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5 Best Dirt Bikes For 14 Year Olds

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As a mom of three energetic kids, I know firsthand the struggle of finding products that withstand the tests of time – especially when it comes to those adventurous dirt bikes!

Your 14-year-old is probably craving a taste of freedom and adrenaline. That’s why I’ve put together a guide to the best dirt bikes for 14-year-olds, combining my personal experience with a passion for quality and safety.

Join me as we explore durable options that promise not only endless fun but also peace of mind knowing you’re investing in something that lasts.

Best Dirt Bikes For Young Teens

Yamaha YZ125

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When it comes to choosing the best dirt bike for 14-year-olds, the Yamaha YZ125 stands out as a stellar option that encapsulates a perfect blend of power, safety, and performance. With its 125cc two-stroke engine, the YZ125 strikes an ideal balance for young riders stepping into the dirt biking world.

Safety is paramount, and the YZ125 incorporates features like a low center of gravity, making it manageable for riders of varying skill levels and ensuring a comfortable ride on rough terrains. The automatic clutch takes the worry out of manual gear shifting, allowing beginners to focus on building their riding skills.

This bike’s power-to-weight ratio provides an exciting experience without overwhelming younger riders, while the manual transmission offers a gradual learning curve for those transitioning from smaller bikes. The YZ125’s responsive throttle control empowers riders to master speed gradually, fostering confidence in handling the bike.

Equipped with excellent suspension, front disc brakes, and a rear wheel that tackles varied terrains with ease, the Yamaha YZ125 promotes stability and control. Its ergonomic design, combined with a low seat height and the ability to adjust the bike’s size to fit the rider’s age and height, ensures a proper fit for the younger generation.

Investing in the Yamaha YZ125 isn’t just about getting a dirt bike; it’s about making a wise choice that guarantees durability, performance, and even potential resale value. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best dirt bike that caters to 14-year-olds, this Yamaha model could be the perfect bike to kickstart your young rider’s dirt biking journey on the right track.

Apollo DB-X18 125CC Dirt Bike

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The Apollo DB-X18 125CC Dirt Bike is the ultimate choice for young teens venturing into the thrilling world of dirt bike riding. With its 125cc engine, this bike strikes a balance between power and control, making it an ideal fit for riders stepping up from beginner bikes.

Designed to ensure a safe and exhilarating experience, the Apollo DB-X18 boasts features like dual suspension and excellent ground clearance, enabling riders to conquer rough terrains with ease. Its automatic transmission system simplifies gear shifting, perfect for riders building their skills.

Equipped with a reliable electric starter and powerful front disc brake, this dirt bike offers a seamless start and efficient stopping power, promoting confidence and safety for young riders. The adjustable size and ergonomic design guarantee a good fit for riders of various heights and skill levels, eliminating any discomfort during long rides.

The Apollo DB-X18 is not just about power; it’s also about precision. The bike’s responsive handling and smooth ride make it an excellent choice for those seeking both adventure and control. Whether your teen is hitting the trails or exploring motocross tracks, this bike’s versatility ensures a memorable ride every time.

Investing in the Apollo DB-X18 means investing in quality and performance. Designed to accommodate riders within a certain age range, this bike provides an excellent foundation for skill development while ensuring safety. If you’re in search of the perfect dirt bike to introduce your young teen to the world of off-road excitement, the Apollo DB-X18 125CC Dirt Bike is the ideal choice that checks all the boxes.

Razor MX350

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When it comes to introducing your 14-year-old to the exhilarating world of dirt biking, the Razor MX350 emerges as an excellent choice that offers the perfect balance of excitement and safety. Tailored to young riders, this electric dirt bike delivers a remarkable experience that fosters skill development and confidence.

The Razor MX350’s electric engine ensures a beginner-friendly start, eliminating the need for kick-starting or complex gear shifts. This makes it an ideal pick for those taking their first strides into dirt biking. Its manageable size and weight make it easy for younger riders to handle, while the adjustable handlebars accommodate various heights and ensure a comfortable grip.

