Dear Tired Momma

Dear Tired Mom

Dear momma just like me, 

Last night, my 4 year old decided to go to sleep without a fight. 

My 2 year old talked himself to sleep quietly. 

They slept all night.

What a relief! 

But does this mean I, Mom mom mom mom mommy, got to sleep all night too? buy viagra london boots NO!! 

Of course not, us mommas do not get the privilege to finally relax and put our thoughts on hold for a good nights rest. 

I woke up tired. SO TIRED! Wondering why its already morning and I feel like my day hasn’t ended since it started LAST WEEK.  

My kids woke up happy. 

“Morning mommy, the morning light is out”  (AWWE!   <3) 

My little angels, no idea just how tired mommy really is, asking for breakfast and planning the day while singing morning tunes together. 

I guess sometimes, it feels lonely to be supermom. To make the kids perfectly balanced breakfasts, getting them out the door perfectly dressed and in a good mood because as we all know,  a morning tantrum sets them up for a bad day. 

Sometimes being a super mommy means giving our home, our kids and our husbands everything we have and not leaving enough for ourselves. We could argue that yeah, that’s just motherhood, it’s our JOB. It’s what we HAVE to do to make life work. 

Yes its true, since the beginning of time moms have had to wake up with the kids, deal with money problems, teaching problems, health problems and so on. But even though we have always had to do these things, can we not celebrate our roles in society also? 

Just know that you are not alone. 

That mom you see in the grocery line, the momma at the park, the mom from preschool, she is likely just as tired. 

But for today, let’s celebrate you. The tired mom. The supermom. The mom who gets no sleep even when she tries. The never-get-a-break-so-you-hide-in-the-pantry-to-eat-chocolate mom. The new mom. 

Embrace your journey!  You’re amazing, brave, empowering. 

Keep doing what you’re doing. Sleep is overrated anyway. 

Celebrate YOU

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