The Best Summer Bucket List for Kids: 56 Awesome Ideas

The Best Summer Bucket List for Kids: 56 Awesome Ideas 2

Summer is my absolute favourite time of year. The kids are home all day long and we have so many things we want to do!

In order to have the best summer ever, we try to have a list of things we want to make sure we do before school starts up again.

Summer season goes by too fast, it’s like we blink and it’s back to school. I guess it’s because our days are so busy and we have so many things to accomplish. I find the busier we are, the faster time flies.

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The Purpose Of A Bucket List

A bucket list is simply a list of activities or goals that you want to accomplish in a set time frame. People create bucket lists for all sorts of occasions, more popular ones being before the end of life or the travel around the world lists. Most of the time, a bucket list is just a list of goals you want to accomplish in life.

But who says bucket lists need to be long term or complicated? No me!

Have a blast this summer and check off your list day by day until you’ve had the best summer ever and did all the things you wanted to do.

Generally our bucket list is nice and short, and very relaxed.

Due to the ages of my kids right now, we like to keep things super simple and play our days by ear.

Some of our favourite bucket list items are to hit up brand new play parks that we have never been to, see how many hot days we can spend splashing around at different splash parks in the area and most of all we want to make sure we never waste a day sitting around.

Bucket List Ideas

  1. Camping
  2. Backyard Camping
  3. Build A Fort
  4. Fly Kites
  5. Have A Watergun Fight
  6. Have A Water Balloon Fight
  7. Find A Fair
  8. Visit The Farmers Markets
  9. Attempt To Plant Something In The Garden
  10. Go For A Nature Walk
  11. Splash At The Beach
  12. Eat Too Much Ice Cream
  13. Ride Bikes And Go Rollerblading
  14. Watch Movie Outside With Friends
  15. Gaze At The Stars
  16. Watch Summer Storms (#ABStorm)
  17. Catch Fireworks
  18. Learn Hopscotch
  19. JumpRope
  20. Run Through Sprinkler
  21. Find A Garage Sale
  22. Berry Picking
  23. Play Frisbee
  24. Pass Ball With Family In Large Field
  25. Go Wildflower Picking (Bonus If You Can Use It At Home In A Tea or Something!)
  26. Catch Bugs
  27. Try To Catch Frogs
  28. Go To Mini Golf
  29. Try The Slip N Slide
  30. Swim In Outdoor Pool
  31. Go To A River And Collect Rocks
  32. Jump In Puddles
  33. Go To The Zoo
  34. Go To The Lake
  35. Do Lots Of Summer Crafts
  36. Bake Cookies
  37. Blend Smoothies
  38. Create DIY Popsicles
  39. Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast (Banana Ice Cream Is Our Favorite)
  40. Keep Reading Daily
  41. Visit The Library
  42. Climb A Tree
  43. Visit The Petting Zoo
  44. Hang A Bird Feeder In The Backyard
  45. Design A Backyard Obstacle Course
  46. Create Large Bubbles With Different Materials
  47. Have Late Night Bubble Baths
  48. Roast Marshmallows and Hot Dogs
  49. Go To An Amusement Park
  50. Attend A Parade
  51. Take A Road Trip
  52. Feed The Ducks
  53. Have A BBQ With Friends
  54. Watch The Sun Set (or Rise)
  55. Get Ice Cream For The Ice Cream Truck
  56. Volunteer At SPCA

Your Summer With Kids

Summer is full of possibilities, that is why I love it so much. There are so many things to see and do and I think honestly I am more excited than my kids when it comes to keeping busy in the Summer.

Are you going to create your own bucket list?

Pick 25 things you really want to do this summer and write them down.


Go Do them!

Have so much fun.

Happy summer!

Elizabeth is a mom of 2 and has a passion for helping children reach their human potential. She enjoys helping parents raise confident and healthy kids by explaining how to handle situations using positive parenting.

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