Safety remains a paramount concern, and the Razor MX350 takes it seriously. With a maximum speed that’s suitable for novice riders, parents can rest easy knowing their teens are riding at manageable velocities. The bike’s drum brakes provide reliable stopping power, while its sturdy build stands up to the rigors of off-road exploration.

The MX350 is a gateway to instilling a love for dirt biking in your teenager, without overwhelming them with excessive power. Its smooth handling and the ability to navigate various terrains make it an exceptional choice for developing riding skills. Whether your teen is seeking adventure on trails or open fields, this dirt bike’s size, suspension, and traction are well-suited to handling different surfaces.

By choosing the Razor MX350, you’re giving your 14-year-old a fantastic opportunity to learn the ropes of dirt bike riding in a safe and controlled manner. As you embark on this journey together, you can trust the MX350 to provide a thrilling yet secure introduction to the world of off-road exploration, making it a top pick for young riders.

TaoTao DB17 125 CC Dirt Bike

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For the young adventurers seeking an entry into the realm of dirt biking, the TaoTao DB17 125 CC Dirt Bike is an outstanding choice that blends power, safety, and excitement. Designed with budding riders in mind, this dirt bike is an ideal stepping stone into the world of off-road exploration.

With its 125cc engine, the TaoTao DB17 provides the perfect balance of power and control, catering to various skill levels while ensuring a manageable experience for 14-year-olds. Its manageable engine size strikes a chord between exhilaration and ease, making it a fantastic choice for beginners.

Safety is paramount, especially for young riders, and the TaoTao DB17 shines in this department. Equipped with appropriate size and suspension, it’s well-prepared to tackle rough terrains and offer a comfortable ride. The adjustable height and comfortable seating ensure that riders of different sizes can confidently maneuver the bike.

Navigating the learning curve is made smoother with the DB17’s manual transmission, which enables riders to develop their skills gradually. Its kick-start feature adds an element of classic charm, fostering a deeper connection between the rider and the bike.

The TaoTao DB17 boasts a sturdy build that can withstand the adventures of young riders. Its reliable braking system offers excellent stopping power, enhancing safety on diverse terrains. Whether your 14-year-old aspires to conquer trails or open fields, this dirt bike’s suspension, wheel size, and traction are well-suited to handle different surfaces with ease.

By selecting the TaoTao DB17 125 CC Dirt Bike, you’re providing your young rider with an opportunity to embark on an exciting journey, building confidence and skills along the way. This bike is not just a vehicle; it’s a companion that fosters a love for adventure and exploration, making it one of the top choices for young teens venturing into the world of off-road biking.

X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike

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For the young daredevils yearning for a taste of true off-road power, the X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike stands as an exceptional choice, bridging the gap between performance and safety. This bike is tailored for riders seeking to step up their game, making it an exciting yet responsible choice for 14-year-olds.

With its robust 250cc engine, the X-PRO Titan packs a punch that caters to growing skill levels. It’s the perfect introduction to more powerful bikes, offering an exhilarating ride while ensuring a manageable experience for young riders. Its engine size strikes the right balance between excitement and control.

Safety is paramount, especially for young riders venturing into the world of higher power. The X-PRO Titan addresses this with appropriate size, suspension, and braking system. Designed to handle rough terrains, its sturdy build and capable suspension provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

The X-PRO Titan’s manual transmission system empowers riders to embrace the challenge of learning to control their machine. Its kick-start feature adds a touch of authenticity, harkening back to the classic dirt bike experience. The bike’s responsive handling and well-engineered components ensure a ride that’s both thrilling and secure.

Whether it’s navigating trails or open landscapes, the X-PRO Titan’s substantial power, larger wheel size, and superior suspension offer the ideal blend of control and adventure. While its power is substantial, the bike’s design allows riders to enjoy its capabilities in a responsible manner.

