STEM Activities for Toddlers

Children, especially toddlers, are naturally drawn to STEM activities because they are inherently interested. Have you ever witnessed a toddler doing his or her own science experiment? When I say “toddler,” we’re referring to children aged 1-3. My recommendation for incorporating STEM activities for toddlers (or STEAM as we like to call it) is easy… Allow them to have fun. […]

Indoor Games to Improve Your Toddler’s Balance

Running after your toddler, stooping to get them up, bending back over to put them down, and utilizing your back muscles to support them when they’re performing their own version of walking are all everyday workouts if you have a toddler. For young toddlers to learn to walk and acquire other critical physical abilities, they must have good balance. Balance, […]

Why I Don’t Entertain My Kids And Embrace Boredom

Encourage Independent Play because you don’t have to amuse your children, and the methods to do so. It takes time and care to encourage autonomous play in young children. Some children are naturally happier in their own company, but for others, playing independently can be difficult, especially if they were regularly entertained as newborns or had play done for them […]

Which Books to Read and How to Determine Your Children’s Reading Levels

Do you want to know how to get your kids to like reading? It all starts with selecting books that are appropriate for their grade level. Here’s all you need to know about determining reading levels in children. How to Determine a Child’s Reading Level and the Best Books for Each Reading Level Do you need someone to explain reading […]

How Can You Assist Your Child in Developing Fine Motor Skills?

Encourage and guide your child to master the top five fine motor skills to enhance their development. In today’s piece, I’ll explain what fine motor skills are and how you may include them into your baby’s daily routine so they can continue to develop. Navigating your baby’s growth may be quite perplexing. Moms are bombarded with terms like fine motor […]

Imagination Games For Toddlers

Play and imagination are important components of childhood. I thought we’d share some ideas for imaginative games you may play with toddlers and young children in this post. According to book author Robert Eberle, imagination is essential for the creation of innovative concepts. As a result, educators must create learning settings that foster this capacity. And what could be more enjoyable than playing […]

Creative Ways to Say I Love You

We all need unique and creative methods to express our affection for the ones who mean most to us. The chances are that your words and deeds will elicit an immediate and positive response, increasing your relationship with your partner, children, or friends. Because those three simple words mean so much, how and when you say them might be one […]

Best Sticker Books For Toddlers

Are you seeking the finest two-year-old workbooks? Or perhaps you simply require some calm, sit-down activities for your child. In any case, we’ve got some of the greatest toddler workbooks on this excellent list. I am a big advocate of quiet time for kids, and sticker books seemed to be a big hit when my kids were toddlers. Sticker books […]

Summer Activities For Kids 2021

A big list of awesome and fun summer activities for kids for 2021 Are you looking forward to summertime and spending hours of fun in the sun in your own backyard? As someone who spends 6 months stuck inside with children during the winter season, I try my hardest to get the kids outside as much as possible when the […]

The Only Toddler Bucket List You Need

The best toddler bucket list so you can get some ideas on how to spend time with your child who is 18 months to 3 years old. Toddlerhood comes and goes pretty quickly. It seems as if you blink, and boom they are 5 years old. I’ve been there twice already, and if I blink again my baby will be […]

How To Play With Toddlers

Play is so important for our growing children, but you may be wondering how to play with toddlers so here is a helpful guide to help you connect with your toddler and play. It can feel kind of strange to play with toddlers. You have a million and one things on your to-do list and it can be difficult to […]

41 Genius Activities For Teens When Everyone Is Stuck Inside

Inside this post: A fun list of activities for teens and pre teens to do at home alone or with parents. Many working parents are not working-at-home parents or even unemployed at this point – by the way, I do have some great ways you can make money from home and get started for pretty much free or close to […]

The Best Summer Bucket List for Kids: 56 Awesome Ideas

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. The kids are home all day long and we have so many things we want to do! In order to have the best summer ever, we try to have a list of things we want to make sure we do before school starts up again. Here is the ultimate guide for kids […]

Fun Indoor Activities For Kids 1-8

Do you have crazy busy kids and you’re running out of ideas on how to keep them busy on rainy days? While it would be fun to just kick them outside to play and be one with nature, sometimes the weather is not so forgiving. Coming up with things to do can be super tricky, especially when it’s day after […]

Why Play Is Detrimental To Raising Healthy Children

If your goal is to raise healthy and well-rounded kids, then play should be a huge focus in your daily lives. Why is play so important and how can you play with your children to help foster independence, imagination, and many other important life skills? As a parent of 3 children, I see friends raising their children with a lot […]