How To Get Your Baby To Sleep If You’re On Vacation

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep If You’re On Vacation

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Help baby sleep well, even on vacation, with these baby sleep tips that will allow the entire family to relax and enjoy themselves.

This is the most frequently requested question about baby sleep after teething and nap transitions.

“What do we do on vacation?”

But, let’s be honest: travelling with a newborn will almost certainly never be easy.

It’s a lot to switch time zones, blow-outs in tiny airline compartments, and sleeping surroundings. You’re unlikely to return from vacation thinking, “That was the most relaxing week of my life.”

You can, however, have a game plan. And you can make every effort to make it as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

So, with summer quickly approaching and holidays planned, the time has come. Let’s speak about how to travel as easily as possible with a newborn (or toddler).

Create The Perfect Environment

If your child sleeps in a dark, quiet room at home, duplicate it. Make sure the key items are the same as much as feasible in the hotel or at grandparent’s house.

Check ahead of time to see if the room he will be sleeping in is sufficiently dark, and if not, bring blackout curtains (or use tin-foil, if needed).

This will also aid in the adjustment of their internal clock to the new time zone. Don’t forget to carry a white noise machine or a travel version.

And make certain that your kid (especially if he is under one) is sleeping on a hard, level surface, on his back, free of unnecessary blankets and pillows.

Keep The Same routine

Traveling to see relatives or on vacation can seem like an excellent excuse to abandon routine. But don’t do it. Keep in mind how much your children thrive on routine.

This is especially true if they are in a new location, surrounded by unfamiliar people, and potentially already exhausted from missing naps and being jet lagged.

Continue to give your baby enough time to settle down for sleep. Bring a few books from home, sing the same songs, and follow the same sleeping schedule as you would at home.

Don’t Change Schedules – If Possible

If your baby needs two naps a day at home, don’t expect him to survive an entire week on one nap without experiencing consequences elsewhere.

I understand that nap times can severely limit your vacation options. Vacation is the one time when you experience the effects of the nap trap. However, a baby who is keeping you awake all night due to exhaustion from missing half of his typical day sleep may also ruin your vacation.

Try to strike a balance between allowing for some interruptions in routine to perform some special activities and giving your infant opportunities to catch up on sleep.

Avoid Travelling If Baby Isn’t Sleeping At Home

Many of the advice above will be ineffective if your infant is already a poor sleeper.

I wouldn’t recommend travelling in the middle of a sleep training session. That can seriously stymie your progress. Doing it at least 2-3 weeks before your trip can make it a lot more fun.

Just follow the same routine you do at home on the first night of your trip. After night one, the rest of your journey should be rather easy. Then you may truly relax on the beach.

You haven’t started sleep training your baby because you don’t know where to begin.

Invest In Some Items To Help

I totally believe it is worthwhile to invest in some travel-specific goods to make your life easier when travelling. Because, let’s face it, travelling with a baby or young child is already stressful.

No matter how well-behaved or sleepy they are. A vacation, as they say, is more like a relocation.

Check to see if you have any of the following:

  • A comfortable and secure sleeping environment
  • A stroller that is simple to move
  • If you want your baby to nap on the go, use a muslin blanket to cover the stroller or carrier.
  • If you intend to carry the infant for extended periods of time, you need invest in a carrier.

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