Selecting the X-PRO Titan 250cc Dirt Bike means not just choosing a vehicle, but investing in a powerful companion that promotes skill growth and encourages responsible riding. If your 14-year-old is ready to take the next step in their dirt biking journey, this bike is an excellent choice that strikes the perfect balance between performance and safety.

When Can You Introduce Kids To Dirt Bikes?

Introducing kids to dirt bikes can be a thrilling journey. From tiny electric dirt bikes like Razor MX to kid-friendly options like Honda CRF and Yamaha TT-R, the best time is usually when a child displays the right skill level, responsibility, and understanding of safety.

Age-wise, around 6 to 8-year-olds can start with smaller bikes, while older kids can progress to models like Kawasaki KLX or Honda XR.

Matching the bike size to the child’s height and ensuring proper safety gear is essential. Start slow on flat terrains, with a focus on safety and fun, making each ride a memorable adventure.

Child’s AgeChild’s HeightRecommended Engine Size
3-6 yearsUnder 3’3″50cc
6-9 years3’3″ – 4’4″50cc – 70cc
9-12 years4’4″ – 5’0″70cc – 110cc
12+ yearsOver 5’0″110cc and above

What Gear Do Kids Need For Dirt Biking

When gearing up kids for dirt biking adventures, ensuring their safety and comfort is paramount. Here’s a list of essential accessories:

  1. Helmet: A properly fitting helmet is a must to protect their head from potential injuries.
  2. Goggles: Goggles shield their eyes from dirt, debris, and insects while providing clear vision on the trail.
  3. Gloves: Gloves offer better grip on the handlebars and protect their hands in case of falls.
  4. Riding Boots: Sturdy riding boots with ankle support shield their feet and ankles from impacts and debris.
  5. Protective Gear: Knee and elbow pads, along with body armor, provide added protection.
  6. Riding Gear: Comfortable riding pants and jersey help protect their skin and keep them cool.
  7. Neck Brace: For added neck protection, especially when riding on challenging terrains.
  8. Chest Protector: Shields the chest and back from impacts and debris.
  9. Hydration Pack: Keeps them hydrated during rides without needing to stop.
  10. Tool Kit: Basic tools for minor adjustments and repairs while on the trail.
  11. Bike Stand: Makes maintenance and cleaning easier.
  12. Riding Backpack: To carry essentials like water, snacks, first aid kit, and tools.
  13. Communication Device: For kids venturing out alone or in groups, walkie-talkies can be helpful.
  14. Tire Repair Kit: Essential for handling flat tires.
  15. Trail Map and GPS: For navigating new terrains safely.
  16. Ear Protection: To dampen noise from the engine and wind.
  17. Rain Gear: Just in case the weather takes an unexpected turn.
  18. Extra Clothing: A change of clothes for after the ride.
  19. First Aid Kit: Essential for treating minor injuries on the trail.
  20. Tow Strap: In case their bike needs a little help to get back on track.

Different Types Of Dirt Bikes For Kids

When considering the right dirt bike for kids, it’s important to factor in their age, experience level, and the type of riding they’ll be doing. Here are various types of dirt bikes tailored for young riders:

  1. Mini Dirt Bikes (50cc to 110cc): These are perfect first dirt bikes for kids as young as 4 years old. They offer manageable power, kick-start options, and smaller sizes to fit young riders comfortably. Training wheels are often available for added stability.
  2. Electric Dirt Bikes: Ideal for beginners, these bikes offer quiet operation, instant torque, and are often smaller in size. They are a great choice for introducing young kids to riding and building confidence.
  3. Trail Dirt Bikes (70cc to 125cc): These bikes are designed for off-road trails and recreational riding. They provide a good balance of power and control, making them suitable for beginners and young riders looking for a fun and safe experience.
  4. Motocross Bikes (50cc to 125cc): For kids interested in racing or more aggressive riding, motocross bikes offer higher performance. They’re designed with more suspension travel, powerful engines, and are built for tracks and jumps.
  5. Play Bikes (70cc to 125cc): Play bikes are versatile options, ideal for beginners exploring a mix of terrains. They’re user-friendly, with manageable power and comfortable features.
  6. Youth Enduro Bikes (50cc to 125cc): Enduro bikes are designed for longer rides and tougher terrains. They offer a mix of off-road capability and comfortable features, making them great for young riders interested in adventure.
  7. Kids’ Race Bikes (50cc to 85cc): These are high-performance options for young riders interested in racing. They offer advanced features, maximum power, and are suitable for more experienced riders.
  8. Small Motocross Bikes (70cc to 110cc): Bridging the gap between play bikes and full motocross models, these offer a taste of racing without the extreme power.
  9. Youth Pit Bikes (50cc to 110cc): Smaller versions of regular dirt bikes, pit bikes are versatile and can be used for fun riding, stunts, and even learning basic mechanics.
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Do Dirt Bikes Need Gas?

