How To Organize A Playroom

How To Organize A Playroom

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Isn’t it always the case that even if the children have their own rooms, that the toys end up in the living room. Actually, in my family, the kids weren’t playing in their rooms with their toys, even when their rooms were dedicated play spaces!

Here are my top tips on how to organize a playroom as a mom of 3

Create A Reading Nook Tent

Now, this tent is super ambitious. I found it on the Thrifty and Chic Blog. It does tell you how to create it step by step, which is great. If DIY is your thing, this reading corner is a lovely addition to the playroom.

I really like that even if you ended up putting a reading corner into your living room, it won’t look out of place Find the DIY instructions for this tent here.

Reading Corner Tent

This is our reading nook, it’s pretty much the Ikea Cirkustalt Children’s Play Tent and the kids put their stuffed animals in there and read their little books during quiet time. It’s not as beautiful as the above DIY tent, but it sure works wonders for our needs.

DIY Bookshelves

Speaking of reading, bookshelves are a must have for kids rooms. Have you seen the Ikea spice rack bookshelf idea? I like it, BUT it doesn’t fit too many books into it and that doesn’t work for our little family of readers.

Books In Boxes

This is how we organize OUR Books. Now we had a bookshelf made from particle board and it held all of our books. However, the kids kept sitting on it and destroyed it! I mean, it pretty much shattered to bits and pieces. #Lifewithboys am I right?

Stuff Animal DIY Toy Hammock

I found this little gem in a website called Bowdenisms. This webpage goes through the step by step process to make this hammock. I mean…it’s so simple and such a good idea! Check it out if you want to DIY a hammock.

Stuffed Toy Net

This is the one we used to use, it worked really well but I didn’t love the holes in the walls when we took it down. Now our toys live in the Ikea tent that we use for our reading nook! But never the less, the jolly jumper hammock did us well for a few years and it secured many stuffed animals during its time with us.

Lego Storage Bins

I found this on Jennifers Little World and I truly believe it is the best system for Lego storage. I still have a little guy on my hands and we are just starting our lego collection but I can see it growing up to something like this one pretty fast.

I love how the manuals for the sets are right in the box so that the lego pieces don’t get all mixed up. Well in a perfect world the pieces would stay together, but in my world, they will end up mixed up very quickly.

Lego Storage For Small Collections

Now, this is what we use in our house. We have a small collection of lego so this works really well. I also like to store all the lego in the closet on the top shelf so that if lego is needed, lego can be used under supervision. I’m kind of strict when it comes to lego because I have a small toddler that still puts things in his mouth. Nevertheless, if you have a small lego collection this one is really good.

Lego Storage Bag

One more lego storage suggestion, only because I want this in my life, you know, for when the lego gets out of control. As much as it looks amazing to sort all the lego in little boxes on little shelves and be perfectly organized with manuals, it’s just not realistic for this family.

Colorful Toy Bins

This is what we use in our home for smaller toys such as cars, trucks and little action figures. It works well! The downside to this storage system is that the bins occasionally (daily) get dumped out and then the boxes are used as skates or hats or bins for filling up water… Nevertheless, I love the little storage boxes that I tidy up on a daily basis because they brighten up the room and make the storage system look fun and inviting.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of these storage ideas? I hope they were helpful! I know there are a lot of ideas out there, but the main reason I’m writing this in my point of view is that I like to bring light to the methods I use with my family to organize my home.

My home in not perfect by any means and I really want to get it even more organized but…life happens and money gets tight so I have to get creative with my storage solutions, not to mention decorating and meal planning.

I have so many tricks up my sleeve, I cannot wait to share them with you!

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