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Dollar Store Hacks
Genius Dollar Store Organizing Hacks You Need To Know. Organize your entire home with just one trip to the dollar store! Declutter your home on a small budget.

Check out these genius Dollar Store organizing hacks. Organize your entire home with just one trip to the dollar store! Declutter your home on a small budget. . I love love love the dollar store in my city for getting my house organized. There are SO many cool things you can do with the super affordable stuff they have to offer. I really love how the price point is perfect for my frugal living lifestyle and I can get organized on a Loonie! Yes I am Canadian, we have loonies here. A Loonie is a $1 coin  🙂

I just love how you don’t need to have a lot of money to have an organized home and you can make anything pretty with a little DIY elbow grease. Now down below I found some awesome dollar store organization ideas and tutorials that’ll keep your home tidy. Let’s get organized!

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Storage Bins For The Freezer Drawer

Organize Your Freezer With Simple Plastic Bins

This is a great hack for your freezer, especially if you have little people stealing frozen waffles from your bottom drawer freezer! I don’t know about you, but my little ones, make a giant mess every time they get a’s like a warzone. If everything is neat and tidy, then the kids are likely able to find their snack without having to create extra chaos and make your to-do list even larger. You’ll have to do a little upkeep to keep it organized, but if you’re shopping once every few weeks that shouldn’t be too much of a problem because you’ll organize it when you put away your groceries…right?

Actually, Jessi, over at Practically Functional also has an inventory system for her freezer, it’s a pretty good read!

Glass Jars For Baking Ingredients

My Baking Cubby

You can use any old jars to organize your baking cubby, but the Dollar Store does have jars for you to purchase if you need them. I like to save as many glass and plastic jars as I can! I even reused an oatmeal box to store my boxes of mac and cheese and other pasta related items. I dream of decorating it so it's not an eyesore..but it's a little far down on the priority list.
*Hot tip: Grab a large plastic container for your flour and store your flour in the fridge. The high levels of natural oil in the flour will cause it to go rancid quickly if it's stored at room temperature. 

Organize Your Pantry

I've still got a little ways to go with organizing my pantry, I need a few more bins to hide the ugly. I've got all the cleaning products that I don't use (harsh chemicals) on my top shelf. I also have a small basket on the lower shelf that I fill with snacks for the kids to just grab during the day. If I put too many snacks in there, they will eat them all at once.

With the "Dream Pantry" Everything is so easy to see, reach find and use. Even after a grocery haul, you can pretty easily put everything back to its place. Also, I do believe an organized pantry like this can help you create your grocery list because you’ll know what’s missing pretty quickly. So this saves you time with meal planning, grocery putting away, taking groceries out to cook and bake with and just overall it looks fabulous.

This is fantastic. #PantryGoals

Pantry Goals

Organize Your Drawers

Drawer Organization

This drawer idea is fantastic! And do you see how you can implement this strategy throughout the kitchen, maybe in the living room with all the little remotes and things that clutter up the coffee table? This, right here, is a little piece of gold. Of course, it has to do with dollar store baskets, I can’t get enough of baskets. #basketsrule

Organize Your Outerwear Accessories

Winter Gear / Summer Wear Organization

I don't know about you, but with a long cold winter, we go through a lot of hats, gloves, and scarves in our home. These baskets are my saving grace to keep us from losing all of our winter gear. Of course things still get lost outside of the home or left in the vehicles, but at home, they generally stay safe and sound within their baskets every day. Same goes for summer wear! These baskets are used to keep sunscreen, summer "go" bag, hats and sunglasses too.

Tabletop Desk Organizer

Easy-to-Make Tabletop Desk Organizer

All you need is a few jars, some ribbon, and glue for this little craft project that keeps all your bits and bobs for the office organized. Visit here for the DIY instructions.

Organize The Gift Wrapping Supplies

Gift Wrapping Station

Well if you're anything like me and you have birthday party after party to attend on the weekends and always forget to wrap your gifts because you can never find anything...this is for you!
This is really simple to make. Grab some command hooks, a shower caddy and your favorite wrapping gear (don't forget the tape!) and hang it up on a wall that the children can't reach.

Family Command Center

Family Command Center

With just a few dollars you can create a beautiful family command center like this one! You really don't need many materials at all and this doesn't look cheap in any way. I have command center goals such as these ones but my kids are still a little bit mischievous for a glass jar of pencils within arms reach.


Are these organization hacks useful for your family? I really hope so!
Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

Great dollar store organization tips for organizaing a home on a budget. Dollar Store DIY Organization Ideas.

18 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Hacks | Home Organization

    1. I agree! Things get cluttered, especially if you have other people living in your home, the mess isn’t even in your control!

  1. Nice! I balk at organization partially bc i’m not naturally organized 🙂 and partially bc organization items are so expensive!! i need to check out my local dollar store!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing these amazing super affordable home organization hacks! I, personally, love going to the dollar store. I love the idea of walking around the store and just having to count up the items in my basket and know my exact cost before going to the register. For sure, going to try these hacks the next time I go to the dollar store!

    Kayla | Mommy Blogger | My Motherhood Made Easy

    1. You are super welcome Kayla. Thank YOU for leaving such a thoughtful comment! I am always the crazy lady stopped in the middle of the isle calculating the cost of the cart!

  3. I love the dollar store. They just opened a new one by us and I wander around and I never know what to buy. Everything looks like something I need. Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. I’ve been in such an organizing kick lately too! Love the ideas of organization bins for the freezer, it’s crazy how messy it can get in there.

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