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10 Signs You’re Mastering Motherhood

Mastering Motherhood

At the end of a very long day of motherhood, do you ever take a moment to reflect on how your parenting was that day? Does mastering Motherhood seem like an impossible thing?

Unfortunately, we all get these thoughts at the end of each day that creep up;

  • I didn’t get enough accomplished today
  • I should have reacted better at this situation
  • What did I even do all day? I’m exhausted!

And then you may start to think you’re doing a horrible job as a parent and wonder if your kids had a terrible day because of something you did.

If this is you at the end of your day…STOP!!!

STOP right now. Stop Today! These thoughts are horrible, bad, terrible, the worst!

YOU are doing an amazing job as a mother. I already know this, since you’re here reading this post, but let me show you other reasons why you are in fact, rocking’ this motherhood thing.

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What Does Motherhood Mean?

Let’s dive into a simple version of this pretty loaded questions.

I mean, motherhood is so complex, I have so much to say about it, I could write a book!

But let’s keep it simple for today because I know you’re here to find out the 10 reasons you’re rocking motherhood. I really want to go over the meaning of motherhood first.

According to

muhth-er-hoo d ]

the state of being a mother; maternity.
the qualities or spirit of a mother.
mothers collectively.

It seems to me, that according to the dictionary, mothers only have one job: possessing the qualities and spirits of a mother. As if motherhood isn’t hard enough, we have to figure out what the heck that means too?

Obviously, the dictionary would run out of room for other words to define if they went on about the role of motherhood, so I won’t get too hard on their short attempt at defining motherhood.

So what does motherhood really mean? (outside of the dictionary definition)

Motherhood is a hard, yet rewarding job that most humans crave to do. It is selfless and full of love. It is full of sacrifice and joy. Motherhood is raising humans that are going to contribute to society one day… (motherhood is maybe teaching them skills so that they don’t have to take adulting classes when they go to college?.. That’s a thing now…crazy right?!)

No one can really ever be truly prepared for motherhood. Honestly, there is no one mothering journey that is the same and all the tips and advice on being a mom that is out there will not be able to cover it all.

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Signs That You’re Mastering Motherhood

You’re always looking to be better

If you’re a mother who is reading articles on how you can help your children blossom into adults or if you’re looking into healthy lunches for school, then you’re rocking’ motherhood.

You’re trying to be a good parent. You’re trying to provide the best for your child and you’re always learning and growing.

That is a huge deal! Even if you’re browsing on Pinterest and an inspirational mommy article pops up and you read it, you’re already filling your head with motherhood power that dives you toward being an amazing mommy. (By the way, thanks for stopping by!)

You can find excellent parenting articles online, and the best are usually posts written by experienced moms who are not following all the child-raising trends.

You are always looking for crafts and fun activities for your kids

If you’re trying to fill your child’s day with activities that stretch beyond TV, you’re rocking’ motherhood.

TV is easy, and I’m not saying it’s bad at all because this is not a mommy shaming post, but providing your children fun activities to do at home with you, is a sign of you mastering motherhood.

You want to educate, engage and have fun with your child. But don’t think you’re failing if you let them watch TV either! Like I said, not mommy shaming, we are all doing our best surviving in the wild of Motherhood.

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Your house isn’t perfectly clean and it’s pretty noisy too 

I said it! You don’t have to spend every minute of every day making sure your house is sparkling. Just do the basics and keep things neat-ish and you’re doing just fine. Kids make messes and cleaning up after each and every mess is just plain exhausting…ain’t nobody got time for that!

While I do have a wonderful cleaning routine for busy moms (the exact way I clean my own home in just 20 – 30 min a day) … it’s not the clean home that makes you a great mom. (whoever said mom meant housekeeper anyway…)

And the noise? It means that kids are having fun. Wouldn’t you much rather listen to noise and laughter and knowing the kids are enjoying themselves rather than the sound of silence where the kids are full zoned in on electronics?

Yeah, the noise is OK!

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Your children feel loved

If your children feel safe and loved in their home. You’re rocking motherhood. Providing a comfortable environment for little ones to grow up in is one of the most important things that you can do for your kid!

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Your heart lights up when you see your kids

I know I personally cannot spend a whole lot of time away from my kids. When I was working full time outside of the home, I could not wait to hug my kids at the end of the day.

Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, if you love to hug your kids and see them smiling at you, you’re doing a great job at this mom thing.

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You want your kids to do well in school and check in with their teachers

Do you care about their performance at school? Do you want them to have decent grades and make nice friends? Then you Momma, are doing amazing.

Checking in with teachers and writing emails to ensure a proper school experience means that you are an involved Mom. No this doesn’t make you a helicopter parent, it just makes you a caring one.

I hate those parenting labels anyway, can’t we just BE PARENTS these days…why label?

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You look for ways to communicate with them better when you’re presented with a challenge

Sometimes children present you with behaviour that is very challenging to deal with. Instead of giving up, you look for ways to overcome these challenges and grow and learn, and that’s mastering motherhood!

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You look for ways you can make your time alone with them as special as possible

Sometimes life gets busy and little moments of quality time can be difficult to find. Looking for ways to make little moments special and creating memories with your children automatically makes you a great Momma.

The simple act of being silly and playing with your children is enough to create many lasting memories. It also strengthens the bond between parents and children, which in turn creates children who are more willing to listen!

You’ve so got this.

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You try to limit screen time 

Limiting screen time is a hard thing to do these days. I was just discussing with my husband all the different devices we have in our home that my children could possibly play with. There are devices to try to avoid in every room! We didn’t mean for this to happen but hey, it did and we aren’t perfect.

Trying to get children to not be addicted to these devices is the challenge. Providing your kids with alternate activities to keep their minds occupied is a really important aspect of parenting.

If you’re a Mom who is trying her best to keep the kids off the electronics, then you are doing a great job…(we all know it’s not an easy task).

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You want to raise them to be responsible and honest individuals who will benefit society. 

As parents, it is our job to raise people who will contribute to society. Making sure to teach your kids manners, responsibility and kindness is what it’s all about.

Sure, academics are important. Yes, being good at a sport or two is important…but nothing beats raising a kid who has good family values and kindness in their heart.

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So if you want that for your child and are raising them to be kind, loving and responsible, then you Momma, are mastering motherhood.

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