11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children

In this post: Ideas for families to enjoy Christmas time to the fullest and make Christmas Magic for children.

Christmas magical for children

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with some simple family traditions that are fun for everyone!

Christmas is an already magical time of the year. If you live in a winter wonderland as I do, then making Christmas extra special doesn’t take much effort.

I can imagine living in the desert and not having snow it could be a little bit more challenging to make the magic of Christmas come to life but it’s not impossible and you can make Christmas magical for children in the desert too.

There are so many things you can do at Christmas time to make sure this is a time to look forward to all year long and really enjoy it when it hits in December.

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It’s Not About The Gifts

I think it’s important to remember that Christmas isn’t about all the presents and things that people will be receiving over the Holidays.

Teaching children that Christmas is about GIVING rather than receiving is going to help your child understand how good it can feel to help someone out.

Although Christmas isn’t about the presents, it is about STUFF for the right people.

STUFF like clothing for those who need it.

Toys for families who cannot provide toys for their children. Toiletries and necessities for a family who need it and delicious food for those who are hungry!

That kind of STUFF – is what Christmas is about.

While most parents are spending about $400 a child, the important thing to remember is that children likely will not remember the things they received for Christmas, but the memories that come along with the family gatherings and special moments of Christmas magic.

I’m NOT saying don’t spoil your kids for Christmas, I’m saying if you’re going to spoil them with gifts, make sure you spoil them with fun things that make Christmas magical for children too.

Where Does the Magic Come From

It Comes From You.

Most children will not know about the magic of Christmas unless you show it to them. If you’re baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, then make sure you continue to do that to keep the magic momentum going.

If sledding is the name of the game, make sure you’re making the effort to be the fun parent who takes the kids out sledding, even if the kids are old enough to go out on their own!

Make it a family event and make it fun.

Remember that Christmas is a season, not just one day. You have so many chances to make the season extra special.

Ask your children what their favourite activities are during Christmas time, and then go ahead and do those things A LOT.

Things That Make Christmas Magical For Kids

Baking And Giving

Do you enjoy baking Gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies and peppermint treats during the holidays?

If you’re a baking family, involve your kids in the baking process and then make sure to make extra and go ahead and share it with the neighbours.

Make sure to make cookies for Santa too!

Wagon / Horse Rides

If you have a farm nearby, see if they offer a horse wagon ride during the Christmas season. Those are always so much fun. If you go during the evening time, you can look at lights and drink hot chocolate too.

There is something really fun about sitting in the back of a wagon strapped to a horse. It’s wobbly, bumpy and yet…magical.

Lights And Decorations

Christmas lights are so much fun for little ones. Whether you decorate your own yard with all the lights and inflatables or you go sightseeing in your neighbourhood, it’s a really special time.

If you are putting lights up in your own yard, involve your kids! Let them help you place the inflatable snowman in a spot of their choosing and make them hold the string of lights as you string them up. Having them involved in the activity of decorating the house is really fun!


Ornaments are very special. You can make ornaments for your tree together or go ahead and pick out a special ornament each year from your favourite Christmas shop.

Creating a collection of ornaments, whether bought or homemade, is a surefire way to make some really nice Christmas memories and bring a little magic and joy to the season.

Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are an awesome way to get children excited about Christmas. There are many different types of advent calendars available. whether you’re a chocolate calendar family or a lego city type of family, the excitement that the calendar brings is joyful and fun.

You can also wrap up some Christmas books, and read one each evening before bedtime too!

Christmas Parties

Christmas parties are always fun for little ones. Most offices have family Christmas parties with Santa Clause and presents and all the yummy food. Bring your kids if your work offers this kind of event.

You can also throw a holiday party yourself if you have the time! Better yet, if your kind would like to throw a party for their friends, let them decorate the house and bake the treats, and just let the kids have their own fun.

No need to be Christmas perfect to create a joyful party.

Ugly Sweaters

Wearing ugly sweaters throughout the month of December is a very small way to celebrate the Christmas season. It’s just kind of fun to put on a knit sweater with a reindeer on it… just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and Christmassy all day long.

Go to the shop together as a family and see if you can find matching ugly Christmas sweaters and wear them to all the Holiday parties and events that you have in December!

11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children 2
11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children 3
11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children 4

Singing / Caroling

There is no shortage of Christmas music and you hear it everywhere starting November (sometimes September!).

Make it fun by playing Christmas music while you’re having dinner, or just hanging out in the living room playing family games and make sure to sing them nice and loud. If you have a piano, gather round and belt out some classics.

If you’re ready to brave the cold, you can go out carolling on Christmas even. Most people still appreciate a good soon at their doorstep!

Dressing Up In Christmas Gear

Who’s to say you have to stick to ugly Christmas sweaters during the season. You can go ahead and wear the reindeer hats, the elf ears and the Santa hats wherever and whenever you want to too!

All fun things that make Christmas magical for children.

11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children 5
11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children 6
11 Ways To Make Christmas Magical For Children 7


If you have snow during the holidays, sledding is a great family activity that brings the magic of Christmas into play.

Be sure to wear your Santa hats and Christmas accessories while you play and bring along the hot chocolate to keep you toasty warm when it gets chilly.

Writing The Wish List

Writing the letter Santa has been the beginning of December tradition in our family for years. Make it extra fun by writing the wishlist on fun Christmas paper and go to the mailbox together to send it off to the North Pole!

Making Christmas Magical For Children

There are so many ways you can bring the magic of Christmas to life this holiday season. The years go by quickly, so don’t waste the years when the kids are little and look back and wish you haad done more Holiday stuff to make Christmas more magical!

The opportunities for magic are simple and super accessible.

And I hope you have a magical Christmas too!

Elizabeth is a mom of 2 and has a passion for helping children reach their human potential. She enjoys helping parents raise confident and healthy kids by explaining how to handle situations using positive parenting.

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