The Power Of The Rescuing Hug

Inside this post: The power of the rescuing hug during difficult moments is strong. We all know children are not awful, but sometimes they have difficult moments and it is our job as parents to help them through those times.

The Rescuing Hug

A rescuing hug is actually referred to babies who hug one another and end up “rescuing” the other.

While this article is about the power of hugs, it is more so about the parental hug we provide our children, which, in most situations is also a rescuing hug!

When kids are acting out, the best way to remedy the situation is to offer a hug. Even though the times that they throw in the “I hate you” sword into the conversation.

It is so simple, and yet so powerful. The power of a hug.

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A Little Story Of A Difficult Moment

Most school mornings in our home are organized and calm, read more about our morning routine here if you need some guidance.

However, there are a few mornings a year where my child wakes up grumpy, still tired, and just plain miserable. When that kind of mood strikes the house, there will be some power struggles, difficult moments, and even a little bit of yelling from all parties (hey I’m not perfect, but I try).

This one particular morning, my 5-year-old woke up super early and for some reason thought it was Saturday (it was a Tuesday) and proceeded to play video games (only allowed on weekends).

Of course, the sound of video games on a Tuesday morning woke me up I get out of bed (at 4 am 🙁 ) and proceed to take away video games and order my son back to bed. Not a calm mom moment in the slightest.

Reluctantly he did go back to bed, but it was time to wake up by 6:45, so there was not much more time to settle back to bed before waking up again. Naturally, I had a very cranky child who I needed to get off to school for 8 am.

There was arguing over EVERYTHING that day. The colour of the cup was wrong, the toothpaste was too “globby”, and worst of all, getting dressed was too much work.

I knew I needed to do something to set this day on a better course.

I went to his room and closed to door to keep out the rest of the family and I looked at him and said: “it’s ok to be upset this morning, you got a little confused and frankly mommy hasn’t been in the best mood since you woke up at 4 in the morning.” And then proceeded to give him a big bear hug.

Science Behind Hugs

Hugs Keep Kids Healthy

During a hug, the hormone Oxytocin is released. This hormone strengthens immune systems, therefore keeping your child healthy through the simple act of a hug.

Hugs Create Smarter Kids

science indicated that children need to have their senses stimulated in order to develop properly. The touch of a hug helps grow healthy and strong brains.
Studies also show that not all types of touch are beneficial for growth, only the gentle and nurturing touches such as hugs create a positive impact on brain development.

Basically: Cuddles are magic.

The Power Of The Rescuing Hug 2

Hugs Help Kids Grow

The act of hugging releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. This love hormone is spread through the body and helps stimulate growth within children. It also helps you bond emotionally during this simple physical act.

Hugs Can Stop Temper Tantrums

I am all about raising kids with gentle and positive parenting. Though a tantrum can trigger an angry response from a parent, providing isolation and resentment towards your child in such a difficult moment can damage your relationship and their development.

One of the best ways to stop a tantrum is through a big hug.

Hugs Can Help Kids Learn To Self- Regulate

Self-regulation is the power to regulate own emotions when triggered by something that would normally cause a reaction.

When children are offered a hug, they also learn how to regulate their emotions, especially if you communicate with them about the situation and how it was handled.

It’s really just a power that a positive touch has on children. It can melt away the stress that a child feels in a tough situation, which is why they were probably throwing that tantrum in the first place.

Hugs Help Create Bonds

When you hug your little one, especially in a difficult moment, you have a moment that creates a stronger bond each time you hug.

When you hug your child, you reassure them that they can trust you to always be there for them and provides that mental security that children need.

There is true power in hugs

Rescuing Hug Twins

Remember the story I started about my reluctant child who didn’t want to go to school?

During his difficult moment, we hugged it out for many minutes, and in silence, I took all of his stress away and gave him the power to change his attitude and get on with getting ready for school.

He was such a happy camper going off to school, you would have NEVER guessed he had such a rough morning.

That my friends is the power of a hug.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “Kids need you the most when they act the worst”.

Now you have the tools needed to calm down those angry kids when you know they need you the most.

Stay away from punishment, anger, yelling, isolation, and just give hugs.

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Elizabeth is a mom of 2 and has a passion for helping children reach their human potential. She enjoys helping parents raise confident and healthy kids by explaining how to handle situations using positive parenting.

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