Gift Ideas For A 3 Year Old

Gift Ideas for 3-Year-Olds: From Educational to Fun, Find the Perfect Present

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This year, it’s a good time to get your toddler some toys that will help them learn. The best part about giving your little one a gift like this is that they’ll love it, and you’ll love watching them enjoy it.

Little Hands Button Art

This is a great gift for a 3 year-old who is starting to discover their creative side. This set comes with buttons and colored beads that can be arranged into various patterns.

Kids will have fun creating their own artwork, and there’s even a fabric background included for extra encouragement! Since it’s made out of fabric, it’s easy to clean up if your child gets really into the project and makes a mess—and it even floats in the bathtub or over their bed at night!

This toy is great for fine motor skills since kids will need to use their fingers to place the buttons on top of each other just right. It can also help with color recognition because there are so many different colors involved in this activity (reds, blues, greens). If you want your child to learn while they’re playing then this might be something worth considering as an option!

a ride-on toy

Ride-on toys are a great way for toddlers to get exercise and have fun. They come in many different styles, from cars to tractors, and allow your child to drive around the house or yard with you for added fun.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors, so if you have limited space or weather issues it won’t matter at all! Riding toys are also great for helping your child improve their coordination and balance as they learn how to operate them effectively.

Paint Pens for Rock Painting

These are the perfect gift for a 3-year-old who loves to create and likes to experiment with different ways of doing things. The paints are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting sick from using them. They’re also super simple to use: there’s no need for water or a brush; just press down on the tip of the pen and start drawing!

They can be used on rocks or any other nonporous surface like plastic cups or glass bottles. It’s easy enough for kids as young as 3 years old but fun enough that even older children will enjoy it too–and when they’re done painting they can display their work proudly!

Magnetic building blocks

Magnetic building blocks are a great gift for any age, but they’re especially good for 3 year olds. They’re incredibly educational and can help your child learn about shapes, numbers and letters.

The best magnetic block sets have:

  • A variety of shapes, sizes and colors;
  • Magnets that don’t fall off easily;
  • A sturdy base or stand to support the structure you create with them;

a pretend play set (dollhouse, doctor kit, tool bench, etc.)

As your child grows, they will gain a better understanding of the world around them. This is why pretend play is so important at this age.

The following gifts are great for helping a child learn about their world:

  • A dollhouse and dolls to go with it – helps kids learn to share, take turns and problem solve. A dollhouse can also help kids learn to be independent as they are able to explore on their own without your supervision.
  • A tool bench – helps kids learn how things work by using tools such as hammers, saws and screwdrivers which encourages them to use problem solving skills when trying new things out for themselves.

a book from their favorite series

A book from their favorite series is a great gift for a three year old. Remember, reading to your child is one of the best ways to foster literacy development. Your preschooler will be able to recognize familiar words, increase vocabulary and expand language skills by listening to you read.

The benefits of reading are endless! Reading books with your child exposes them to new words, teaches them how stories begin and end, encourages imagination and increases listening skills. With this in mind, it’s important that you choose the right book for your child (and not just any book).

Choose books that have been recommended by other parents or teachers as well as those which are part of an established series with several titles already published so that when future titles become available there will be more than one copy available at home or school library locations (if applicable).

wooden puzzles

Puzzles are a classic gift idea for preschoolers, and it’s not hard to see why. They require some critical thinking skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

A good puzzle can also be played with by themselves or with others, which means that they can be used over and over again while still being fun.

Puzzles aren’t just useful in helping young children learn colors and shapes; they also help them develop problem solving abilities that will benefit them throughout their lives!

toddler-friendly scooters

These are great for getting exercise while also exploring the neighborhood. They can be used inside as well, and they’re good practice for learning how to balance on two wheels. Do you have a 3-year-old? If so, then you know that they love to play with all sorts of toys—but sometimes, it’s nice to give them something they can use outside! This is where these toddler scooters come in handy. Toddlers will love riding around on their own in no time flat once they get the hang of these awesome rides!

Play-Doh tools and accessories

Play-Doh is a great toy for toddlers. It’s also a great way to teach your toddler how to use tools and follow instructions.

There are many ways you can get creative with Play-Doh, but one of the most popular options is making fun shapes with cookie cutters. The play tools and accessories in our list below will help bring out your toddler’s inner chef!

Learning tower

Walking is a milestone in a toddler’s life and so is standing. A learning tower will help your toddler learn how to walk and stand up. It is also a great gift for parents who want their children to learn how to walk and stand up.

A set of toy cars and trucks

Gift your 3 year old with a set of toy cars and trucks.

Toy cars are not just for boys! Toy trucks are great, especially if you have a younger child who might need help getting the car into the truck bed or vice versa. They’re also great learning opportunities when you teach them their colors, which is something that can be done by simply playing with these toys together.

