Weekly Kids Chore Chart Template (Free Download)

Weekly Kids Chore Chart Template (Free Download)

I truly believe that kids need chores, and a chore chart template can help you set up a chore system in your household, just as it does in mine.

We started a chore chart with my kids when my first born was just a toddler. When I was a child, I was introduced to household chores at around the age of 8 when I could really wash dishes and clean counters properly.

I also grew up cooking family meals and cleaning a lot of household messes by the time I was 10 years old. I really feel that those chores prepared me for life outside the family home, so I thought it was a good idea to start a chore chart for kids as soon as possible. I probably could have done it sooner, but you know.. life got busy with kid #2…then 3!

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Why Chores Are Great For Kids

The biggest benefit of chores for kids would be the obvious responsibility lesson.

When a child does a chore, they are in charge of starting and finishing this chore. They are responsible for this action in their lives and they understand that this action affects other family members too. This responsibility lesson will follow them for the rest of their lives, so it’s super important to instill this virtue early on.

Chores are also great for kids because they understand that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They can see that they have a role in their family, and each role, no matter how small, is important. Being a part of the family brings about a sense of belonging, which helps foster self-esteem and confidence too.

This leads to promoting a growth mindset, where they learn that they aren’t born with skills and that everything has to be learned. This is important because children can feel down on themselves when they haven’t mastered a task yet, and teaching them that these are just things we all need to learn first, helps with that self-esteem.

Starting chores early teaches good habits, and most importantly the lesson is that hard work pays off. Our kids need to understand that things just don’t fall into their laps, that money doesn’t grow on trees and that practice makes perfect.

How Can A Weekly Chore Chart Template Help You?

We understand now why chores are so important for a family, but finding chores on a daily basis that your kids need to do can be exhausting.

With all the other decisions that parents are making on an hourly basis, figuring out what chore your child should do is exhausting and can lead to parents brushing off the chore for that day because of mental exhaustion.

A weekly chore chart template can help you and your kids know exactly what to do everyday. Kids can reference this chart on their own and they don’t even have to bother you to find out what they need to do.

Grab the Weekly Chore Chart Template For Kids Here:

Chore Chart Template: DOWNLOAD

How To Use the Free Kids Chore Chart Template

In our house, the chore chart goes right on the fridge.

PERSONALLY I like to print out a new chart each week so we can start on a blank slate, however you can also laminate your chart and use a dry erase marker and re use your chart week after week.

Chore Ideas To Add To Your Chore Chart Template

Ages 2-3

  • Feed Pets
  • Tidy Toys
  • Pick Up Garbage From Around The House
  • Bring Dishes Back To The Kitchen
  • Dust
  • Wipe Walls and Low Light Switches
  • Put Clothes Away
  • Help Set The Table
  • Wash Plastic Dishes In The Sink After Dinner

Age 4 & Up

  • Feed Pets
  • Tidy Toys
  • Pick Up Garbage From Around The House
  • Bring Dishes Back To The Kitchen
  • Dust
  • Wipe Walls and Low Light Switches
  • Put Clothes Away
  • Help Set The Table
  • Wash Dishes / Load Unload Dishwasher
  • Wash, Fold and Put Away Laundry
  • Wipe Bathroom Counters
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Sweep
  • Make Own Lunches And Breakfast
  • Help Parents With Yardwork (Mowing Lawn, Picking Up Toys, Pulling Weeds)

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Tips And Tricks For Successful Chores

Chores can be very successful or they can totally flop.

Implementing chores can be a struggle, especially with children who seem lazy and just don’t want to do anything.

Here is a great article on how to introduce chores to kids the right way, so you can have chore success instead of failure.

You should use rewards with caution. Using chocolates, stickers, screen time and allowance can either work really well, or it can backfire completely.

If the children are rewarded immediately after the chore is complete, then they begin to expect it, and there will be whining until they receive the reward every time they complete their chore.

We want children to do their chores because they are contributing to the family, in fact we often refer to chores as family contributions for this reason. It’s not about the reward, it’s about helping the family.

Your children should be proud of themselves every time they finish a chore, and they shouldn’t EXPECT a juicy reward each time.

However, you can still reward your children with finishing their tasks, just ensure they know they don’t get ice cream every time they vacuum, and screen time is not something they automatically get for putting away the dishes etc.

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Another thing you can do to help chores go a little smoother is give your little one their very own cleaning caddy.

If you give kids tools they can easily access, they are more likely to use them with a smile instead of complaining. It makes them feel special to have their very own thing.

What about when kids want to do chores for extra cash?

If your child wants to save up for something, then you should have extra chores for this kind of thing.

Regular family chores should not be a part of this money earning journey, so here are a few ideas for chores your kids cxan do to earn that extra money.

  • Organize the shoe closet
  • Wash the car
  • Take out the garbage
  • Wipe down the baseboards
  • Wipe up the appliances

More Chore Chart Options For Your Family

Need more than a printable chore chart? Check out these great options on Amazon with magnets and pictures and fun things.

Dry Erase Board

""” class=”rank-math-link”>Magnetic

Multi Child Board

Chore Chart template Final Words

I really like the bubble version of my printable chart, but before I used this version we were big fans of the magnetic style charts. I really like the flexibility of adding my own chores, so that is why I prefer the fill in printable kind.

Have fun adding chores to your chore chart template and good luck with implementing family chore systems in your home.

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