How To Make Children More Comfortable During Haircuts 1

How To Make Children More Comfortable During Haircuts

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Children often experience anxiety during hair appointments, so it helps to find ways to calm them. Here’s how to make children more comfortable during haircuts.

Kids often have difficulty getting haircuts, especially if it’s their first time. It’s normal for little ones to feel anxious when getting their haircut, so it’s helpful to have some ideas for calming them down. Here’s how to make children more comfortable during haircuts.

Talk Them Through the Process

Whether you’re the parent or the hairstylist, talking the child through the haircutting process can be helpful. When a child knows what to expect each step of the way, it can make the process smoother and more manageable for them. Instead of just coming at the child with a pair of scissors, it can ease their minds if you explain what you are about to do step by step. For example, you can tell them you will start by combing through their hair. Then tell them when you are going to start trimming their hair.

Keep Them Entertained

Keeping the child entertained can also help to make them more comfortable during a haircut. Forms of entertainment like music, TV, and tablets can take children’s minds off their anxiety and keep them focused and calm throughout their hair appointment. You can let them play games on your phone, pick a TV channel in the salon, or put on some of their favorite music. Having something else to focus on during their haircut will make it easier for them to get through it without fear. One of the great ways to operate a kid-friendly salon is by having things to keep children entertained.

Allow Them To Bring a Favorite Toy

You can also allow them to bring a favorite toy to the appointment. Kids, especially younger ones, often have a comfort item like a stuffed animal or blanket that makes them feel more at ease. If your child has a favorite item or toy, you can bring it to the salon. Let them hold it during their appointment. The presence of this toy will make them more comfortable and help them feel more at home as they get their haircut.

Give Them a Fun Reward

Another good idea for helping your child through haircut anxiety is to give them a fun reward. Many parents utilize this tactic at home to get their children to clean their room or do chores, which can also be beneficial during haircuts. It also gives your child something to look forward to after their appointment. You can offer their favorite snack or a piece of candy as their prize. Pick something you know your child will enjoy.

Now that you know ways to make a child comfortable during haircuts, you can utilize these strategies today. Whether you are the child’s parent or the stylist cutting their hair, it helps to do things to calm them down throughout the process.

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