58 Funny Facts About Being A Boy Parent 1

58 Funny Facts About Being A Boy Parent

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Are you expecting a boy? Fasten your seat belts! Here are facts about being a boy parent that you should be aware of.

As a mom of two boys and one girl, I can definitely say that being a boy parent is a unique experience. From the constant messes to the never-ending energy, there are certainly some challenges that come with raising boys.

But there are also a lot of hilarious moments that make it all worth it. And one thing that has helped me navigate the ups and downs of parenting is a good sense of humor.

Whether it’s finding the funny side of a frustrating situation or just being able to laugh at the absurdity of it all, humor can be a powerful tool for getting through the tough times.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing some funny facts about being a boy parent that I’ve learned firsthand.

58 Funny Facts About Being A Boy Parent 2

Things You Need To Know About Raising A Boy

Your Days Are Never Boring

Something is always going on. If you don’t arrange an activity for them, they will create one on their own. You may or may not have a heart attack when you realize how they choose to occupy themselves.

Blood and Broken Bones Could Be Common

Boys are harsh on each other. They like to climb. They get thrown off of objects. Make sure you have enough of bandages and disinfectant cream on hand.

They Adore Momma

Your sons see you as the centre of their world. You are their first and only love. They truly believe you know everything until you reach a certain age. This does not necessarily imply that they will pay attention to anything you say.

They Can Be Disgusting

You’ll wonder, “Did you wash your hands?” more times during the day than you think about coffee And if you have many sons, this five-word sentence will consume half of your daily word bandwidth. And what about showers? What kind of showers? Prepare to hear the words, “Can I just go run in the rain and call it a day?” And more inventive methods for avoiding showers.

Wrestling, Lots Of It

They’re going to wrestle each other. They are going to wrestle with Daddy. They’ll battle with the enormous teddy bear they received for Christmas. They will happily wrestle with you as well.

They Like To Tackle

Boys adore their mothers. They are also powerful. They may catch you off guard with tackle hugs that put you down on your back. You must keep your eyes in the back of your head to see it coming and to fall softly.

You Might Want To Remove Breakable Decor

Balls (and other bouncing and flying items) magically end up indoors when you’re parenting boys, no matter how many times you say “No balls in the home.” Put aside all of your lovely, breakable home décor for a few years to conserve it. For a while, you may have to accept home décor simplicity.

You Might Want To Rethink Light Colored Furniture

If you have white sofas in your home, kiss them goodbye since they won’t last long.

They Will Often Touch Their Private Parts

Be ready when your infant boy discovers his wee-wee. He might be able to pull it off. You’ll have to think outside the box to capture his attention on something more interesting. This will be difficult. Because newborn boys enjoy dangling objects.

Getting Dressed Can Be Tough

You may need to come up with persuasive arguments to convince your toddler boy that people need to wear trousers to go to the park.

Burping And Farting

Boys are captivated by the phenomenon of expending excess bodily air. If they don’t have any natural air to expel, they’ll create farting and burping sounds in other ways. Prepare ahead of time.

The Mess

Boys enjoy making messes and getting dirty. Baths and showers on a daily basis (often many times each day) will be your best buddy.

The Smell

Every male mom recognizes the time when their newborn boy’s lovely baby scent turns disturbingly like mud and wet birds.


Hide all the extra soap, whether it’s in the bathtub, the shower, or the kitchen sink. Otherwise, you’ll have no soap and a bubbling tower.


No matter how many times you teach males how to aim, they will always miss the target. You may have to put your foot down and demand that everyone in the home take a seat before doing their business. This home rule will save you hours of cleaning time as well as bottles of cleaning products.


Your washer and dryer will come in handy. Probably on a daily basis. Perhaps more than once every day. You might want to teach your boy to put clean clothes back into the dresser to try and reduce the number of clothes to wash…but most likely the clothes will be too dirty for that. 

Safe and Fun

You’ll try and try, but you might never hit the right combination of safe and enjoyable.

Grey Hairs For You

If you raise males, don’t be shocked if they get grey hair or two by the age of forty. Alternatively, thirty. Life with boys provides variety, especially in terms of hair color.

Cuddles And Sweetness

Boys are adorable. Boys, contrary to common perception, enjoy a nice cuddle. It’s probable because they attempt to pull away and just offer you a brief embrace after a certain age, but if you’re always eager to give him a hug and a kiss when he’s ready, he’ll come around in no time.

You’ll Get Flowers

When you go for a stroll, your young son will go into the bushes and return with a flower for mother. Never turn down those roses. Even if they are teeming with crawling critters.

They Take Risks

Boys have an interpreter in their minds that translates the word “risk” into “fun.” “You say it’s dangerous? Let’s do it! It seems like a lot of fun!”

