Back To School Clothing Checklist

Sometimes we all need a little hand with making sure we have everything we need for the back to school season.

As busy moms who probably made sure to check all the boxes for the best summer ever, thinking about back to school could make your head spin.

This back to school clothing checklist will ease your troubles and help you do your back to school shopping worry free so you can get back to worrying about 101 other things on your never-ending to-do list. (Sorry for the reminder, I have the SAME list!)

this checklist comes in printable form so all you have to do is pick the boy or girl option, print it and take it with you to the store!

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Tips For Back To School Clothing Shopping

As a general rule of thumb, back to school clothing should consist of interchangeable and functional clothing that will fit into many school days. These items would be solid t-shirts, pants, leggings etc.

But don’t limit all of your clothing to functionality, grab some funky and stylish pieces as well. Encourage your child to pick some clothing that reflects their personality.

Having a balance of basics and trendy pieces of clothing in your child’s wardrobe will allow your child the freedom to make their own choice,s but also will make you as a parent, happy to know that they will be well dressed all year long.

If your child wears a uniform to school, you’ll probably want to grab a checklist from your school to stock up on appropriate socks, sweaters and hair accessories.

My favourite places to shop for kids clothing are Amazon, Old Navy, The Children’s Place and Carters / Osh Kosh Bgosh. As I am in Canada, we do not have Target but I bet I could find some awesome reasonably priced clothing there.

for the tween/teen stages you can venture out to Forever 21 and Aeropostale for good quality trendy back to school pieces.

You can always check out your local thrift store as well for a way to save money on your wardrobe this year.

Facebook marketplace is also a really good resource for second-hand clothing. You can often find a large bag of clothes from one household for a good price.

Back To School Clothing Essentials For Girls

  • Underwear (10-14 pairs)
  • Socks (10-14 Pairs)
  • Tights (2 Pair)
  • Bras (2-4)(Don’t Forget Sports Bras For Gym) 
  • Pants (7-8 Pairs)
  • Mid Length Skirt or Shorts or both (1 or 2)
  • Leggings (3-4 in Basic Colours: Navy, Black, Pink)
  • Tank Tops (3-4 Basic Colours)
  • Long Sleeve Tee (5-6)
  • T Shirts (8-10)
  • Sweaters (3-5)
  • Coat (1)
  • Winter Accessories (2 pair gloves, 1 scarf, 1 hat)
  • Winter Boots (1 Pair)
  • Shoes (3-5 Pair) ( Flats, Sneakers, Sandals)

Back To School Clothing Essentials For Boys

  • Underwear (10-14 pairs)
  • Socks (10-14 Pairs)
  • Pants (7-8 Pairs)
  • Gym Shorts (2 Pair)
  • Shorts (2 Pair)
  • T Shirts (8-10)
  • Long Sleeved Tees (5-6)
  • Sweaters (2-3)
  • Coat (1)
  • Sneakers (1-2 Pair)
  • Rain Boots (1 Pair)
  • Dress Shoes (1 Pair)

Give your children the freedom to create their outfits each school morning by providing some personality pieces to their wardrobe and stay in budget with these helpful shopping lists. Be sure to layer up the camisoles under any button up t-shirts for an extra layer on the cooler days and a pop of colour too.

Use your basic jeans to mix and match the new basic tees.

There are many benefits to having a basic wardrobe, one of them being less laundry for mom. #Winning

Join The Resource Library and get your FREE back to school clothing checklist so you can fill your children’s closets and get rid of the headaches of back to school shopping.

At least until they grow out of their clothes…

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