How To Teach Kids Self-Control

Is it possible to teach self-control? It is possible, according to studies. When we eliminate temptations and distractions from children’s lives and establish situations that promote self-control, they profit. Kids also want regular reminders to keep on track, as well as clear, actionable guidance on how to stay motivated, overcome difficulties, and stick to a goal. Here’s the backstory — […]

Fun Games To Teach Kids Self Regulation

How can we teach children self-control? The capacity to regulate one’s emotions and actions is referred to as self-regulation. Children do not have this capacity from birth, but it develops as they grow. These ten entertaining games can help children learn about impulse control and improve these abilities via play. If you’re locked inside, these games will come in handy. […]

How To Spot When Your Child Is Overwhelmed And Needs Help

Parents are the safety net for their children, especially when they are in a circumstance that makes them feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed, and out of place. We live in a time where we hear that children must do difficult things and confront obstacles on their own, yet circumstances in which adults and others make your child uncomfortable are the exception rather […]

Interacting with Your Toddler in Meaningful and Heartfelt Ways

My child sometimes seems to accompany me on errands rather than enjoyable trips to the Children’s Museum or playground. A hectic schedule and a large to-do list have been known to limit unbroken Mommy time where I can offer my kid my complete attention. The whirlwind of life; of taking care of three kids, walking the dogs, running a home, […]

Negative Language Harms Children – How Can We Improve Our Communication With Children?

Negative language has an influence on children; it causes them to be perplexed and disheartened as if they can’t accomplish anything properly. What is the solution? To achieve collaboration and maintain a pleasant connection, use positive words. Negative language has been studied to see how it affects children, including how much confusion it causes, the internal resistance it causes, and […]

What Positive Parenting Is Not

What does it mean to be a good parent? Positive parenting is for parents who wish to establish limits with their children in a polite and caring manner without breaking their spirits. Our children are guided on the correct road by gentle counsel and good discipline, rather than harsh consequences, screaming, or punitive punishment. Find out more about what Positive […]

How You Can Encourage a Growth Mindset in Kids

How to help children develop a development mentality rather than a fixed attitude. Teach children to believe in themselves and their talents, as well as to persevere in the face of failure and mistakes. There are nine important strategies to help youngsters establish a growth mindset and feel capable, enjoy their curiosity, gain independence, and develop tenacity. Fixed Mindset and […]

Using the Child Ego State To Connect

Do you employ this Positive Parenting Technique? Do you realize that the Child Ego State holds the key to a healthy relationship with your child? Use this positive parenting approach to reduce power conflicts and improve the quality of your parent-child relationship. Connect with your children by focusing on the Child Ego State of Personality rather than the Adult Ego […]

Toddler Discipline: 18-24 Months

Welcome to the thrill ride! The toddler years are full of wonderful milestones, but they’re also full of stressful parenting moments as your child challenges limits and battles with huge emotions. If you read our article on parenting styles, you know that authoritative parenting has been proven to be the gold standard over four decades of research. Here are a […]

Best Water Table For Kids

Something about a water table for kids appears to stimulate new levels of imagination and play in toddlers. If you’ve ever seen kids playing in puddles after it’s rained, you’ll understand why bringing the puddle to them is one of the most enjoyable things you can do for them. Water tables for kids are fantastic toys. Friends may come together […]

STEM Activities for Toddlers

Children, especially toddlers, are naturally drawn to STEM activities because they are inherently interested. Have you ever witnessed a toddler doing his or her own science experiment? When I say “toddler,” we’re referring to children aged 1-3. My recommendation for incorporating STEM activities for toddlers (or STEAM as we like to call it) is easy… Allow them to have fun. […]

Indoor Games to Improve Your Toddler’s Balance

Running after your toddler, stooping to get them up, bending back over to put them down, and utilizing your back muscles to support them when they’re performing their own version of walking are all everyday workouts if you have a toddler. For young toddlers to learn to walk and acquire other critical physical abilities, they must have good balance. Balance, […]

Toddler and Preschooler Road Trip Activities

Even the most daring parent will be put off by the idea of entertaining toddlers and preschoolers on a long car journey. Children can become agitated, complain excessively, drop items a million times, and refuse to nap. But here’s the deal, fellas. Practice and planning lead to great road trips with even the most rambunctious kids. The more you do […]

Characteristics of a Healthy Family

A strong and healthy parent-child relationship is an essential component of parenting. Regardless of its importance, maintaining a good relationship is rarely the major focus of daily life. What elements define a healthy family? For many generations, this question has been researched and observed. But what really constitutes a healthy family? Emotional intimacy? Spending time together? Let’s unpack some often […]