Simple Phrases We Use To Handle Misbehavior When Kids Are Small

To manage practically any behaviour problem in the early years, try these 8 basic parenting statements. They are simple to use and effective. It might be difficult to find the proper words when you’re upset, humiliated, or astounded by your child’s behaviour. The words you use to reprimand your children, on the other hand, have a significant impact. When your […]

How To Manage Car Seat Tantrums

Help! My kids won’t get buckled! We’re going to be late!How do I get the kids into the car without it being a drawn-out struggle of wills? If your youngster throws a tantrum or takes a long time to strap in, one of these suggestions might help. For numerous reasons, your child may refuse to sit in the car seat […]

Smart Transition Strategies for Kids

To assist reduce meltdowns and unpleasant behaviour in children, consider transition tactics and calming techniques. Transitions in preschoolers and transitions in the classroom are both addressed in this article. These strategies for dealing with transitions in children are priceless. Transitions are difficult for many children. And this is especially true if they’re busy playing with their fancy T-Rex dinosaur that […]

How To Help Older Children When The Baby Starts To Move Around The House

You’ve finished the books. You bought a t-shirt that said, “I’m a big brother.” While you’re nursing, you have a basket full of entertaining activities for him to do. When you get home from the hospital, you’re ready to make the transition from singleton to a sibling as painless as possible. However, after a few weeks, you’re perplexed. Wasn’t it […]

Qualities Of A Spirited Child

If your child is frequently challenging, you may have a Strong-Willed Child on your hands. Spirited children can be unique, but like everything else in life, uniqueness can be beneficial! Do You Have A Spirited Child? Before we became parents, we all had that moment, or several. We witnessed kids having tantrums in the shop and we condemned them. On […]

Teaching Toddlers These Important Life Skills

Kids adore independence (the tantrum they just had overdoing it alone, yes, that one), it makes them feel like big kids, and independence is something they want. Giving in does not imply doing major, risky things like allowing them to cut vegetables with a knife simply because they want to. It’s about making tiny decisions for oneself that they can […]

Most Misbehaviour Can Be Prevented With These 5 Strategies

Unfortunately, the capacity to manage one’s emotions and behaviour is still growing in a two-year-old’s frontal cortex. That means kids toss food, destroy objects, have tantrums, bite when angry, and doodle on the furniture. To put it another way, they act like two-year-olds. Even older childrens often lack the cognitive control to act as we’ve taught them because the brain […]

Interacting with Your Toddler in Meaningful and Heartfelt Ways

My child sometimes seems to accompany me on errands rather than enjoyable trips to the Children’s Museum or playground. A hectic schedule and a large to-do list have been known to limit unbroken Mommy time where I can offer my kid my complete attention. The whirlwind of life; of taking care of three kids, walking the dogs, running a home, […]

Navigating 2-Year-Old Tantrums

Tantrums in toddlers can be aggravating for parents, especially if they occur in public. In this post, you will learn about the science behind 2 year old tantrums and how to cope with them for optimal child development so that your child does not continue to throw tantrums. A temper tantrum is characterized by an outpouring of emotions such as […]

Powerful Cure For Whining And Crying – (Why Do Kids Whine)

Inside this post: debunking why kids whine and what you can do to stop the whining in your home. Do your children whine every time you have to be a parent and decline a request? As parents, it is our responsibility to keep our children healthy and safe, and that means providing boundaries. Children do not understand the reason behind […]