Tips for Going From a Good to a Great Parent

How to Become a Great Parent: Tips and Strategies for Nurturing and Supporting Your Children

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Being a good parent takes a lot of work, but it feels like nothing compared to being a great parent. Here are tips to take your parenting to the next level.

Being a parent is full of ups and downs and significant challenges around every corner. Through it all, you know that you’re doing a good job, but when you look at other moms, it seems they have everything together while still giving their children their all.

Read on to learn tips for going from a good to a great parent.

Take Time To Listen and Explain

A good parent figures out what is suitable for their kids and takes care of them. This means serving them a plate with all kinds of fruits and veggies, limiting their screen time, and ensuring they take the proper time to work on schoolwork. A great parent does all the above, is transparent, and talks to their child about what they’re doing.

For example, from your child’s perspective, it doesn’t make sense that you won’t give them soda and let them watch scary movies all day. Communicate with them about the consequences of doing such things in a way they understand while discussing the benefits of healthier choices. In that case, you are certainly a great parent.

Do Your Research

One significant part of being a great parent is your ability to do research. In today’s world, you have options for everything: potato chips, soda brands, car seats, toothpaste, doctor, dentist, etc.

While some have a lot of choices with minimal differences, like with potato chips, the differences between others can be more drastic. For example, if you want to find the right family dentist, you should do a little research, so you end up with someone friendly, accommodating, patient, and overall good at their job.

It will take some time, but you should start with a consultation with the dentist or doctor and ask some important questions to ensure you’ve found the right one for your family.

Use Positive Instead of Negative Reinforcement

Another way you can go from being a good parent to a great parent is to embrace positive reinforcement. Children are learning, and they are going to make many mistakes. It is an inevitability, but when it inevitably does happen, you shouldn’t immediately resort to negative reinforcement and discipline. 

The first mistake is always that, a mistake, a result of them not knowing any better. After talking with them about what they should do in a similar situation, you can positively reinforce them when they do it right, instead of punishing them if they make the mistake again.

For example, if they accidentally track mud in the house, you can talk to them about how to not do it again and then celebrate them when they take their shoes off next time!

Go from a good to a great parent with these tips, and the whole family will thank you. You were always there for everyone before, but there’s something different now that you are trying to listen and be more accommodating. Being a parent still won’t be easy by any means, but now it will at least be a little more rewarding.

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