40 Fun Manners Activities for Preschoolers 1

40 Fun Manners Activities for Preschoolers

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Are you looking for fun ways to teach manners to preschool-aged children?

You’ve come to the right place! Teaching children manners is an essential part of their social and emotional development, and it’s never too early to start.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 40 fun activities that you can do with preschoolers to teach them good manners.

From playing board games and singing songs to role-playing and creating crafts, these activities are not only educational but also enjoyable for both you and your little ones.

So let’s dive in and start exploring these exciting and interactive ways to teach manners!

40 Fun Manners Activities for Preschoolers 2

Why It’s Important To Teach Preschoolers Manners

Have you ever been around a child who’s constantly interrupting, grabbing things from others, or not saying “please” or “thank you”?

It can be frustrating, right? That’s why teaching preschoolers manners is so important!

Not only does it help them become more polite and considerate individuals, but it also sets them up for success in social situations and helps them build positive relationships with others.

40 Activities To Teach Good Manners

  1. Role-playing different social scenarios where they can practice manners
  2. Playing board games that require taking turns and following rules
  3. Singing songs that teach manners, such as “Say Please and Thank You” or “Excuse Me”
  4. Reading books about manners, such as “Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf” or “Do Unto Otters
  5. Watching videos or cartoons that teach manners like this.
  6. Playing with dolls or action figures and teaching them how to interact politely
  7. Cooking together and teaching manners at the dinner table
  8. Playing with toy tea sets (we have this one and it’s so cute!) and practicing tea party etiquette
  9. Creating manners-themed crafts, such as thank you cards or door hangers that say “Shh! I’m Studying”
  10. Playing the “Manners Game” where children are rewarded for using good manners
  11. Practicing saying “please” and “thank you” during playtime
  12. Acting out skits that teach manners
  13. Drawing pictures of people using good manners and discussing them
  14. Practicing sharing toys and taking turns
  15. Playing “Simon Says” with manners-themed commands
  16. Having a “manners day” where everyone dresses up and practices good manners
  17. Creating a manners chart with stickers to track good behavior
  18. Discussing hygiene and teaching proper hand-washing techniques
  19. Playing “restaurant” and teaching table manners
  20. Teaching children how to properly answer the phone
  21. Encouraging children to hold doors open for others
  22. Playing “freeze dance” where children have to freeze and greet someone politely when the music stops
  23. Practicing how to accept compliments graciously
  24. Playing “I Spy Manners” where children have to find someone using good manners
  25. Teaching children how to introduce themselves and others
  26. Encouraging children to ask permission before taking things
  27. Role-playing how to apologize sincerely
  28. Teaching children how to address adults respectfully
  29. Practicing how to politely decline something they don’t want
  30. Modeling good manners yourself and making it a part of daily life.
  31. Having a “manners parade” where children march and show off their best manners
  32. Teaching children how to use proper table settings and utensils
  33. Creating a “manners jar” where children can put tokens when they use good manners, and then redeem them for a reward
  34. Playing a game where children have to match manners-themed pictures with their corresponding manners phrases
  35. Practicing how to ask for help politely
  36. Encouraging children to say “excuse me” when they need to get someone’s attention
  37. Teaching children how to wait patiently in line
  38. Playing a game where children have to guess which manners rule is being broken in a given situation
  39. Practicing how to give compliments to others
  40. Encouraging children to say “sorry” when they make a mistake or accidentally hurt someone else.

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40 Fun Manners Activities for Preschoolers 3

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