Help Your Kids Learn From Their Mistakes with These Books and Activities

We want our children to learn that it is through mistakes that true discoveries are made. We want kids to be brave, take calculated risks, and be unafraid to fail. Yet, at all costs, many children avoid making mistakes and failing. As a result, they don’t devote enough time to experimenting with new ideas and miss out on important learning […]

Things You Can do if Your Child is a Sore Loser

I used to consider my child a bitter loser. I can’t tell you how many times my five-year-old has thrown a fit, including throwing dice and other game pieces all over the floor and yelling for a long time after losing a game. I know how to read his expression when he realizes the game isn’t going as planned, and […]

8 Common Daily Sensory Issues You Can Help Your Child Through

Socks, pajamas, and bath time fights causing havoc on your daily routine? Use these eight strategies to deal with any sensory issue that arises. Do you have a hyperactive child that runs around the home and jumps on everything whenever someone comes over? Perhaps when it’s time to go to bed, your child… Is always in other people’s space and […]

Best Educational Documentaries for Kids

Ten of the finest films for kids that educate about science, history, foreign cultures, economics, and inequality. There comes a moment in every parent’s life when putting their children in front of a screen is inescapable. Perhaps we have an important professional assignment due, or we simply need a mental health vacation. And, sure, we are aware that experts warn […]

The Best Educational Websites For Kids Of All Ages

I’ve done the legwork for you and discovered the finest free educational websites for kids. We’ve divided our directory into the finest educational websites for kindergarteners, the best educational websites for primary kids, and even fantastic instructional websites that your adolescents will enjoy. Whatever age or stage your children are at, you’ll discover something unique for them. It makes no […]

Ways Movement And Mindfulness Can Reduce Stress In Children

It’s difficult to find a time to halt and just be in today’s hectic and over-scheduled world. It’s the sense we get when we get at our destination and realize we didn’t pay attention to how we got there, or the stress of job and raising a family—all of which may make us feel like we’re on high alert. Our […]

How To Build Healthy Screen Time Habits With Kids

Are you tired of the continuous squabbles about screen time? Not sure how to assist your children to control their use of devices, social media, and video games? Here are a few pointers to help you get started! It’s a wonderful reminder that screentime and screen use may and should vary as your kids become older. Starting young allows you […]

Why Minimizing Toys Can Help Promote Imagination In Kids

It’s simple to acquire toys in your house, but the amount and sort of toys you have might have a detrimental impact on your childrens inventiveness. Learn why you should limit your childrens toys if you want to help them develop their imagination and creativity. “I don’t have anything with which to play.” “I’m tired of it!” My three-year-old was […]

Fun Games To Teach Kids Self Regulation

How can we teach children self-control? The capacity to regulate one’s emotions and actions is referred to as self-regulation. Children do not have this capacity from birth, but it develops as they grow. These ten entertaining games can help children learn about impulse control and improve (growth mindset) these abilities via play. If you’re locked inside, these games will come […]

Best Water Table For Kids

Something about a water table for kids appears to stimulate new levels of imagination and play in toddlers. If you’ve ever seen kids playing in puddles after it’s rained, you’ll understand why bringing the puddle to them is one of the most enjoyable things you can do for them. Water tables for kids are fantastic toys. Friends may come together […]

STEM Activities for Toddlers

Children, especially toddlers, are naturally drawn to STEM activities because they are inherently interested. Have you ever witnessed a toddler doing his or her own science experiment? When I say “toddler,” we’re referring to children aged 1-3. My recommendation for incorporating STEM activities for toddlers (or STEAM as we like to call it) is easy… Allow them to have fun. […]

Indoor Games to Improve Your Toddler’s Balance

Running after your toddler, stooping to get them up, bending back over to put them down, and utilizing your back muscles to support them when they’re performing their own version of walking are all everyday workouts if you have a toddler. For young toddlers to learn to walk and acquire other critical physical abilities, they must have good balance. Balance, […]

Benefits Of Sensory Play To Brain Development

Engaging your child in sensory play helps them prepare for life. Let’s take a look at the advantages of sensory play and its function in brain development. Continue reading for suggestions on how to make simple sensory activities for your children. Our brains are made up of billions of brain cells, known as neurons, and the connections between them, known […]

Why I Don’t Entertain My Kids And Embrace Boredom

Encourage Independent Play because you don’t have to amuse your children, and the methods to do so. It takes time and care to encourage autonomous play in young children. Some children are naturally happier in their own company, but for others, playing independently can be difficult, especially if they were regularly entertained as newborns or had play time set up […]

10 Steps To Raise Unplugged Kids

There are ten easy strategies to restrict children’s screen usage. Positive habit-forming strategies for unplugging your family and raising healthy, balanced children. If you’re like most parents, you’re undoubtedly concerned about how much screen time your children are getting. Did they overindulge in television today? When it comes to playing on the kindle or iPad, how long is too long? […]