Yes, most dirt bikes require gasoline to operate. They are powered by internal combustion engines that run on a mixture of gasoline and oil. The engine’s fuel system combines the gasoline with air, and the mixture is ignited within the engine to produce power, which drives the bike’s wheels. However, there is a growing trend towards electric dirt bikes that run on batteries and don’t require gasoline. These electric dirt bikes are becoming more popular for their quiet operation and environmentally friendly nature.

Can a 14 year old legally ride a dirt bike?

The legality of a 14-year-old riding a dirt bike varies depending on the jurisdiction and local laws. In many places, 14-year-olds can legally ride dirt bikes, but there are usually regulations and requirements in place. These might include:

  1. Licensing or Permits: Some areas require a specific license or permit to operate a dirt bike, even if it’s off-road. Check local motor vehicle departments for specific requirements.
  2. Supervision: In certain places, younger riders might need to be supervised by a licensed adult while riding a dirt bike.
  3. Safety Gear: Helmets and other safety gear might be legally required for riders of all ages.
  4. Location: There might be restrictions on where dirt bikes can be ridden, such as designated off-road areas or private property with permission.
  5. Engine Size: Regulations might vary based on the engine size of the dirt bike. Smaller engine sizes could have fewer restrictions for younger riders.
  6. Training: Some regions require completion of a safety or training course before young riders can legally operate dirt bikes.

Always check with local authorities or motor vehicle departments to understand the specific laws and regulations regarding dirt bike riding for 14-year-olds in your area. It’s important to prioritize safety and legality when introducing young riders to dirt biking.

Bottom Line

Introducing kids as young as 6 or 7 to their first dirt bike can be a great way to foster a lifelong love for off-road adventures. Opting for kids’ dirt bikes with smaller engine sizes, typically 50cc to 110cc, is a good idea, as these models offer manageable power levels for beginners.

These bikes often feature kick-start options, making them accessible for youngsters. Size matters too; ensuring the right fit is crucial to a young rider’s comfort and safety.

Honda and Kawasaki offer some of the best choices in this category, known for their quality and reliability. While top speeds may be lower, it’s more about building skills at a young age. Safety features like rear brakes and proper safety gear are essential.

As they grow and gain experience, they can progress to higher-powered bikes, but starting small is the perfect choice. Whether it’s navigating high-speed trails or tackling rough terrains, providing the right type of dirt bike for a beginner rider is the ultimate guide to ensuring a fun and safe riding experience.

Choosing the right dirt bike for young riders can be a tough decision, but it’s the first step towards an exciting journey. For kids aged 10 and above, opting for cheap dirt bikes with engine sizes ranging from 70cc to 110cc can be the best way to introduce them to the world of off-road riding.

These smaller bikes provide just the right amount of power for beginners, ensuring a safe and controlled experience. Electric bikes are also a great choice for their ease of use and quiet operation.

Finding the best bike involves considering factors like the rider’s age, size, and skill level, as well as the type of terrain they’ll be tackling.

Bikes like Honda and Kawasaki models offer a variety of options, and choosing the right size and engine type is crucial.

Remember, whether it’s for fun on the trails or some high-speed excitement, picking the perfect dirt bike is the key to sparking a lifelong passion for motocross and adventure.

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