10 Steps To Raise Unplugged Kids

There are ten easy strategies to restrict children’s screen usage. Positive habit-forming strategies for unplugging your family and raising healthy, balanced children. If you’re like most parents, you’re undoubtedly concerned about how much screen time your children are getting. Did they overindulge in television today? When it comes to playing on the kindle or iPad, how long is too long? […]

Why We Limit Our Screen Time To 45 Minutes A Day And How We Enforce It

The advantages of limiting screen time with children, but how to do it without tears, tantrums, or a fit when it’s time to turn it off. Why is screen time so essential, and how can it be enforced? This is a hot issue in online Mom’s groups, and my email has been full of parents asking for advice on setting […]

Absolute Best Educational YouTube Channels for Toddlers And Kids

The best educational YouTube channels for your kids, from toddler to tween, to enjoy and learn from when you need a break and want to provide a more educational experience to your little ones. These days, most children watch YouTuve and Netflix instead of good old cable television like I used to watch growing up. Youtube is amazing. It has […]

20 Apps That Don’t Require Wifi For Kids

Best apps and games for kids with no wifi needed so you can play and learn on the go. These are our family favourite apps and games with no WIFI needed for kids that you can use while when not at home. We spend our summers on the road visiting family and exploring the mountains, and in the mountains, there […]