Tips For Parenting An Angry Child

Tips for parents who deal with an angry child and need some tips to create a happy family dynamic. Parenting an angry child is not an easy task but things can turn around with a little work. One of the most difficult behaviour to navigate as parents is anger. When a child gets angry, their self-regulation skills go out of […]

How To Teach Kids Respectful Disagreement

Going over how to properly teach children to disagree using respect and kindness. Disagreement is a part of life. Agree to disagree? When children are small, they will go through a fair share of disagreements among friends and family members as they learn independence and form their own opinions about the world around them. It is only natural to not […]

How To Teach Lessons Through Discipline Instead Of Shame

Why shaming children is not discipline, and how harmful it can actually be plus what you can do instead of shaming to help your child learn lessons. Parents sometimes shame their children without even realizing it. shaming can be done online and offline, and in every situation it does not make the child feel confident. For example, if you have […]

The Ultimate Guide to Parenting Buzzwords (Like Helicopter Parent)

Some popular parenting buzzwords and what these words actually mean when describing a parenting style. Wouldn’t life be more simple if parenting was just parenting? Unfortunately, society has created so many different words to describe the style of parenting we may be choosing for our lives. In the 20th century, the authoritarian style of parenting came about and the children […]

Ways To Let Your Children Know You Are Proud of Them

It is important to let your children know that you are proud of them. Here are some ways to let your children know you are proud of them and some reasons why you should let them know your about pride in their accomplishments. When you tell your children that you are proud of them, you are being emotionally generous. There […]

Are You Offended By Your Child’s Behaviour?

Do you ever feel like your child’s behaviour is a reflection on you? Are you offended by your child’s behaviour? Here is what you should do when you feel that way. When your child shows signs of inappropriate and disappointing behaviour you may be thinking that the child is acting this way because of your parenting choices. Unfortunately, your child […]

How to Respond When Your Parenting Style Is Being Criticized

Sometimes when you choose the positive parenting way to parent your children, you might get some pushback from friends and family about the choice you have made. Parenting is criticized at every point, from birth to graduation and even beyond. If you did some research and discovered a parenting style that your family members do not practice, or know a […]

5 Simple And Effective Responses For Backtalk

Great tips on how to stop talking back to your parents! When it comes to raising smart kids who are kind and don’t talk back, it’s good to have these powerful tips in your back pocket when you need some responses for backtalk. It’s so easy to get frustrated when dealing with an angry disrespectful child child who is talking […]

Mistakes You May Be Making When Responding To Tantrums

Children have tantrums, sometimes daily. How do you respond to those outbursts? Is it working for you? This post is all about some of the mistakes you may be making when responding to tantrums. *This post may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure¬†here. Sometimes as a parent it can be very frustrating to deal with a tantrum, especially if it’s over […]

How To Help Hyper Kids Calm Down

Somedays kids just seem to get each other riled up, and with each passing moment they get louder and louder…and sometimes that makes a momma wanna snap! Here are 5 things I do in my home to help my kids calm down when they get loud and crazy. There are two growing boys in my home and they love to […]

10 Quick Tips For Better Behaviour

Parenting is hard work, and it’s a hard job to get through some days. Here are 10 quick tips for better behavior that you can implement right away and see an improvement in your child. Because parenting is a full time, non stop job, it can get overwhelming and stressful. All the “parenting rules” and positive parenting guidelines can get […]

Why Praising Children And Encouraging Children Are Two Different Things (Which Is Better?)

Cheerleading and sweetness is a big part of positive parenting, but it’s not all about praising children for tiny accomplishments. Empowering children through encouragement is a bigger part of positive parenting. Praise and encouragement are two different things, and positive parenting is highly focused on the encouragement rather than the praise. Praise can do the opposite of what your desired […]