Mini chalkboard

Mini chalkboards are great for your 3-year old because they can write on them and erase their mistakes. They’re also a fun way to play with chalk, which is an essential ingredient in any child’s growing imagination. And if you have a little one who loves drawing, this mini chalkboard is sure to be an instant hit.

A few ways to use this mini chalkboard:

  • Use it as a menu board at home (or even in your restaurant!)
  • Draw pictures or write notes for your kids on it
  • Leave messages for other family members

Lovevery play kit

The Lovevery Play Kit is a great gift idea for a 3 year old, especially if they’re at an age where they’re figuring out how to communicate with others. The kit includes a range of toys that encourage problem solving, communication and cognitive development. The kit is made from high quality materials so you can be sure that your child will be safe while playing with it.

The set includes:

  • A Rocker Board with colorful buttons that light up when pressed
  • A Twister Ball that rolls on surfaces in all directions as well as up and down stairs
  • An interactive pop-up book that teaches basic vocabulary through play

Sorting toys

Sorting toys are great for toddlers! Toddlers love to sort and organize, and sorting toys help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Sorting toys also offer opportunities to practice language skills, problem solving skills, and math skills – all while having fun!

Construction toys

Construction toys are great for building and counting, so your little builder will have fun building structures, practicing their numbers, and pretending to be an architect. Construction blocks are a classic that never goes out of style. Lego is also a timeless toy with endless possibilities for creativity. Magna tiles help kids understand magnets as they build 3D shapes with magnetic pieces that stick together without needing glue or tape.


Dollhouses are a great gift for any kid, but they’re especially good for kids of this age. A dollhouse will help your child develop important skills like sharing, cleaning up after themselves, and interacting with others. Even better, it can encourage your child’s imagination and give them a safe space to play out their own stories.

You’ll want to look for something sturdy that can withstand rough play from kids of all ages—a wooden dollhouse is perfect because it won’t fall apart easily (and the wood will even grow more beautiful over time).

Toy piano or guitar

If your child is into music, a toy piano or guitar can be a good way to help them learn how to play.

You’ll want to check that it is appropriate for your child’s age and size. You don’t want the gift to be too big or heavy for them, but if you get them something too small and light they won’t be able to make any sound with it.

Make sure the instrument has an easy learning curve so they don’t get frustrated right away. If it’s too difficult, they’ll give up on trying in no time at all!

Consider how durable the instrument will need to be as well—you don’t want anything that will break after one day of playing!

Felt board and felt pieces

Felt is a great material for toddlers because it’s easy to cut and glue. It’s also fun to use in crafts, which will keep your child engaged for hours.

If you’re looking for a gift idea that will keep your toddler busy and entertained, consider getting them their own felt board and felt pieces. The felt board comes with pre-cut squares of fabric so that they can be easily arranged on the board. This is perfect if you have a little one who loves to play with toys but doesn’t know how to put them away yet!

Matching outfits/pajamas

Matching outfits can be a great way to get your child to wear something they don’t like. For example, if you have a daughter who likes princesses and dresses, but hates skirts, matching pajamas is a fun way to get her dressed in something she enjoys wearing. If you have an active boy who loves footballs and soccer balls but prefers pants over shorts, dressing him in matching outfits will inspire him to wear shorts more often.

It’s also fun for siblings or cousins!

A teepee in their room

Teepees are a great way to encourage imagination and play.

They are also a good way to keep them occupied while you do other things such as cleaning, cooking or just getting some work done at home.

Teepees can be used for both indoor and outdoor play.

Their favorite book read by you on video

Most children love to hear their parents read to them. But if you don’t have time to read every night, here’s another way that your child can experience the fun of reading with you!

First, get a copy of one of your child’s favorite books and record yourself reading it on video. The smartphone app iMovie or Movie Maker for Windows will allow you to create this recording easily. Then download it onto an iPad or other tablet so that your toddler can watch it at bedtime (or any other time). You can also use the video in a variety of other ways:

  • Play the video during dinner when you want to keep them entertained while they eat
  • Put it on loop in their room as part of a nighttime routine before naptime or bedtime

Mess-free painting

Mess-free painting is a great idea for toddlers. Mess-free painting can help your toddler learn how to use a paintbrush, mix colors and mix paint.

Messy paint is often associated with children’s play; however, it can be quite messy and frustrating for parents who are trying to clean up the mess. By using Messy Paint on a page in your child’s art book, you can experiment with coloring techniques without worrying about making too much of a mess!

A new toothbrush

A new toothbrush is an excellent gift idea for a 3-year old. They love to brush their teeth, and they will always use a new one before an old one. A new toothbrush can help them learn how to brush properly, so they can clean their teeth every day without fail.

