Everything you Need to Know About the Escape Room Game for Your Kids

Everything you Need to Know About the Escape Room Game for Your Kids

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You are probably hearing a lot about escape room games trending globally. They are the newest craze in town, and rightfully so. Escape rooms are a versatile option for all kinds of events and are appropriate for all ages. Escape rooms are a popular spot for family outings, field trips, and even corporate outing places. This is because escape rooms are easy to play team-building games. 

Currently, there are around 50,000 escape rooms all around the world. For example, if you google escape rooms Bangalore or escape rooms New York or London, hundreds of locations will pop up. That is how popular they are right now. 

All you Need to Know About the Escape Room Game for Your Kids 

Escape rooms are popular among kids because these are themed games that attract their imaginative spirits. What more? These games are also great for instilling important life skills in your child. So, if you are thinking about taking your kid to an escape room, here are the things you should know. 

What are Escape Room Games?  

So, let’s start with escape room games. What exactly are escape room games? Briefly, escape room games are live-action escape room experiences. In these games, you, along with your team (usually of 4-12 players), get locked inside a room.

You must discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks assigned according to the room scenario. You need to solve the riddles in order to escape the room within a stipulated time 9usually 60 minutes).  

Are Escape Room Games Kids Friendly? 

Most escape room games are kids friendly. Some escape room games are even designed exclusively for kids. Usually, escape rooms have an age restriction of 7 or above. Minors are accompanied by a guardian, or the guardian has to sign a cautionary waiver.

The escape rooms have different genres like horror, mystery, fantasy, etc. If you or your kid does not prefer a particular genre, they can just steer clear of them. 

As long as you research the difficulty level, the escape rooms won’t be a disappointing experience for your kid. 

Do you actually get locked in? 

Okay, so you don’t actually get locked inside a room. You volunteer yourself and enter an understanding with the game that you will not leave the room.

In case of emergencies, you can just walk away. If you or your child feel like leaving the game, they can forfeit and step out of the room. Although in case you are claustrophobic or have serious impediments, it is advised that you do not attempt this game. 

What is the time limit? 

Now you must escape the room within a time limit to win the game. Usually, the time limit is an hour, but depending on the type of game and the difficulty level, the time limit may increase.

The game begins when the game master starts the lock, and they will also signal the end of the win. This is a great time management exercise. 

How to form teams? 

So, escape room games are team games. You must form a team with a minimum number of players specified by a particular escape room. You can book your slot privately with your group of friends or play in a common game if the escape room allows it. In case you are a solo player, you can form a team with some other solo player. Escape games are great as a team-building exercise. 

How to play the escape game? 

The best way to play an escape game is to use your critical and creative thinking abilities to solve the puzzles. Understand the room layout, communicate well with others, and most importantly, think outside of the box. You will have your answer in the room itself. 

Tips To Help Your Kids Enjoy Escape Rooms

When looking for an Escape Room near you or calling an Escape Room a friend or family member recommended, keep in mind that the rooms may have a theme that is inappropriate for children.

Some Escape Rooms, for example, contain themes such as a gruesome zombie apocalypse, a jail or abandoned prison, and so forth. Other escape rooms don’t have any sort of theme! The more you know about the region you’ll be visiting, the more you’ll be able to prepare your group’s youngsters and adults.

Talk about Expectations

Children aren’t always as afraid of things as we think they are. A talk with a child or youngsters prior to an Escape Game is a terrific approach to set them up for success. Talking to your child about what an Escape Room is, what they’ll be doing in the time allotted, and telling them that they’ll be OK and safe will help calm any worries your child or children may be experiencing.

Explain why you’re going to your youngster. If there is a fun party planned, inform them of the friends or family members who will be joining them in the excitement. When kids know they’ll be surrounded by friends and family, they may become even more eager to join in the excitement.

You can have a pre-event talk or fifteen to twenty minutes before the game begins. On top of the chat you will have with your child, there will be a guide working with the Escape Room site who will tell you the rules and restrictions.

Expect Your Child To Need Direction

It is preferable to leave your youngster at home if managing them would be too difficult for you. What exactly do we mean? Perhaps this isn’t the game for them if you aren’t willing to go above and beyond instructing and explaining how to play while you are playing.

It’s unrealistic to think you’ll be able to bring your child and have them not participate. In this case, no one will come out on top. They will be delighted to assist you in your search or with puzzles and riddles, as long as you are willing to assist them throughout the process.

Make sure The Task Level Fits Their Skills

Expect your child to be undertaking some of the more sophisticated chores required to achieve the jobs that will follow later in the game unless he or she is some type of 10-year-old wizard who knows how to crack codes. Contrary to popular belief, there will not be any extremely difficult jobs, and most adults should be able to finish all of the portions, especially when working together.

Children, on the other hand, are highly inventive and skilled at finding and seeking stuff. Send your youngster to complete an age-appropriate work that will truly assist your group get to the result you need, which is a win, if this is a component of your game and seeking for hidden objects is very likely. Pattern recognition, number games, word searches, and spotting things with a dark light are all simple tasks for kids.

Have Fun!

Children are fantastic at having a good time! In fact, they are often far better at it than adults are. Escape games for kids can be a terrific opportunity to break free from the confines of adulthood and have some fun like a kid again! Don’t forget to give your child plenty of praise and allow them to take the lead if the work requires it.

Wrapping Up 

Escape room games are an exciting and thrilling experience your kids should not miss out on. Now that you have learned all you need to know about the escape room games for your kids, book a slot at your nearest escape room soon!

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