The Best Planner For Busy Moms

The Best Planner For Busy Moms

Do you ever feel like this mom, with post-it notes all over the place, only to forget what you were trying to remember? As a busy parent, I’m always looking for new and easy methods to keep organized. I found myself seeking the finest mom planners. I found the best planner for busy moms to help organize the crazy chaotic and messy journey of parenthood. Never be late for an appointment again!

If your life is in chaos and in need of an adorable planner to keep your mom life organized, then you need a family home planner, and I have the best planner for busy moms for you!

I am excited to report that I found the best mom planner for moms and even mommy business owners so you can get on with organizing your day with children and/or run a successful business from home. Enjoy this life planner for mom and go from chaos to organized mom life.

Sometimes the only way to get truly organized is to sit down and think about life and the things you need to accomplish, boy the list is never-ending.

If you’re a mom like me, then you know that “mom brain” is real..very real. It’s amazing too because we moms can truly accomplish and remember a lot of things such as birthdays, the likes and needs of our children and so much more.

I need my planner to help keep my head straight and so that I can accomplish the things I need to without getting too overwhelmed.

Every year in August or September, I begin my hunt for the greatest mom planner. I start looking at fresh page layouts and cover ideas. I’m excited to see all of the new colors and patterns. I enjoy contrasting the various layouts.

You might say I’m a planning nut. Planners are one of my favourite things. I can’t go through a planner aisle at a store without stopping to admire the designs. However, with so many options, selecting the ideal planner could be difficult. I’d like to assist you in narrowing down your search for a 2021 planner.

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Why Moms Need A Planner (or Two)

Moms are busy, all of us, all day, every day.

In order for us Moms to get our S*** together is to create some sort of structure, clarity, and purpose for the days that lie ahead. The best way to do that is to use a planner.

With a simple paper planner, you can turn chaos into the structure and increase productivity just by having clarity on what needs to be completed.

Honestly, modern mommas have many important jobs such as carpool, dance recitals and classroom cupcake days, bbq lunches, that keeping track of them all is not easy. Writing it down is a great way to get it all accomplished and learning your headspace a little bit so you can be less stressed out about your to-do list.

If you were ever wondering how those “Supermoms” out there are doing it, it’s by using a family home planner, or maybe they really are just supermoms who can remember everything. The whole secret to being successful in all areas of life is to simply get organized and plan ahead.

I am a mom of 3 kids and I run one business from home as well as the household and take care of my husband and everything in between. I wouldn’t be able to get my kids on time for their activities and I would literally forget about all of the school projects and special days that are constantly going on.

This is why I need organization in my life, or else I wouldn’t be able to keep it together.

I have tried all the things to get myself organized. From different apps on my phone to using Trello or Excel Spreadsheets and I just couldn’t keep a solid system in place.

I finally decided to invest in myself and get a good planner, no the BEST planner. A planner that truly got me excited and organized.

How To Choose A Planner That’s Right For You

The decision to use a planner is a very personal one. Choosing the proper planner could be the difference between a calendar that helps you manage your life and one that collects dust on a shelf.

It’s like magic when you find the proper planner. You can plan your schedule, keep track of appointments, remember to take your children to soccer practice, be punctual, establish goals, and accomplish your objectives.

In previous years, I’ve spent two to three months studying calendars, testing calendars, and deciding which planner will work best for me. 

  • What size planner are you looking for? Do you want a planner that fits in your handbag and can be carried around, or one that is larger and can be placed on a counter or desk?
  • Do you like a brightly coloured planner? Or do you want a calendar that is simple and free of distractions?
  • What is the ideal layout for you? Although I favour vertical layouts, there are instances when horizontal is preferable.
  • Do you have a hectic schedule? How much room do you need to keep track of your activities? Do you like to keep track of events by the hour? Or is it only by the day?
  • Consider your favourite planner from the past; what features did you like the most? Why didn’t you detest your planner if you didn’t like it?

Take a few minutes before purchasing a planner to think about what you enjoy and don’t like about planners, as well as what they need to have in order to be a helpful planner and organizing tool for you.

What Is The Best Planner For Moms

If you’re searching for a planner that can be customized the Erin Condren Life Planner is the one.

