Indoor Activities To Try With Your Kids This Winter

Winter Boredom Busters: Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy and Happy

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Don’t let winter weather disrupt your kids’ tech-free playtime. Discover various indoor activities to try with your kids this winter and their benefits.

Wintertime looks different for every family, but for those experiencing snow and frigid temperatures, winter comes with many challenges. With outdoor weather—and the earlier sunsets—forcing everyone indoors more, entertaining the kids falls on you.

Don’t worry, though. There are various indoor activities to try with your kids this winter. Here are three types of indoor activities that’ll spark your kid’s creativity, give them a break from the screens, and strengthen your familial bond.

Kid-Friendly DIYs

Arts and crafts offer many benefits. They stimulate imagination, creative thinking, self-expression, concentration, and fine motor skills. Partaking in kid-friendly DIYs allows you to explore a range of artistic abilities and, as a bonus, use up some scraps and other items lying around. Common kid-friendly crafts that use items already available at home include the following: 

  • Toilet paper roll animals
  • Water bottle flower pots 
  • DIY playdough 
  • Shoebox puppet theater 
  • Homemade stress balls 

Look around the home, find some reusable materials, and get your kids’ imagination stirring with some DIYs. 

Fashion Show

Encourage your kids to create a couple of outfits from their closets and let them strut down your living room runway for a family fashion show. Allowing them to play around with their clothes, design looks, and show them off builds confidence and creativity. Plus, giving them themes to work around strengthens their adaptability and innovation.

To top it all off, airing out the closet and digging through its inventory allows you to clear out any items that don’t fit or hardly see the sun anymore. Family fashion shows also make a great family bonding Christmas activity. Not to mention they make plenty of content for your scrapbooks. 

Blasts From the Past

Take a trip down memory lane before technology became so omnipresent and indoor entertainment required a bit more effort. There are plenty of blasts from the past that make fun, tech-free activities to enjoy this winter with your kids. Some popular favorites include the following:

  • Blanket forts
  • Building card houses 
  • Boardgames
  • Sock puppets 

This winter, let your kids experience the benefits of technology breaks and the benefits of playing with these indoor activities to try with your kids. No matter the weather or season, these kid-friendly indoor activities spark imagination, skill development, and plenty of entertainment that make the indoors just as adventurous as the outdoors

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