Brilliant Strategies For Setting Boundaries With A Strong-Willed Child

Strong-willed children are frequently misconstrued as stubborn or rebellious because adults say one thing and the children do the exact opposite, or they appear to struggle with boundaries. If you can see strong-willed children in a different way, you’ll notice that you’re dealing with a youngster who is very self-directed and has been striving to establish his own boundaries for […]

How To Be The Best Parent To A Strong-Willed Child

Do you have a child with a strong personality? Do you ever wonder how you can be the best mom to such a strong-willed child? Here’s some encouraging and practical advice from a mom who understands what she’s talking about! When my youngest daughter was still a newborn, I knew I was dealing with an extremely strong-willed child. She had […]

Common Mixed Messages Parents Send Kids

We all want to raise responsible children, yet many parents give contradictory messages to their kid or adolescent. This generates uncertainty about what the intended behaviours and activities are. The misunderstanding develops when what the parent says to do and what the parent really performs are diametrically opposed. Knowing the difference between implicit and explicit modelling and how you do […]