How To Create A Parenting Resolution (Anytime)

Any time of year, good parents seek opportunities to develop and enhance their parenting. Even if it isn’t New Year’s Eve, use this technique to create a successful resolution. Every year around January 1st, there is a lot of pressure to make parenting resolutions. However, after screaming at your kids before a night on March 13th, you may decide to […]

Interacting with Your Toddler in Meaningful and Heartfelt Ways

My child sometimes seems to accompany me on errands rather than enjoyable trips to the Children’s Museum or playground. A hectic schedule and a large to-do list have been known to limit unbroken Mommy time where I can offer my kid my complete attention. The whirlwind of life; of taking care of three kids, walking the dogs, running a home, […]

Toddler and Preschooler Road Trip Activities

Even the most daring parent will be put off by the idea of entertaining toddlers and preschoolers on a long car journey. Children can become agitated, complain excessively, drop items a million times, and refuse to nap. But here’s the deal, fellas. Practice and planning lead to great road trips with even the most rambunctious kids. The more you do […]

Characteristics of a Healthy Family

A strong and healthy parent-child relationship is an essential component of parenting. Regardless of its importance, maintaining a good relationship is rarely the major focus of daily life. What elements define a healthy family? For many generations, this question has been researched and observed. But what really constitutes a healthy family? Emotional intimacy? Spending time together? Let’s unpack some often […]

9 Kid-Friendly Road Trip Games (That Don’t Involve Screen Time)

Is it possible to enjoy a family road vacation without hearing the kids question, “Are we there yet?” over and again? Yes, it certainly is! Here are must-play road trip activities to keep the kids occupied while the rest of the family enjoys the ride. Taking the family on a road trip is the ultimate summertime activity. The entire family […]

Family Ritual Ideas You Need To Know

We understand how important it is to spend quality time together in order to preserve a solid connection in all relationships. I believe in deliberate parenting and want to make as many joyful memories for my children as possible. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you want to strengthen your bond with your family by doing pleasant things together. What […]

Family Fun Night Ideas

How you can spend quality time with your family with some family fun night ideas. Life is busy. Parenting is exhausting. Creating connections can seem like an impossible task with a busy bustling family life. Nit to mention the added screens in every hand, and each room of the house. It can feel like you simply cannot connect with your […]

How Parents Can Connect With Kids Even When Exhausted

Parenting is a tough gig. Quite often we find ourselves exhausted and disconnected from our children. Here are some ways you can connect with your kids even when you are exhausted. Well, I didn’t get my name Tired Mom Supermom from nowhere. I am absolutely exhausted, on all levels, all the time. Us mom’s are so busy and it seems […]

Tips For Taking A Road Trip With Kids

Inside this post: Simple tips to make your next road trip with kids more enjoyable so you can have an awesome, low-stress family vacation. Do you love summer as much as I do? As we leave the winter (long Canadian winter) behind us, camping, road trips and family fun are all ahead of us. Such an exciting time! In our […]

Setting Up A Family Meeting Agenda (Important Things To Keep In Mind)

How to set up a family meeting agenda to make family life more manageable and get the kids involved in decision making in your home. Family is so important, and family meetings can help ground you and your family into keeping the important things at the top of your mind. Creating a family meeting agenda can help keep family meetings […]

Tips For Helping Your Family Cope With Social Isolation In These Devastating Times

We are certainly in times of uncertainty and many of us are feeling anxious and scared about the future ahead during this pandemic. When it comes to managing family anxiety during these times, you are the answer to help cope with social isolation. Believe it or not, your ability to find the calm within yourself gives you an incredible power […]

10 Super Fun Family Activities For Halloween

Halloween approaches pretty quickly as soon as those fall leaves begin changing colours, and soon after, the Holidays hit! Sure, Halloween is great because children go door to door and get FREE candy, but there is so much more to it than just that. One of my favourite things to do as a child was coming up with my costume […]

Packing The Perfect Beach Bag For Kids

Summer time is for having fun (ego state) and enjoying the beach if you have one nearby! But sometimes, as parents it can be difficult to figure out what the heck to bring to a beach with you. You don’t want to overpack, but you also don’t want to forget anything, for you, for the kids and your husband too! […]

12 Easy Ways You Can Spend Quality Time with Kids

Everyone tells you that time flies by when you have kids. It’s important to make the most out of the little time you have with young kids and savor the moments because boy do they ever go by quickly. Motherhood brings out the daily hustle and bustle that can get so exhausting, even the thought of binging shows on Netflix […]

Things You Can Do To Raise Happy Children

Raising a happy child in the age of electronics and work at home parents can hinder the way children are raised. All my childhood friends often say to me, “I wish it were the 80’s, children were happier then.” This got me thinking, were children happier then? And why would that be? Is it because there were fewer electronics or […]