Tips For Cooperative Coparenting During a Divorce

When you’re a parent, getting a divorce takes on a whole different meaning. Not only are you focused on making sure the divorce proceedings go well, but you’re worried about your kids. Ideally, you should be able to engage in some cooperative coparenting to keep your children from feeling like they’re losing a mom or a dad just because your […]

How To Help Hyper Kids Calm Down

Somedays kids just seem to get each other riled up, and with each passing moment they get louder and louder…and sometimes that makes a momma wanna snap! Here are 5 things I do in my home to help my kids calm down when they get loud and crazy. There are two growing boys in my home and they love to […]

The School Night Ritual That Will ensure Your Kids Are Well Rested

Helping parents set up a simple school night ritual for well rested and happy kids. Whether you have kids that need to be up early for school or sporting events or just simply want happy and well-rested kids who homeschool, a routine is important. I know a lot of parents who have kids who stay at home do not have […]

Constructive Tips To Help Your Child Deal With Mean Friends

No parent wants their child to have to deal with mean friends, but it happens to our sweet children, unfortunately. You can help your child deal with mean friends in a positive and non-violent manner with a few precautions. We are parents. Protectors of our precious children who we created or were blessed with in other ways in our lives. […]

Simple Breathing Exercises For Kids To Manage Anger

How to easily teach children to take a deep breath and practice breathing exercises for kids to manage anger, anxiety and other big feelings and motions. I often tell my children to take a deep breath when they are overly excited, anxious about something or seem nervous or scared about something. Unfortunately, telling children to take a deep breath isn’t […]

10 Quick Tips For Better Behaviour

Parenting is hard work, and it’s a hard job to get through some days. Here are 10 quick tips for better behavior that you can implement right away and see an improvement in your child. Because parenting is a full time, non stop job, it can get overwhelming and stressful. All the “parenting rules” and positive parenting guidelines can get […]

Why Praising Children And Encouraging Children Are Two Different Things (Which Is Better?)

Cheerleading and sweetness is a big part of positive parenting, but it’s not all about praising children for tiny accomplishments. Empowering children through encouragement is a bigger part of positive parenting. Praise and encouragement are two different things, and positive parenting is highly focused on encouragement rather than praise. Praise can do the opposite of what your desired action is, […]

How You May Accidentally Be Raising Ungrateful Children (And how To Fix That)

If you think you may have some spoiled and ungrateful children, then you should dive in and see how this happened and what you can do to fix this issue. Sometimes children who seem to have everything they ever dream of can show off an ungrateful attitude. As parents, we really do want to give our kids the very best […]

Conversation Games For Kids To Encourage Talking and Communication

Simple and fun conversation games for kids to get them talking and interacting with the family during dinner or a family gathering. Conversation games for kids can help children open up and talk to parents which helps open those lines of communication which can be so difficult to open up sometimes. You can gain insight into your child’s heart through […]

Tips For Taking A Road Trip With Kids

Inside this post: Simple tips to make your next road trip with kids more enjoyable so you can have an awesome, low-stress family vacation. Do you love summer as much as I do? As we leave the winter (long Canadian winter) behind us, camping, road trips and family fun are all ahead of us. Such an exciting time! In our […]

1 year Old Schedule Daily To Make Life Simple

A simple 1 year old schedule daily which you can use at home to stop your toddler from melting down due to a lack of routine. Daily routines are very important for all people, and toddlers are no exception. A daily routine for your toddler can help improve behaviour in your toddler and prevent those tantrums that may be happening […]

Setting Up A Family Meeting Agenda (Important Things To Keep In Mind)

How to set up a family meeting agenda to make family life more manageable and get the kids involved in decision making in your home. Family is so important, and family meetings can help ground you and your family into keeping the important things at the top of your mind. Creating a family meeting agenda can help keep family meetings […]

Practical Tips To Handle Lazy Kids

If your kids are lazy, there are some things you can do today to reverse this behaviour! Just a few simple things to keep in mind when trying to handle lazy kids and you can get your kids off the couch in no time at all. Sometimes kids get lazy, especially if we allow a lot of screen time during […]

Calm Down Corner Best Practices And How To Create One For Your Child

How to create a calm down corner and why it is an effective way to calm down a child who needs a little help regulating some big emotions. Children experience big feelings and strong emotions, and sometimes those emotions are hard to control. They can be difficult for adults to control, so imagine being a child and learning all these […]