Does Your Child Have Annoying Behaviours? Here Is How To Cope

The true obstacle to positive parenting is our own minds, which are conditioned to think about anything but positive things, especially when confronted with unpleasant habits. Here’s how to change our minds and become the kind of parents we want to be. Obnoxious conduct may be frustrating, whether it’s your child burping loudly at the dinner table or poking his […]

When Your Child Swears, What Should You Do?

Worried that your child has begun cursing and don’t know what to do about it? Following a childrens usage of swear words and other types of bad language, here is a connecting alternative to punishments (operant conditioning)and separation. Swear words are part of a childrens language, and they learn them just like any other portion of their vocabulary. According to […]

How To Respond To Your Child’s Angry Words

The kicking at the back of your seat has intensified. “Enough!” exclaims the speaker. Glancing back at the grimacing visage in the back seat, you say. “You won’t be able to force me!” She replies by kicking even harder. The muscles in your body tighten up. You take a breath and hold it. “Oh, I can make you stop, too,” […]

Qualities Of A Spirited Child

If your child is frequently challenging, you may have a Strong-Willed Child on your hands. Spirited children can be unique, but like everything else in life, uniqueness can be beneficial! Do You Have A Spirited Child? Before we became parents, we all had that moment, or several. We witnessed kids having tantrums in the shop and we condemned them. On […]

The Magic 5:1 Ratio To Have Peace And Calm At Home

Do you have a lot of complaints, disputes, and complaining in your house? There’s a good chance the “magic ratio” is wrong. Use these suggestions to bring peace and tranquilly to your home. Parenting is arguably the hardest job there is. There’s no parenting guide to explain that if you encounter situation A, opt for solution B. And older parents […]

How To Teach Kids Self-Regulation Skills

Learn how to teach your children to manage their emotions by using self regulation skills. A life skill, or set of skills, that is so important to teach our children, is the skill of self-regulation. To call it one skill though is a little bit of a misconception. Self-Regulation requires one to possess the ability to control behaviours, thoughts, impulses, […]