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Parents: How To Break Up With Your Cell Phone

Parents: How To Break Up With Your Cell Phone

My smartphone and I, like many others, have a love-hate relationship. It’s become an indispensable part of my daily routine, and I can’t imagine life without it. However, I despise the fact that I can’t live without it.

I’m pulled to it like a magnet when I get up, and I’ll pick it up and squander a good 15 minutes (or more) checking three separate emails and daily news headlines before I really start my day.

And I despise it.

In the last few years, I’ve gone from mainly ignoring my phone to feeling as if I need a 12-step program to break free from its grip on my life.

I’ll take it up out of the blue when waiting in line at school, watching my kids play at the park, or sitting at home with my kids trying to get my attention.

We check our phones between 80 and 150 times each day on aveanger. That’s a bananas situation.

While smartphone addiction isn’t ideal for anybody seeking to live a balanced and fulfilled life, it’s a major issue for parents. Because it makes it difficult for us to be attentive parents. It does harm to our children and obstructs our happiness.

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Cell Phones Threaten The Parent Child Relationship

According to research, parents who are distracted by their cellphones may hinder their children’s capacity to establish healthy emotional processes. That’s scary, isn’t it?!

Our attention is instantly distracted when our telephones buzz or ring. This is how we educate our children. Our children quickly detach from us when they hear a cell phone alert. They therefore frequently engage in disobedience in order to redirect our attention on themselves.

What happens next, though? Do we see our error and return our focus to our children? Or are we so preoccupied with our phones that we become impatient and irritable with our children–children who are practically begging for our love and attention?

So, how can we break free from our smartphone addiction and reclaim our lives while also nurturing our connections with our children?

Breaking Free From Cell Phone Addiction

Deactivate Push Notifications

Seriously, it’ll be OK. Everything can wait.

I used to receive push alerts from a news source, but I soon noticed that each alert was causing me to have panic attacks. Even in this age of technology, people got by fine without push alerts for a long time.

Purge Apps

Remove time-sucking games and social media programmes from your device. This is most likely the most painful step. A buddy of mine found it incredibly difficult to delete Candy Crush. However, removing it instantly made her life better.

If you have a habit of wasting time on your phone (as do the majority of people), I guarantee that this will drastically minimize your screen time.

I’ve never been a big fan of Facebook, yet I can’t stop myself from wasting 30 minutes on it doing absolutely nothing. I realized I was merely scrolling when I had free time. What a waste. I erased it and regained control of a significant portion of my life.

Create Phone Free Times

Find out when and where your problems occur. When and where are you most likely to tune out your children and immerse yourself in the small screen in your hands?

Keep It Out Of The Bedroom

Screens around bedtime might make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Get an actual alarm clock if you use your phone as an alarm but find yourself checking it late at night or first thing in the morning. They’re still made! This will improve (growth mindset) your sleep while also saving you time.

I use it as an alarm, but I am very strict about not looking at my device in the hour before bedtime and in the hour following my morning routine.


You don’t need your newsfeed to be crowded, and you don’t need negativity in your life. Keep your life simple and positive.


Get rid of your digital clutter and save a lot of time in the process.

Delay Looking At your Cell Phone

Looking at your phone first thing in the morning might waste valuable time. Having a phone-free morning ritual requires keeping your phone out of the bedroom.

Your Smart Phone Should Help You

It’s very conceivable that a smartphone will make no difference in your life. People have been quite prosperous and content for a long time without them.

However, I believe that some smartphone capabilities could be quite useful:


I don’t have a particularly good short-term memory. Many things pass my memory with deadlines, classes to teach, and four little children.

I use my phone calendar app on a regular basis to set reminders for things like deadlines, appointments, and when my kids get out of school early.


Lists on legal pads are one of my favourite things to do. The problem is that I have a dozen legal pads stashed about my house (oh yes, my husband loves it). Unless I store my information on my phone, it’s difficult to have it easily available.

So my phone is where I put my master grocery lists, to-do lists, and essential notes. It’s been a great time saving to have everything I need in one location. Wunderlist and Evernote are two of my favourite apps.


If you have things you need to look up such as times something is open or wait times in the emergency room, go for it! Use that phone. Looking up information is a perfect use for your cell phone.

Allowing your smartphone to get in the way of enjoying your children and making optimal use of your time is not a good idea. Allow your smartphone to serve as a tool for living well rather than a hindrance to happiness.

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