You may select the sort of gorgeous, colorful cover you want, and then have it customized with the label of your choice. Maybe you want your name on it, or Mama Bear, or one of my personal faves, Mom Boss. Let’s face it: you’re the Mom Boss of your tiny house.

After you’ve created the cover to your preference, you’ll be able to personalize the inside of your mom planner. You may pick between vertical, hourly, and horizontal layouts for the book itself.

Vertical will provide you a weekly layout with three boxes beneath each individual day where you may put notes, important dates, and appointments, or anything else you don’t want to forget.

The hourly structure will divide each week into hourly parts for you to fill in your essential appointments. This is, in my opinion, one of the finest planners for working parents or moms with several children who are out of the house most of the time. It will assist you in ensuring that everything for everyone in your family is written down.

The horizontal structure allows you to construct a one-week schedule, with four days listed on the left, three days listed on the right, and a notes area at the bottom. Each day includes a space for you to put essential messages or appointments that you would otherwise forget as a busy mom.

The next step in customizing your mom planner is to decide whether you want the layout to be colorful or simple. The standard style is black and white, but the color option adds color to each area that displays the days of the week.

Another choice you’ll have to make is whether you want your calendar to run from January to January or from the current month to the same month the next year. Everyone has a preference for how they want their calendar to look, so the fact that Erin Condren calendars offer that choice for busy moms is fantastic!

The last choice you’ll choose is the color of your mom planner’s coil.

Most calendars include stickers, but you’ll also have the opportunity to add items before checking out with your new parent planner for 2021!

The Erin Condren planners might be a little pricey, and the price will rise as you add options to your calendar.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best parent planners of 2021 because you can completely customize your planner to fit your demands, which, in my view, increases the odds of you sticking with it and enjoying the flexibility that a planner provides.

Other Planners For Busy Moms You Might Enjoy

Simplified Planner

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for completing a survey and having someone else discover the best parent planner for my hectic requirements.

When you get to the Simplified website, you will be able to complete a questionnaire to see which planner is ideal for you.

One fantastic benefit of the Simplified calendar is that it will assist you in being more organised by providing ideas on how to simplify your life.

There is a daily edition with a one-page view each day, a weekly view part, and a monthly view section. Perfect for the micromanager and the manager who is still figuring out this whole mom organizing thing.

You may also utilize the monthly edition planner. This planner has a one-week view spread across two pages as well as a monthly calendar. To help you stay organized, this calendar has lay-flat bookbinding, a stoanger pocket, tabs, and stickers. (HOORAY FOR STICKERS!!!)

This is one of the finest planners for parents since it allows you to select what works best for you.

Happy Planner

So, one thing I really like about the Happy Planners is that they are particularly made for busy moms! They considered us and then created plans to make our lives as busy moms easier.

Another fantastic aspect of the Happy Planners is their ability to be customized. What I mean by buildable is that you may add or remove features to create the ideal planner for you. So, if you don’t like something in the planner, you may remove it. If you like a planner but there is a section missing that you would want to include, you may add it.

There are a plethora of stickers and amusing add-ons to enjoy. If you like, you may add divisions. You may even leave them out entirely if you like.

You may select from a number of planner sizes. Some busy parents want a planner that can be carried in their bag at all times, whilst others require a planner with plenty of writing space and prefer to leave their calendar at home.

I looked around the site to see if I could find something other than the typical January – December calendar, but there weren’t many alternatives. So, if you want a calendar that runs for the entire school year, for example, this may not be the best option for you.

As a busy mom, you may have reached the stage where you want to educate your children to keep their own planners. This is an excellent location for doing so! You may choose the ideal planner for children and teach them how to utilise their own planner. With all of the decorative possibilities available, they may create their own unique designs.

The Happy Planners are cheaply priced and suitable for almost any budget.

Day Designer Planner

The Day Designer Planners for Moms are intended to help you keep track of everything that happens in your everyday life. You can keep track of appointments, establish and monitor weekly objectives, and much more. You also have a two-page monthly layout to help you understand the big picture.

Set your top three objectives for the day, create a to-do list, and keep centered with the thankfulness area.

This calendar also appeals to me because it goes from January to December rather than an academic calendar year.

How Moms Use Planners

1. Plan Your Week

Isn’t it funny how it’s recommended to plan for planning? I do this every Sunday.

