Family Fun Night Ideas

Family Fun Night Ideas

How you can spend quality time with your family with some family fun night ideas.

Life is busy. Parenting is exhausting. Creating connections can seem like an impossible task with a busy bustling family life.

Nit to mention the added screens in every hand, and each room of the house. It can feel like you simply cannot connect with your children.

Family fun night can help foster those deep connections. Put down the screens and focus on all the family members around you.


You can do a family fun night every week, or once a month. It really is up to you, however I recommend weekly (that’s how my family does it.)

We like to play board games together on Saturday nights after dinner, and we also love to connect with relatives that are far away via Zoom calls on Sunday nights. These are family events and are usually a lot of fun.

You can have a family fun night too, and it can be on any day of the week.

This is a good habit to start, and you can start it today.

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Family Fun Night Ideas

Remember that you can host a family fun night on any day of the week and it doesn’t have to be at night, it can be during the day as well. Put down those phones, go create some memories and deep connections with your kids.

Walk In The Park: A walk in the park is always a nice way to get connected with nature and watch your kids enjoy the outside world with awe and wonder. Make it more interesting by discussing the things you see, smell and feel while you walk with the family. You can also skip, hop, or walk backwards as a family to make things even more interesting. you can also try to find new bugs and other creepy crawling creatures while you walk in the park.

Dance: If your family is looking for something indoors and exciting, put on some tunes. Tell your children all about the music you listened to when you were their age. You can find great music on youtube, or Spotify. Some search suggestions could be “kids Bops” or “Music for children.” You can also try this sing-along for kids or these silly songs.

Paint Rocks: Have you ever heard of kindness rocks? Paint some kindness rocks with your children and then go on a walk and plant them around your neighbourhood. I’ve definitely found a few in my neighbourhood and my kids really appreciate them when they see that someone was thoughtful and wanted to share kinds words with strangers.

Movies: Kids love movies, and a movie night can be a lot of fun! You can host the movie night in the main living space with extra popcorn and candy, or have the movie in the child’s room to make it extra special. Some movies that my kids have really enjoyed are Sonic, The Greatest Showman and Spy Kids.

Build A Fort: Don’t leave it for the kids to get all creative, build a fort with the whole family.

Cook Dinner: In my family, my husband or I are the only ones who make dinner every single day. Why not get the kids involved? Get creative and create a menu together, set a time for when dinner will be ready and get cooking. Smaller kids can help wash the dishes while the older kids can learn how to safely use knives with supervision.

Bowling: Have you been to a bowling alley recently? It’s a lot of fun! With neon colours, junk food and competition, a bowling family fun night can get wild and crazy.

Have Dinner Out: If you’re pretty busy, you might not enjoy eating outside of the house as a family very often, I know we don’t really do that anymore. Enjoy a nice family meal that you don’t have to cook or clean up after. Let the kids pick the place, even if it’s chuck e cheese!

Volunteer: Have you taught your kids about the value of volunteering? Teach your children lessons of kindness and empathy with a little volunteer work. Some volunteering places you could try are homeless shelters, animal shelters or your local community center.

Berry Picking: Berry picking is one of my favourite family activities. It’s more of daytime activity, but even so, it’s a fun one and a good way to connect with the kid’s screen-free. Bring your own buckets, or purchase one at your local berry farm and play some games such as “how fast can you fill the bucket.”

Laser Tag: Laser tag is plain fun. Take the family out to the nearest laser tag place and go crazy and wild!

Stargaze: The world is a beautiful place and at night you can see real magic in the sky. Plant seeds of science in your child’s mind with some fun stargazing. If you have a telescope, be sure to find the constellations and talk about their meanings too.

Ride Bikes: Take the bikes to a challenging trail or ride around the neighbourhood, as long as you do it together it will be a fun adventure. Take new routes and talk about things you see while you ride. Try showing your child how to ride without hands (if it’s safe) or show them any other bike tricks that you may know.

Kite Flying: Bored on a windy day? Go fly a kite! Find a hill and let a kite loose into the air. There is something magical about kites.

