Make Life Easier With These 6 Dollar Store Organization Hacks

dollar store organization
Dollar Store Organization Hacks

I love love love the dollar store in my city for getting my house organized. There are SO many cool things you can do with the super affordable stuff they have to offer. I really love how the price point is perfect for my frugal living lifestyle and I can get organized on a Loonie! Yes I am Canadian, we have loonies here. A Loonie is a $1 coin  🙂

I just love how you don’t need to have a lot of money to have an organized home and you can make anything pretty with a little DIY elbow grease. Now down below I found some awesome dollar store organization ideas and tutorials that’ll keep your home tidy. Let’s get organized!

Freezer Drawer Hack

chest freezer organization

Found from Practically Functional

This is a great hack for your freezer, especially if you you have little people stealing . frozen waffles from your bottom drawer freezer! I don’t know about you, but my little ones, make a giant mess every time they get a’s like a warzone. If everything is neat and tidy, such as the picture shows, then the kids are likely able to find their snack without having to create extra chaos and make your to do list even larger. You’ll have to do a little upkeep to keep it organized, but if you’re shopping once every few weeks that shouldn’t be too much of a problem because you’ll organize it when you put away your groceries…right?

Actually, Jessi, over at Practically Functional also has an inventory system for her freezer, it’s a pretty good read! Just do me a favor and finish reading my blog post before heading over to hers, it really helps my Domain Authority if you stick around.

Baking Cubby Chaos Controlled

my so called home

Found from My So Called Home- but the link was broken, so i’m having trouble giving credit to the photo owner

Well even without a direct link, this is one gorgeous cubby. All that’s missing is some marshmallows in the brown sugar jar – because marshmallows keep the brown sugar from getting hard. I suppose I have a lot more baking ingredients to add to this cubby but I have a pantry shelf dedicated to my baking goods, and it’s not as pretty. #pantryorganizationdreams Nonetheless, this is a beautiful starting point. Oh yeah, they have marshmallows at my local dollar store, so you can literally get EVERYTHING in you need from the dollar store for this project.

Pantry Makeover Maddness

pantry makeover nest for less

Found from How to Nest for Less 

Well what can I really say other than WOW! Everything is so easy to see, reach find and use. Even after a grocery haul, you can pretty easily put everything back to it’s place. Also I do believe an organized pantry like this can help you create your grocery list because you’ll know what’s missing pretty quickly. So this saves you time with meal planning, grocery putting away, taking groceries out to cook and bake with and just overall it looks fabulous. This is fantastic.

By the way, did you notice how the chocolate is stashed away at the top of the pantry, kind of hard to see… Yes, because a mom organized this pantry, and we know that us moms need to hide our goodies.

Office Drawer Organization

Organized-DrawerFound From I Heart Planners

This drawer idea is fantastic! And do you see how you can implement this strategy throughout the kitchen, maybe in the living room with all the little remotes and things that clutter up the coffee table? This, right here, is a little piece of gold. Ofcourse it has to do with dollar store baskets, i can’t get enough of baskets. #basketsrule

My husband, hates my baskets. Apparantly they are a waste of money, but honestly? The whole reason he can find his winter hat and gloves in the morning without wasting time running around the house? BASKETS. I’m telling you. #thebasketlife is awesome.

Under The Sink


Found At Prudent Penny Pincher

I love this. I can honestly tell you my under the sink cabinet looks nothing like this. Well, maybe once a year when I actually organize it. But the bar she hangs the bottles onto is quite extraordinary. I gather all my bottles in a big ice cream bucket, but it is not as effective as this strategy. Also I keep my paper towel on the kitchen counter at all times, you know..#momlife. What about you? Where do you keep your papertowel?

Organize Them Rolls

roll organizer

Found At Prudent Penny Pincher

This is hands down my favorite method of organizing the kitchen rolls. Everything from wax paper to aluminum foil. I use this method and I even store my boxes of ziplock bags in one of these. I don’t love hanging things on my wall and this container i can just place into the pantry. Just perfect.

Spice Rack Extraordinaire


Found at A Cultivated Nest

So this spice rack will take a little time to prepare and create but boy is it creative! I personally have the Ikea spice rack with the ikea jars and I’m not loving the current system. This spice rack is divine! #Gottagetthisgoingnow

How To Make This spice Rack Here

I hope you enjoyed this roundup posts of my favorite dollar store organization hacks. I use dollar store items to try to organize my home, and i usually succeed until the following month where everything falls apart and i never put it back together.

Loong sentence, long story. I try to stay organized, I really do. But I’m not the only person living in my home. For now, I’ll continue to be the tired mom supermom I am 🙂

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    1. I agree! Things get cluttered, especially if you have other people living in your home, the mess isn’t even in your control!

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