11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children

In this post: Ideas for families to enjoy Christmas time to the fullest and make Christmas Magic for children. Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with some simple family traditions that are fun for everyone! Christmas is an already magical time of the year. If you live in a winter wonderland as I do, then making Christmas extra […]

10 Super Fun Family Activities For Halloween

Halloween approaches pretty quickly as soon as those fall leaves begin changing colours. Sure, Halloween is great because children go door to door and get FREE candy, but there is so much more to it than just that. One of my favorite things to do as a child was coming up with my costume idea, and talking with my parents […]

The Importance Of Reading Aloud

Reading aloud has always been a huge family value in our home. Practicing reading for fun at home not only prepares children for school but also creates strong bonds with parents. Even though your children may be old enough to read by themselves, having that time together where you read aloud to your child is still important. Related Articles: The […]

Packing The Perfect Beach Bag For Kids

Summer time is for having fun and enjoying the beach if you have one nearby! But sometimes, as parents it can be difficult to figure out what the heck to bring to a beach with you. You don’t want to overpack, but you also don’t want to forget anything, for you, for the kids and your husband too! To ensure […]

12 Easy Ways You Can spend Quality Time with Kids

Everyone tells you that time flies by when you have kids. It’s important to make the most out of the little time you have with young kids and savour the moments because boy do they ever go by quickly. Motherhood brings out the daily hustle and bustle that can get so exhausting, even the thought of binging shows on Netflix […]