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So you want to know how to make money as a stay-at-home mom.

I’ve been there!

Here’s my story.

When I started THIS particular blog, I was working full time and decided to write about the struggles of parenting while being a working parent.

Since this time I have become a stay at home momma and finances became super tight. We were literally selling everything we could find of value in our home for chump change. We’ve never been super rich and our housewares are not super amazing quality.

Not to mention I have 2 small boys who destroy everything in sight.

So selling “junk” for money was not super successful.

But I did find some other ways to make some money to make ends meet.

Are you ready?

  1. Start a blog - You may find it to be somewhat scary at first, but I promise you, this is an amazing way to create an income. Blogging is not very expensive to start. I was so broke, that I couldn’t afford the yearly hosting and domain packages from any provider. But I did find that GoDaddy had monthly plans and I was able to grab a domain for $3.99 a month and hosting for $8 a month. Not ideal, since It is cheaper to buy hosting and domain on a yearly basis but that just wasn’t a reality for me. You’ll be happy to know I was able to upgrade the hosting plan with GoDaddy within my first month of blogging and paid for the year up front. You can also make money with a free wordpress.com blog like this one, but it can be a little bit tougher to get it off the ground.
  1.  Offer a Gig On Fiverr – You can monetize any skill on Fiverr. It’s amazing really. Write articles, create Pinterest Graphics, run Facebook ads, find SEO keywords, complete virtual assistant tasks, ect. The sky is really the limit on Fiverr. Pick a skill you are good at and create a killer profile and start making money today. It does take a little while to get paid out, so it’s not instant gratification but how nice is it to cash out $500 in 2 weeks from today, doing simple tasks that didn’t take much of your time because you’re THAT good at them. I personally designed websites (As this is my background) and made a couple of thousand dollars my first month on Fiverr. I since stopped Fiverr because I don't have time with the blog and the kids, but it is an honest source of income.
  2.  Transcribe audio files – You can make as much as $15 an hour starting pay. The job is listening to audio files and typing them out. It’s pretty basic, but you do have to follow the guidelines laid out in order to succeed. Some of my favorite transcription sites are:Rev, TranscribeMe, and  Transcribe Anywhere.
  3. Website Testing – I love this way of making money. This takes some quiet to complete, however, so this is not something you can do while the kids are awake. At least not in my house. But you navigate a website they provide and speak your mind as to what you are seeing. It is SO basic, and it pays $10 per review. each review takes about 15-20 minutes which means you can make $30 an hour. I use User Testing for this.
  4. Surveys – I know what you’re thinking. Surveys are chump change and aren’t even worth the time. WRONG.
    Ok some survey sites are crappy and you make literally pennies per survey, but I avoid those ones!
    Here is my list of the best paying survey sites that I use: Legerweb (MY FAVORITE!), SurveyJunkieAngus Reid Forum. I make about $20 a week wit Legerweb with less than 5 minutes per day of effort.
  5. Driving Uber- If you have 2 hours a day like I do, where I don’t quite have enough time to go home and do anything productive, be an Uber driver for that short time. It’s pretty to set up a profile and you can choose who your customers are.
  6. Driving For Skip The Dishes –  This one is simple too. My hubby is a big advocate for this because now that Marijuana is legal in Canada, more people are staying in at night and getting those munchies.
  7. Selling on Etsy – Did you know you can pretty much sell anything you make on Etsy? Ok so you may not know how to knit beautiful scarves or refurbish furniture, and that’s ok. You can create printables using free software such as Canva and sell them on Etsy. Even better if you’re crafty and can sell physical products, but it’s really nice to sell products that don’t require shipping!
  8. Find Work From Home jobs on Indeed.ca (in Canada) – Yes it’s true. There are companies, hiring stay at home mom’s to work full time or part time from home doing Virtual assistant tasks, managing social media accounts and even accounting duties.

What do you think of these ways to make money for moms?

Do you have any to add to the list? Let’s keep this going!

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