Watch Family Movies: Have a stash of family movies on the computer? Let the kids watch them. Kids love to watch themselves on screens. This could literally be hours of fun for everyone.

Sock Puppets: Get creative and put on a sock puppet show with the kids. You can write a story, craft the puppets and then practice and put on the show. This could really be an all-day thing.

Feed Ducks: Go to the park and feed the ducks. Anything outdoors on a nice day is always a good adventure.

Sledding: Have snow outside? Grab the sleds and head for the hills.

Water Balloon Fight: Hot summer day? Enjoy a water balloon fight in the backyard.

Slime: Have fun making slime together. Be sure to keep it out of the living room to minimize clean-up later, but this is a great way to connect with quality time. Here is a super fun unicorn slime kit you can use.

Have a craft night: A craft night could be anything from making bracelets, tie dying t-shirts, making soap.

Play Flashlight Hide And Seek: Turn off all the lights and play some hide and seek with flashlights! You can also use glow in the dark bracelets for extra fun in the dark.

Start A Family Band: Is your family very musical? Why not start a family band? e sure to create a fun name for the band and assign instruments to everyone in the family. Go ahead and write some songs.

Play Pictionary: Pictionary is always a fun family time, you really can’t go wrong.

Play Googly Eyes: Much like pictionary, googly eyes is a hoot and a half.

Make A Baking Soda Rocket: Make a baking soda rocket together and blast it off into space!

Invent A Board Game: Get creative and create your very own board game as a family. All ideas are welcome!

Re-Build: Do you have old DVD players laying around? Take one apart and rebuild it. Learn how things work inside machines and inspire a love for learning.

Ping Pong: Do you have a ping pong table? Use it! Have a ping pong night. Make it interesting and make some bets.

Tennis: Have a court nearby? Grab your tennis rackets and throw on some shoes. Get crazy playing some non-competitive tennis as a family.

Camp In Backyard: Pitch your tent in the backyard and start a campfire. Pretend like you’re really camping are away from civilization.

Have A YES day: YES days are all the rage right now, here is how you host one.

Learn something new: Learn something new as a family! Want to know more about space? Try to learn new things together.

Drive: Go for a drive around the rich neighbourhoods and oggle houses that you one day will own. Already have a mansion? Go for a drive and look at bodies of water like oceans, rivers or ponds!

Make Your Own Pizza: Have a fun family night by making your own pizzas. Everyone can choose their own toppings and make their pizzas however they like.

Make A Bird Feeder: Get creative and make a bird feeder for the backyard altogether as a family unit.

Nerf War: Have boys? Then I’m sure you have some nerf guns laying around. If you do, have a super fun nerf war!

Night Swims: Go night swimming at the local pool, or even in the lake as long as it’s safe.

Escape Room: Visit an escape room and see if your kids can figure out some of the clues without your help!

Create Tik Toks: I know that many of you probably don’t love Tik Tok, but the dances are actually a lot of fun. See if you can figure out a few of the dances together as a family. You don’t have to post them either.

Living Room Camping: Camp out in the living room and pretend you’re out in the woods.

Create Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course in the house. Use the hallway to make signs for skipping and hopping and tiptoe through the kitchen. Get super creative and have lots of fun.

Visit A Museum: Have any museums nearby the are open at night time? Visit one of them!

Throw A Talent Show: This is a really good one and little bit less involved on the adult side if you want it to be. Let the kids practice their talents and you can be in the audience watching them perform for you.

Why Have A Family Fun Night?

We have a lot going on in our lives and things get busy and we can get disconnected from our families without even realizing it. Children who feel connected and have more attention paid to them often have better behaviour and self-regulation skills.

Making family time a priority will help your children feel happy and safe in the house. Essentially by spending time with the kids now, you are encouraging them to visit the nest after they have flown away.

Create the memories, laugh a lot and create traditions with your children because honestly, the time while they are small is short.

Make the most of family time and enjoy these family fun night ideas.

Elizabeth is a mom of 3 and has a passion for helping children reach their human potential. She enjoys helping parents raise confident and healthy kids by explaining how to handle situations using positive and peaceful parenting.

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