5 Tips for Parenting a Difficult Child

Most parents will use the word “difficult” to describe their children at some point. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, this article will teach you how to raise challenging children and bring collaboration, compassion, and understanding into your household. Children are children; whether they are three, eight, or fifteen years old, they have their own beliefs about the world, which […]

When Your Child Swears, What Should You Do?

Worried that your child has begun cursing and don’t know what to do about it? Following a childrens usage of swear words and other types of bad language, here is a connecting alternative to punishments (operant conditioning)and separation. Swear words are part of a childrens language, and they learn them just like any other portion of their vocabulary. According to […]

For The Parent Who’s Tried Everything (But Nothing Works)

What should you do if you’re stumped? You’ve perused the parenting websites. The magazines. The books are important. Your child continues to throw tantrums, beat his sister, and refuse to eat nutritious foods. Your adolescent refuses to communicate with you. Indeed, you believe they broke curfew last night! So, what’s next? If You’ve Tried It All Don’t give Up Your […]

How To Respond To Your Child’s Angry Words

The kicking at the back of your seat has intensified. “Enough!” exclaims the speaker. Glancing back at the grimacing visage in the back seat, you say. “You won’t be able to force me!” She replies by kicking even harder. The muscles in your body tighten up. You take a breath and hold it. “Oh, I can make you stop, too,” […]

Qualities Of A Spirited Child

If your child is frequently challenging, you may have a Strong-Willed Child on your hands. Spirited children can be unique, but like everything else in life, uniqueness can be beneficial! Do You Have A Spirited Child? Before we became parents, we all had that moment, or several. We witnessed kids having tantrums in the shop and we condemned them. On […]

Why Do Kids Run Away And How To Stop Them

It’s every parent’s greatest nightmare: you wake up in the middle of the night to check on your child and she’s not there. Your heart begins to pound, and you go into panic mode, phoning her friends, family, and the police. Whether your child has run away or threatened to do so, or you are concerned that she may, it […]

How To Connect With Your Tween

Playing Legos or Barbies on the floor with little children is a common way to connect with them. The regular ritual included a game of chase or a peaceful cuddle. Now that your child is a tween, finding methods to connect with him or her appears to be more difficult (and sometimes even embarrassing!). You’re caught off guard when you […]

What A Child Who Is Shutting You Out Trying To Say

Parenting is not an easy job and our children will get upset with us and have emotional breakdowns. Communicating with our children when they are in a state of distress is difficult. Every child will be different in how they act and think, but there are some things you can do to help open up lines of communication and understand […]

How to Help Young Kids Resist Peer Pressure

How to help young kids resist peer pressure and make powerful positive choices when faced with difficult situations. By the time a child turns 7, they start to care more about what others think about them. They start to care less about what their parents and other adults think about them and this can interfere with how well they perform […]

10 Quick Tips For Better Behaviour

Parenting is hard work, and it’s a hard job to get through some days. Here are 10 quick tips for better behaviour that you can implement right away and see an improve (growth mindset)ment in your child. Because parenting is a full time, non stop job, it can get overwhelming and stressful. All the “parenting rules” and positive parenting (like […]

Get To Know You Questions For Kids

Create better communication with your children by asking them engaging questions to get them to open up and talk with these get-to-know-you questions for kids. When kids are younger, they seem to talk non-stop about anything and everything. As kids get older, they tend to share a little less and less every day, and sometimes it can feel like pulling […]