Getting Controlling Kids To Cooperate

Attempting to control, argue with, or quit dominating children simply worsens the situation. The more authority you try to exert, the more obstinate your controlling child becomes, and the power struggle is full-steam ahead. It’s a never-ending downward spiral. There is a missing component.When children bury their heads in all of these controlling or strong-willed behaviours, they feel helpless. Unless […]

The Simple & Easy Way to Stop Toddler Hitting!

The punching and infantile rage appeared to appear out of nowhere. It started with the toddler biting, and then it progressed to the toddler hitting. I can tell you that I’ve seen it everything with both of my children: hitting, kicking, biting, and spitting. I understand your aggravation, no matter what toddler behaviour you’re dealing with. Trying to dissuade a […]

Three Shifts to Turn Defiance Into Cooperation for Your Strong-Willed Toddler

It’s difficult to raise a strong-willed child. You believe there is nothing you can do to transform your rebellious or feisty youngster into a pleasantly obedient little person. You are embarrassed by the bystanders and wonder if your child is the only one who is prone to power struggles. It’s exhausting, and you may be feeling like an angry mother […]

Things You Can do if Your Child is a Sore Loser

I used to consider my child a bitter loser. I can’t tell you how many times my five-year-old has thrown a fit, including throwing dice and other game pieces all over the floor and yelling for a long time after losing a game. I know how to read his expression when he realizes the game isn’t going as planned, and […]

Empower Your Attention-Seeking Children

It is attachment, not attention, that drives attention seeking behaviour.Humans are built to protect themselves from the loss of attachment. This is how you can help your child break the cycle of bad conduct. We prefer to think about attachments in terms of people, but we can attach to items, places, hobbies, and other things as well. Because they are […]

What Happens When We Force Children to Say “I’m Sorry”

We ask our children to apologize and say sorry far too often. But how many times do they say they’re sorry? How many times do they say it with sincerity? And even if they do, what is the point? This is the true essence of apologizing, and what we should instead teach our children. Should children be taught to apologize? […]

How to Help Your Emotional Child

As parents, we are right there with our children in their joy and happiness, but also in their sadness, loss, and agony. Here’s what we can do to truly assist our children in dealing with difficult emotions. I seem to come across the phrases “bad feelings” and “good feelings” everywhere I go, whether online or in person. And I believe […]

Tips To Strengthen Your Child’s Impulse-Control

Irrational behaviour (or the lack thereof) is a major parenting challenge no matter how old your child is. This is How Positive Parenting Can Help Your Child Develop Impulse Control. They could be too quick to punch a sibling, overly demanding on something happening RIGHT NOW, and keep asking for the same thing even after you’ve told them it can’t […]

How To Stop a Screaming Match with Your Child or Teen

Isn’t it true that if shouting worked, parenting would be simple? We’d just yell, “Do it!” and our kids would follow suit. But here’s the truth: shouting isn’t effective. “When you yell, you become your childrens emotional equal.” Personally, I feel that parents shout at their children because they have exhausted all other options for resolving the issue. Instead, they […]

Reason Your Kids Constantly Push Your Buttons

Do your children continually irritate you? It feels like they’re just trying to get under your skin by testing you at every step and purposefully misbehaving. It may even feel as though they only pay attention when you shout. First and foremost, I want you to understand that none of us has inexhaustible patience. We all get irritated and lose […]

Ways To Manage Bossy Kids Behavior

When we label our children bossy, we’re doing the same thing we do every time we use an adjective to characterize a person: we’re reducing the entire experience of life to a single word that doesn’t reflect anything other than the present instant. When we label children, we overlook the most essential element of the adjective we used, which is […]

How to Correct Your Child’s Behavior with Connection

We frequently fix our children’s behaviour by making them feel terrible (shaming, punishment (fear conditioning)s, time outs), yet this is ineffective in the long term. Here’s what actually works. Until our children are around a year old, everything of our contact with them is focused on meeting our mutual desire for connection, because, let’s face it, it isn’t much else. […]

How To Unspoil Your Child

Children are like little sponges soaking up everything they see and hear around them. They learn from the people they love most, what to eat, how to act in social situations, and more. As parents, one of our jobs is to protect them from adult issues that may not be appropriate for their age group. A new trend has been […]

Why Consequences Aren’t Working

Many parents try to modify their childrens bad behaviour with logical consequences, but they are useless. Here’s why, how to figure out when punishment (fear conditioning) would be successful, and seven other parenting techniques that frequently work better. For the past hour, your daughter has been playing with Lego blocks. You like how engrossed she is in this pastime, but […]

Toddler Temper Tantrums: When To Worry

Temper outbursts in toddlers are one of the most difficult aspects of parenting. Is it natural for your child to have tantrums, or are they an indication of something else? My son’s frequent tantrums made me angry and want to tear my hair out when he was a toddler. On most days, I couldn’t see how anyone could desire more […]