemented those basic strategies, you can go ahead and try these techniques to create a calm and peaceful environment in your home.

Redirect Their Energy

Find a way for them to release their pent-up energy and relax their brains. Children require a lot of running and playing.

Invest in classes that will help them expend energy, engage in physical activity, and relax their minds.

You may also get your child activity boxes to help them focus on play-based activities and engage meaningfully.

This will help them improve their memory and concentration, as well as their skill development!

Read Together

When things get wild and crazy, it could be time to try doing a calm activity together, and reading is one of my favorite calm down practices.

If I can’t read with them because I need to take care of the baby or do something else that is urgent in the home, then I’ll instruct them to read on their own for 20 minutes. Sometimes I can even convince my 7-year-old to read my 4-year-old a book aloud.

If they simply do not feel like reading, that’s ok! Looking at a book, or just sitting down quietly is also very good. Sometimes they whine, but you can ignore it and get on with what you need to do.

Speak Clearly

Give them your undivided attention and listen to their worries, interests, and concerns. Encourage kids to build to-do lists and deconstruct the directions they’ve been given.

Help Momma Out

Sometimes, when I need help getting things done and I notice that the kids have extra energy. I use that to my advantage and recruit them to help me out around the home.

Instead of yelling and lashing out at them for being loud, it’s simple to redirect them into helping me out with gentle words. It’s kind of like tricking them into doing chores, but hey, things need to get done and everyone needs to help with family contributions.

Kids will always try to fight chores, but if you phrase it correctly, they will be happy to help out.

I usually say “Mommy needs to sweep the floors and tidy the shoe closet before daddy gets home but I won’t have time because I’ve gotta start dinner… can you help?”

Not very often am I met with a groan or a “no”…the kids are super happy to help out.

I often praise them when they give me a good attitude and a positive response, which helps them make the decision to help next time too.

Engage In Conversation

Sometimes when the kids get loud, I like to redirect them into a calm conversation.

It’s fun to ask them questions about their day or get silly with conversation games.

This works well to calm them down because it redirects the silly behavior and engages thoughtful responses. This attention to conversation always drops the noise level at our home.

Alone Time

My last resort when nothing else works is allowing the kids to have alone time in their room. It’s not a time out, because they aren’t in trouble, it’s simply a chance to get centred and have time to self-regulate and calm down. You can also use a calm down corner to help your child regulate.

I don’t use this practice often, it’s a last resort measure that I like to use in place of boiling over and yelling at my sweet boys.

Games & Activities To Keep Hyperactive Kids Busy And Motivated

Karate/Martial Arts

‘Karate’ is a Japanese word that means “empty-handed.”

When children begin karate, they practise various stances that help them channel their energy.

It also assists them in concentrating and calming their thoughts.

Martial arts for hyperactive kids can help them gain confidence, learn to focus, and improve their coordination, to name a few benefits.

Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and badminton are excellent for hyperactive children because they do not require any standing time.

Your children will be continually moving and engaging huge muscular groups, which will keep them engaged and depleted of energy. They’ll also learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, and competition.

If you can’t get them to participate in any outdoor activities, encourage them to start running, which provides constant activity, health advantages, and a sense of success.

Play Music

After school, music is a terrific way to unwind. Music engages both sides of the brain at the same time, soothing it and allowing your children to multitask and store knowledge more effectively.

When students join a band or sing/play in a chorus, they learn to work as a team.

Here’s a list of some of the most calming classical music pieces:

  • Ludovico Einaudi – “Elegy for the Arctic”
  • Claude Debussy – “Clair de lune”
  • Evard Grieg – “Piano Concerto II”
  • Craig Armstrong – “Romeo & Juliet”
  • S Bach – “Air on a G String”
  • Johannes Brahms – “Wiegenlied”

Thinking Games

Games like scrabble, chess, and matching pairs, among others, are excellent brain exercises.

These are fun activities for hyperactive kids since they require them to sit still and concentrate.

These games are great for youngsters who have a short attention span and a lot of activity since they help them gain confidence and interest.

Please keep in mind that not all active children are hyperactive. Hyperactivity is a unique condition.

Calm Down And Play On

These are ways I can get my kids to calm down when they get a little wild and crazy at home. You can always play with your children

The important thing to remember is that kids will be kids. They will get loud, crazy and hyper. We shouldn’t punish them for this typical kid behavior, but work with it and teach them how to regulate themselves in the chaos.

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