How To Teach Kids Grit – It’s More Important Than IQ

Your tenacity will set you apart from more intelligent or gifted opponents. It’s the one thing that keeps you going when everyone else has given up. True, your talent and intelligence can help you. However, it is your passion and tenacity that will drive you to put up the most effort in order to achieve your achievement. Social scientists such […]

How To Praise Children Effectively

Until recently, many parents mistakenly believed that showering our children with praise on a regular basis was vital. Praise for our children comes naturally to us, almost as a reflex. It feels natural to say, “Great work!” whenever your child does anything fantastic. However, we must consider what we are doing with all of this praise. Although praise can improve […]

Talking To Kids About Consent

What was once a hazy area is now becoming clearer and more well-understood. Even though consent is one of those must-have talks, even the most well-intentioned parents may find themselves squirming. Consent discussions are both vital to have and difficult to have at the same time. But it must be done, and the sooner parents begin, the better. Why It’s […]

How To Teach Kids Critical Thinking Skills

Every day, children are flooded with messages, data, and ideas. They need to know how to analyze what they hear and see in order to establish their own thoughts and beliefs, whether they are at school, online, or chatting to their friends. Critical thinking skills are a crucial life skill as well as a basis of education. Kids will suffer […]

Tools To Help You Parent Intentionally

It’s challenging to navigate the seas of raising children in the best possible way in today’s world of parenting. There appear to be a million methods to raise children, from blogs and online publications to books and family members. But, through time, I’ve realized that the greatest approach to raise children is via purposeful parenting and adjusting your parenting style […]

How To Create A Parenting Mantra

When you pick up your children from school, you hear the usual moans and complaints about their day. When they get home, they wander around the kitchen, opening and closing cabinets and fussing about how there isn’t enough “good food” in the house. Then the battle begins. No one wants to give up the remote control. The sibling squabbling grows louder. […]

How To Build A Childs Trust

When we think about trust, we think of huge things like whether or not we can trust someone to feed us. Do I have faith in their ability to keep me safe? These are all parts of the elusive desire for TRUST, but they’re really a front for something far deeper. For example, my son (7) wanted to play at […]

How To Raise Children So They Can Be Someone You Can Talk To

Parenting is difficult… No one informs you that the most significant things will happen in the future. If your child isn’t someone you can truly communicate to, discipline, boundaries, and limits will only bring you pain. When I first became a mother and began the game of “raising a kid,” everyone told me that discipline is essential; that routines, rules, […]

Children’s Cooperation: Strategies for Encouraging It

When we consider how we interact with children, the lack of collaboration of children is fairly unsurprising. Here you’ll discover techniques for encouraging kids to cooperate as well as an explanation of why present approaches are ineffective. There are a variety of reasons for meeting others’ needs, each coming from two opposing motivations: the first is the inherent desire that […]

How to Help Your Child Adjust to Change

What does change mean for kids? What is the best way for kids to understand change? What makes them react the way they do? What, above all, can you do to make it simpler and more helpful to their development? Change is a big aspect of our life; some people even argue it’s the only constant. However, certain changes are more […]

How to Raise Children Who Are Selfless

Raising unselfish children in a world full of self-centeredness could be difficult. Here are nine ways parents may urge their children to put others first. Raising selfless children in a ‘me first’ world can be difficult, and it is not something that comes naturally. But with some help from the experts, parents can learn how to raise their kids to […]

Important Life Skills Our Kids Need

Assuring that our children can read. Practicing arithmetic facts with children. Encouraging a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Most parents in the twenty-first century feel obligated to ensure their children’s academic success. While education is crucial, research suggests that a variety of softer life skills could be even more valuable in the future than academic performance. The […]

How to Raise Responsible Kids

While parents may legally force their children to be obedient and do anything they want, compliance isn’t often accompanied by a feeling of responsibility. Obedient children do what their parents desire, not what they feel prompted to do inwardly.Children who are responsible develop into young people who take on responsibilities without being asked and require minimal supervision, training, or assistance.So, […]

How to Raise Creative Kids

Crayons were virtually born in the hands of my children. They can do it all: drawing, painting, crafts, you name it. On the other hand, what about me? Crafts dull my brain, and sketching and painting are, in my opinion, equivalent to fully comprehending nuclear physics. I like how open my children are to artistic expression, but I frequently worry […]

For The Parent Who’s Tried Everything (But Nothing Works)

What should you do if you’re stumped? You’ve perused the parenting websites. The magazines. The books are important. Your child continues to throw tantrums, beat his sister, and refuse to eat nutritious foods. Your adolescent refuses to communicate with you. Indeed, you believe they broke curfew last night! So, what’s next? If You’ve Tried It All Don’t give Up Your […]