A coloring book and some crayons or markers

A coloring book and some crayons or markers are a great gift for a 3-year-old. Make sure you choose washable markers, though! If your kid gets marker on their skin, it will stay there until you use soap and water to wash it off. That can lead to some frustration on their part so don’t forget to check that the markers you get are washable before purchasing them.


The Play-Doh kitchen set is a great way to get your toddler interested in cooking and baking. The set comes with five different colors of Play-Doh, plus a rolling pin and six molds for making pretend food.

The best thing about this toy is that it can be used to teach a wide range of skills. First of all, it’s non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting sick from playing with it (which means no harsh chemicals). It also develops fine motor skills as kids roll out the Play-Doh into different shapes and patterns. Plus, it’s easy clean up—just use soap and water!

Tins for us to keep little treasures or toys in their room

Tins are a great way to keep small toys, ornaments and other treasures. They can be decorated with stickers or paint, and even used as a piggy bank! Tins are also great for storing special items like your child’s first tooth, so they can be kept forever.

Doodle Pro

Doodle Pro is a drawing tablet that comes with a pen and mouse. It’s fun to use, easy to clean, great for young children and adults alike. With the included software, you can even create your own drawings or write messages on your computer screen!

4 in a Row Game

Four in a Row is a game that requires players to connect four of the same pieces in a row. The first person to do so wins!

To play: Take turns placing your pieces on the grid on your side of the game board. If you can place it so that it creates a row with at least three other pieces, then you’ve won! If not, it’s your opponent’s turn. You must place all eight of your pieces before either player wins.

There are many versions of this game available online at retailers like Amazon and Target. They come in different shapes and sizes, which means there’s one perfect for whatever activity area they’ll be played in (ie., dining room table or kitchen counter).

Plush Animal Toys

Plush animals are a great way for young children to learn about caring for living things and how to interact with others. Plush animals can also be used as an educational tool by helping kids understand their emotions better, which can be very beneficial in helping them learn how to share and take responsibility for their actions.

Chunky Puzzle

Puzzle games are a great way to teach toddlers about problem solving. While many puzzles have pieces that are too small for little hands, this chunky puzzle is perfect for your 3-year-old. They’ll be able to easily grasp the brightly colored pieces and fit them into place with ease.

Puzzles help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and language development by learning names of shapes and colors. Puzzles also help build self esteem because they encourage your child’s independence!

Felt Food Set

A felt food set can be a lot of fun for 3 year olds, especially if you pick one that includes multiple food items. A good set should include at least five different foods, including things like apples, carrots, bananas and grapes. It’s also helpful to choose sets with washable felt pieces or plastic-coated ones that are durable enough to hold up when chewed on by an enthusiastic toddler (but not too soft).

If your child is familiar with real food in the kitchen you’ll want to choose sets with familiar items from there as well. That way he or she won’t be surprised by what’s inside the play dishes! Be sure to check the materials used for any toys that get put into the mouth: make sure they’re non-toxic and safe for small children (aged 3+) to both chew on and play with without swallowing pieces whole!


Tricycles are great for toddlers. They’re not expensive, and they can be used for play and exercise. Tricycles have a low center of gravity, which makes them easy to ride. These three-wheeled toys can also help your child develop coordination and balance while having fun at the same time!

Foam Blocks

If you have a 3-year-old in your life, or if you’re looking for a gift idea for one, these foam Magnatiles are great. They’re magnetic tiles that come in a variety of colors and pieces. Best of all, they stick together really well and won’t fall apart when your child is playing with them (like other magnetic toys).

This set comes with 48 pieces to make many different designs—and there’s also an endless amount of ways to combine the pieces together! You can create pictures out of them or build something that looks like a castle or house.

Eco-friendly Magnetic Drawing Board

This eco-friendly magnetic drawing board is a great toy for kids who are interested in creating art and expressing themselves. It’s made of sustainable materials, and it comes with a few colorful magnets that you can use to sketch out your own designs. The set also includes a book full of different types of drawings that you can try out (or just copy).

This is a great gift for any 3 year old who loves to draw or wants to learn how!

Kids’ Wooden Tool Bench Set

If your little one is ready to get down and dirty, this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Tool Belt Set will be a perfect choice. It includes a tool belt that can be removed, multiple tools for hammering, sawing, drilling and more along with a wooden toolbox. All of the tools come in bright colors and are made of wood.

The recommended age range for this product is 3 years old and older. This gift set comes highly recommended by customers who purchased it on Amazon because it offers good value for the price paid ($29.99).

This year is a good one to get your toddler some toys that will help them learn.

This year is a good one to get your toddler some toys that will help them learn. They’ll develop important skills, grow, and have fun while staying active.


I hope you find the best gift for your toddler this year. There are so many options out there and we’re sure that any of these toys will be a hit!

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