Best Puzzles for Kids Of All Ages

Best Puzzles for Kids Of All Ages

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Are you looking for the ideal toy that will both entertain and develop your child? If that’s the case, we’re here to assist you. I’ve compiled a selection of the finest puzzles for toddlers and children.

Educational toys are just as vital as entertaining ones. Puzzles are one of those toys that straddle both categories and have the added benefit of being enjoyable for the entire family.

Puzzles are also an excellent tool for developing hand-eye coordination, logic, and spatial skills, as well as encouraging children to spend time away from screens. Whatever your child’s age, skill level, or interest, there is a puzzle out there for them.

Puzzles are an excellent technique to divert your child’s attention away from electronics. It allows children to exercise their fine motor skills as well as their problem-solving ability.

How To Choose The Right Puzzle

With so many options accessible, it can be tough to know where to begin. Furthermore, some parents find it difficult to choose the appropriate puzzle for their child’s age. Let’s iron out some of the wrinkles first, then go through our favourites.


Toddlers adore animals, colours, textures, and new experiences. There are numerous excellent puzzles available.

However, keep in mind that certain puzzles are intended for older toddlers, closer to preschool age. These may feature smaller parts that can cause choking hazards or are simply too difficult for a young mind.

Puzzles for early toddlers (ages 1 to 2) are often made of wood. They usually consist of a small number of huge 2D or 3D pieces that your youngster must rotate in order for them to fit. Some puzzles resemble jigsaw puzzles, while others may be a box with multiple cuts.


More instructive puzzles are easily accessible to children aged 3 to 5. Everything from learning the ABCs to sophisticated jigsaw puzzles is available. The puzzle parts will be smaller but more numerous.

A fun approach for your preschooler to learn words and numbers is with an educational puzzle. These puzzles could include letter cutouts, planet puzzles, and possibly a map.

The best part is that your youngster will learn without feeling bored or compelled to do so.

big Kids

Puzzles will become more difficult as children progress through the preschool years. When it comes to entertaining educational puzzles, there are still plenty of possibilities. However, when kids become older, something more difficult, such as a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, may be more appealing.

For older kids, 3D puzzles are also a fascinating alternative. These can have the appearance of animals, buildings, or other big objects. Some 3D puzzles are also rather large, so your child may regard completion as a huge accomplishment. Just make sure you have adequate room on the floor!

Your older kids might also enjoy virtual jigsaw puzzles! This website has many free to use jigsaw puzzles that you can do on the computer, and choose how many pieces you’d like your puzzle to be!

How do puzzles help kids

Puzzles are INVALUABLE in the way they help our children and provide them with so much learning goodness in such a small package.

When a youngster works on a puzzle, he or she is:

  • Rotating pieces with spatial awareness
  • resolving problems
  • Looking for details to improve visual discrimination
  • Patience / concentration / independent work
  • Picking up little parts requires fine motor abilities.
  • Hand-eye coordination is required to turn the pieces.
  • Intrinsic motivation is the desire to complete a task for personal satisfaction

When can kids start working on puzzles

Puzzles are an ongoing element of childhood that kids will naturally begin.

I usually start introducing puzzles around the age of one since I want this to be a lifelong interest.

Best Puzzles For Toddlers

Color and Shape Wooden Block Sorters

Big Knob Puzzles

Chunky Clock Puzzle

Chunky Puzzle

Wooden Latches Board

Magnetic Maze

See & Spell Learning Toy

Best Puzzles For Older Kids

Map Puzzles

3D Puzzles

Space themed Puzzles

100 Piece Puzzles

Logic Puzzles

Mosaic Puzzle


Bottom Line

Inserts and jigsaw puzzles are both great playground essentials. You’ve probably seen them in preschools, primary schools, daycares, and physicians’ waiting rooms to keep children occupied while they wait or while they play indoors. If you have children at home, regardless of their age, the appropriate puzzle may keep them occupied and focused for extended periods of time.

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