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Tired Mom Supermom is a parenting blog with a focus on positive parenting. This website is here to help parents like you not feel so alone in your parenting struggles and to provide support and resources to get out of any parenting funk you might be facing.

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Hi I’m Elizabeth,

Tired Mom Supermom is a blog that focuses on the importance of having healthy, happy children. There are many different factors that can affect the development of a child, but there are also ways to help them be less susceptible to these influences. Tired Mom Supermom provides evidence-based empirical research and neuroscience studies for parents who want their children to have happy, successful lives by implementing positive parenting strategies.

With many hours of research and many hours spend in the positive parenting solutions course, I just had to spread the word about how effective and wonderful positive parenting can be.

Changing the world by using positive parenting techniques on one child at a time.

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Positive Discipline Is The Ultimate Way For Parents To Raise Their Kids With Kindness While Still Being Firm.

It Is NOT About Letting Your Kids Get Away With Anything And Everything.

(That would be permissive and uninvolved parenting and we don’t do that here. However you can learn about all the different parenting styles in the psycology of parenting section of this website. )

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