But if you don’t plan to plan, your plan may not get written out, and then you’re just wasting precious planner space!

I know you have the best intentions when you get that shiny new beautiful planner and set up a daily and weekly routine, you were ready to conquer your organized mom life weren’t you? I’ve been there too.

Well for a lot of people, this energy runs out weeks after the planner arrives and life just gets in the way. We forget about our planner and then get unmotivated to keep planning, and then we lose track of time completely.

Avoid this problem by setting up a time to plan and get your plans in motion.

I personally enjoy planning on Sundays after I put the kids to bed. I have a set schedule for most of my tasks, so my planning process is fairly basic. Just a copy and paste system for my repetitive tasks.

*(write your repetitive tasks on a sticky note, and just transfer them to the following week)

Stay accountable, and plan your planning day.

2. Categorize Your Life

Sometimes it feels like we have so many things to keep track of, it makes sense to use different planners for different aspects of your life. This is why I use an Erin Condren life planner. There is space in there to plan ALL the aspects of your life in one book.

Create little categories in your planner so you can keep all areas of your life organized from meal planning and grocery shopping to all the housework and carpooling you have to get accomplished every day.

Don’t forget to add in your family meeting agenda!

3. Use Sticky Notes

I organize my kid’s lives, my blog life, our family appointments, and family gatherings in one planner. I also like to color coordinate all of the separate aspects of my planning with colorful pens and markers which makes it easy to tell which area of life is the busiest in a day, week or month.

I also love sticky notes. I use the larger ones on big wall calendars and small notes all over my planner. Sticky notes are great because plans change all the time, and if something is not set in stone, it can be canceled or moved.

I really do not enjoy scribbling in my planner when I’m trying to have an organized mom life, it looks bad and makes my gut cringe a little. Perhaps I’m a little nutty with my planner. #PlannerNerd

4. Create A System

Planning can be done “your own way” and there isn’t a MUST DO SYSTEM to follow. Have fun with your planner (I do!) and create a system that works for you.

There are so many planners to choose from, you certainly do not have to choose the same planner I use, although the Erin Condren is my favourite and I swear it brings me great success.

You could even grab a dollar store journal as a mom agenda family planner and doodle your notes in.

That’s your choice 🙂 If you are finding that you are not using your planner often, rethink a system that will force you to complete your planning routine and get your organized mom life back.


Fun Supplies That Get Me Excited To Plan

If you’ve already found the best planner for you, here are some fun supplies you can use with it.

It’s kind of funny, as a busy mom I have a lot of joys in my life, but there is nothing that gets me more excited than stationary. I mean it, planners, pens, stickers the whole thing… maybe I’m crazy, but maybe it’s just nice to have some little pleasures that I can enjoy on my own time.

One of the best things about the Erin Condren Life Planner is that it already has so many awesome features (not to mention it is so beautiful!) that not many supplies are needed for your organized mom life.

I made sure to stock up on colorful pens and sticky notes when I got my planner. I really enjoy having the freedom to move around my not-solid plans within my week (or month) and my sticky notes are my saving grace. I hate to “ruin” such a beautiful planner if I need to make a change in my day.

Choosing Your Pens Wisely

Erin Condren Designer Gel Pens

The Pens –There are so many pens to choose from. From fun colored ones to sleek and chic black pens, the options are endless. I, of course, went with a color set and some classic black for my own pen collection…Now I can color code my organized mom life. So Many Pen Options Oh My!

Sticker Must-Haves

Stylish Stickers – Make using your mom’s agenda family planner even more exciting with these planning stickers. Dress it up and have so much fun with your new Life Planner! So many options…
PS. Life Planners COME with 3 sticker sheets!!

Check Out The Sticker Collection Planning isn’t boring, it’s fun. What motivates me the most is the saying” A goal without a plan is just a dream” and I’m no dreamer baby.

Get your life planner and have an organized mom life for family life and business too.

The Best Planner For Busy Parents

While there are so many planners to choose from to get your busy life organized, the Erin Condren Life Planner is the best one that I have found. I have many things to keep straight from baby appointments, to activities and household tasks, I really could not do it with many other planners. I have tried the happy planner and a few others, but honestly, the Erin Condren Life Planner is the best one so far. It simply has all the sections I need to keep life nice and organized.

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