Legos Hurt

The house slippers come to the rescue! If you’ve ever walked on a Lego with your bare foot, you understand the excruciating pain. Wear slippers throughout the home to save yourself. Alternatively, get rid of the Legos. It’s up to you.

Look For Things In Uncommon Places

Have you misplaced your supply of double-A batteries? Examine the area beneath the couch cushions. Can’t seem to locate scissors anywhere? Examine the insides of the shoes. Can’t seem to find the dish soap? Look in the back yard; your lads may or may not have used it to wash some rocks.

The Action

Boys are very active. They are always on the move. They are always doing something new and exciting. You’ll have your hands full.

The Noise

Little boys, as much as you wish they did, do not have volume controls. When you’re a boy parent, noise is unavoidable.

The Fighting

They quarrel with one other, but it doesn’t take long for them to become best friends again. The brotherly relationship is genuine.

The Laughter

Boys are entertaining; they enjoy laughing and are amused when you laugh.

The Swords And Guns

No matter how hard you try to keep toy weapons out of boys’ hands, they will nonetheless build guns out of legos and swords out of sticks. This does not imply that they are violent. It denotes that they are males.


They may argue with one another, but when an outsider targets one of their own, they will defend their brother. They will also defend you if the need arises.

The Energy

You’ll wish you had half their enthusiasm.


Ripped trousers and shirts are commonplace.

They Will Wear The Same Clothes All Week.

And it’s not the attire you’d choose for them. They might wear different clothes for a minute, but they will change back into their favorite thing and throw their barely worn outfit into the laundry.

They Don’t Care about Appearance

They’d rather be at ease. And good luck getting that hair tamed in time for photo day

Out Of Season Clothes

Shorts are always their first option in the cold. And pants in the summer heat… doesn’t make sense!


You name it: farts, dead bugs, rocks, and so on. They can have a lengthy discussion about boy issues that you never thought need more than a word or two.

The Toy Cars

Your new house decor will include big automobiles, tiny vehicles, remote control cars, and flying cars.

The Pee

So, here’s the deal. Boys want to go everywhere, do everything, and not miss out on anything. They are losing out on the pleasure if they take a restroom break. So they keep it in till they can’t anymore.


“Look, mommy!” Is a sentence that many boy parents hear. Over and over and over and over again. You raise your eyes and gaze. Because he genuinely wants you to notice something, and it’s crucial. You gaze again and again, for as long as he requires. Then you tell him how great he did.

Things Will Fly At You

You may need to include a construction helmet into your regular outfit. Random things will fly into your face and you’ll hear “Sorry Mommy” often.

The Screaming

You’ll first hurry to check who has lost an arm, but after a few false alarms, you’ll warn them not to scream like that until someone is bleeding. They will, however, continue to yell. Prepare to be surprised.

Furniture Climbing

Everything in the home will be climbed, jumped off of, and bounced on by them.

Nature Will End Up Inside The House

There are rusted nails, filthy pebbles, dead insects, and fireflies. It’s just a part of being a boy parent.

Picking The Nose

They will itch if something irritates them. If they have anything trapped in their nose, they will try to pluck it out. Regardless of where they are.

The Silliness

Being a guy entails a certain amount of silliness. They’ll always brighten your day. It will be with silliness if not with hugs, flowers, or jokes.

They Are Your Friend

Keep in touch with your boys while you raise them, and you’ll always have someone to depend on.

They Might Want To Marry You

When one of my kids expressed an interest in marrying me, I smiled, shrugged, and said, “That’s so nice sunny-boy, but you can’t marry me.” “Why not?” he inquired. I said, “Because I’m already married.” He sighed and accepted the fact that he would have to marry someone other than his mother.

The Fun

I wouldn’t have gotten my message through if I didn’t say fun more than once. For small boys, life is all about having fun (ego state).

They Take Care Of You

When I’m not feeling the best and I simply do not have the energy to be the best mom, my boys take care of me, and themselves. They are so thoughtful and sweet.

Rasing Boys

Being a boy parent is a lot of fun, but it definitely comes with its own set of challenges. From peeing on the toilet seat to jumping off high surfaces, there are certainly some moments that can be frustrating (or just plain gross).

But it’s important to remember that raising boys is also full of hilarious moments and moments of pure joy. And one thing that has helped me navigate the ups and downs of parenting is a good sense of humor.

Whether it’s finding the funny side of a frustrating situation or just being able to laugh at the absurdity of it all, humor can be a powerful tool for getting through the tough times.

But it’s also important to remember that every child is unique, and it’s important to approach parenting with love and patience. No matter what challenges we face as boy parents, it’s all worth it for the love and joy that our children bring into our lives.

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